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    Waterfall Wonders (Dede/Mao private)


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    Waterfall Wonders (Dede/Mao private) Empty Waterfall Wonders (Dede/Mao private)

    Post by Mao Tue 14 Jul 2015 - 6:07

    ’The land here is so beautiful,’ the lone woman thought with a relaxed sigh. After some crazy jobs and crazier jobmates the woman hardly minded the break as she soaked her feet in the pool of rippling water. Not far a waterfall supplied fresh, cool water from the nearby mountains, the sound calming rather than overpowering since it wasn’t of the monstrous variety, and it helped the short mage clear her mind a little. Even the grass felt cool as she laid back on the soft flora, large tail spread out alongside her soaking up some, for once, pleasant sun. Exorbitant heat would never be one of her favorite things, but there was something about catching a few rays on the edges of a nap that just…felt right.

    Being away from the havoc and constant pressures of the various cities and towns also brought a nice calm, one she couldn’t always savor back at the guild hall with some of the crazier antics of her guild mates. Fun-filled as most of them were, she treasured this time all the same as she mentally relived a few of her favorite novels. Sleep came and went, the naps short and intermittent, but each one delicious in its own right as Mao kept her head propped on her satchel. Her weapons from the recent job lay within reach, but she didn’t concern herself too much as she lazily watched a wary doe and fawn drink from the water. Their eyes stayed on her the whole time while she merely watched in veiled fascination before they leapt off with all their natural grace.

    ’I wonder if I’m the only who’s found this place in a good while?’ she pondered, eyes slowly drifting closed for the umpteenth afternoon nap that day. It was hard between the constant whooshing of water and the rhythmic scraping of leaves as the occasional breeze caused her source of shade to wiggle about.


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