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    Middle fingers up and backpacks on! Its adventure time! [Guild Event]


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    Middle fingers up and backpacks on! Its adventure time! [Guild Event] Empty Middle fingers up and backpacks on! Its adventure time! [Guild Event]

    Post by Kirahunter on 10th July 2015, 2:01 pm

    On that fateful morning everyone who chose to take residence in the Fairy Tail Guild Hall would find a terrible event had occurred. Every single member of the guild would awake to a stupid sharpy drawing on their face. Everything from monocles to mustaches to stick figures and every mischievous thing that can be drawn on a face. The Guild Master was no where to be found. But there was a notice posted in his office reading,

    "Good morning! How'd everyone like my art work? Today we celebrate a very special occasion. The first annual game of Fairy Tail Sardines! For those unaware Sardines is a game where one person hides and everyone else has to come find them. Every person that finds the first hider joins them in their hiding place until everyone finds it. It was my favorite game as a kid. Now I've hidden in my personal favorite hide-out in Fiore. Everyone who can find me gets to punch me in the face for free and gets to hang in my special hide out! You have to the end of the week or no free punching!

    With love, Simon"


    OOC: The Rules!

    I have designated a sub forum where Simon's hideout is, you don't get to know. To find me post a "search thread," in any IC location. Most subforums have certain hints if you look in the right places. PM your thread and notify me every time you perform an action you think can get you information. I.E. Asking the Clover Town Bartender may give you a hint, looking for foot prints in the Spooky Forest might give you a hint. Anything like that. I'll reply telling you anything you've found out. Keep seeking hints until you find the correct subforum! Once you pm a thread in the right area with a sufficient search action you might find the hide out and get a shot at the reward. Good luck and have fun!

    You may proceed however you like. Team co-op will likely merit better hints.

    It is totally possible to get the right sub-forum on your first try. Don't give it away if you find it though! Try and be a good sport and don't meta game!


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