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    Feast! {Job|Chel}


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    Re: Feast! {Job|Chel}

    Post by Chelvaric on 26th July 2015, 7:06 am

    Pein looked at the girl as she had looked a bit in surprise when she heard they were togheter. Pein smirked a bit bigger to. Yeah he couldn’t realy believe it himself sometimes either. She was too perfect for him. his cat ears wiggled a bit listening to the sounds far into the city. Being a demon cat had his strengths. He yawned a bit and was surprised she tought he was a lot at the guild. “to be fair I am nearly never at the guild. I am a hunter. i sometimes disappear for weeks hunting a prey. Altough since I spend time with hiki I have been more in the guild hall I suppose.”, pein said and thought about it. the guild hall was a nice place to hang around. Most people were down to earth. Evrybody was more or less civil and they had nice conversation. There were some kind of partys at times but that was okay to.

    At that moment a younger male clad in only cloth pants came out and delivered a bag of jewels to them. Pein counted and gave half of them to tane. It seemed they had finished there job for the day. The boy motioned both of them inside and guided them to a table. Pein sat down and looked around wondering what would happen. “seems jewels aren’t our only reward I gues.”, pein said to tane. The boy graciously bowed and went away. A bit later a more dressed up girl came to the table and bowed to them. “Here are the menu cards. Because you protected us so well our boss wants to thank you with a meal.”, she gave the cards and waited them to order. Pein looked at the card and saw all kinds of weird stuf on the menu he hand’t seen before. Like peking duck. Weird people here he tought. “ill have the deep sea fish of the day. Thank you.”, he said and looked at thane. “seems well end this job with a full stomach. I enjoyed our job. If you ever need help again me and hikari are always readt to help.”, pein explained and waited for his dinner.



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    Re: Feast! {Job|Chel}

    Post by Valeria on 26th July 2015, 7:44 am

    Tane listened to Pein tell her that he was not usually in the guild and was actually a ‘hunter’, although he did spend time with ‘Hiki’ there. She supposed he meant Hika and that was his nickname for her. It was a cute one. Tane nodded, not speaking any more as a young boy came out with a bag of what seemed to be jewels. She allowed Pein to take it. He counted the money and then divided it into two equal portions, giving Tane one. She accepted it, but it seemed that was not all for them. The restaurant owner was actually nicer than she had expected him to be. They were rewarded with a meal as well. Tane followed Pein into the restaurant. Although she had had a meal two days ago, she would not mind. She would not have to be hungry for until four days later. Taking a seat opposite her guildmate, she flipped through the pages of the menu. Honestly, she did not care what she ate. In Fismuth, there was only one type of food and people ate it to survive. No one savored the taste of food. Humans, on the other hand, had all sorts of food and they seemed to like to modify them to be of the best taste.

    I will have the deep sea fish as well,” Tane told the lady who arrived later, giving up on trying to pick a dish. Pein then told her that he had enjoyed the job and if she needed any help, him and Hika would be available. The Prestigious one nodded with a smile. “Likewise, and thank you. I will make sure to seek you and your girlfriend out,” she told him. The owner of the restaurant then arrived with his hands on his hips with a grumpy expression on his face.

    “Ah you enjoy, okay? I go take care of customers, bye bye,” he said, and turned around to return to wherever he came from. Tane laughed. He was one of the funniest men she had met so far. She would continue to have light conversation with Pein before their meal arrived, then finish it up before leaving back for her inn. She was staying in a small inn during her time in town.



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