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    Aegis Bright's bank


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    Aegis Bright's bank Empty Aegis Bright's bank

    Post by TehDMCmaniac 29th November 2012, 12:31 pm

    - Serenity

    Rank: S
    Type: Magical Sword
    Description: After managing to successfully create an entity which had not existed before, it was added to the knight's blueprints and eventually became one of his favourite. The said entity is this sword, Serenity.
    The Sword
    Aegis Bright's bank 20130607220409!MonohoshiZao
    This sword is one of the two main melee weapons Aegis has. It's a katana with an abnormal length of 150 centimetres, in other words, length as great as that of many spears. Despite its amazing size, it can still be used with ease by it's creator.
    Serenity has no apparent special characteristics apart from its length and perhaps its rather distinctive lack of cross guard.
    Special Characteristics
    When in Aegis' hands, the katana's blade pulses with transparent energy causing the air around it to ripple and distort. When swung, it leaves a trail of distortion in it's trajectory, the rippling air being most intense near the tip of the weapon. Due to that same intense magical energy, the sword is capable of cutting apart any substance that is not strengthened by mana like a hot knife through butter. The sword's swings also show the capability to slice apart gasses, like wind, provided they are of rank lower than S.

    - A weapon of amazing reach and precision, it can be used to take advantage of an opponent's weaknesses and openings with ease.
    - Incredibly effective for both lunges and slashes.
    - Can be used to perform attacks with very wide ranges.
    - Due to its nature of an extremely precise weapon, Tier II Critical Strikes with it deal 200% damage instead of 150% and Tier I Critical Strikes apply bleeds that CAN stack.
    - It is capable of cleanly and effortlessly cutting any non-magical substance, no matter its length, width or thickness.
    - As an S-ranked spell weapon, it is very powerful.

    - Regardless its range, it is still a melee weapon, thus is useless in a ranged fight.
    - No utility
    - Due to its length, it may be very difficult to use within a building without destroying the building in the process.
    - Can only be used offensively against magical gasses, can not slice through other magic.
    - Has no Elemental properties.

    - Kanshou & Bakuya
    Rank: S
    Type: Magical swords
    Kanshou & Bakuya:
    Aegis Bright's bank Kanshou_bakuya_by_aolorn-d5aubbb
    Description: Kanshou and Bakuya are a pair of identical in shape short swords which seem to represent Yin and Yang. Their quality and ability as weapons is incredibly high due to being made with supreme materials not found in this world and a human sacrifice, and they have shamanistic and ritual aspects as enchanted weapons. The quality of the grips is more important in the practical use of the swords than the ornamental value, and they are noted as being quite big and heavy. They are identical in shape with the only difference being their colour. Kanshou, the black Yang sword, is covered in a hexagonal pattern, and Bakuya, the white Yin sword, has less of the shine of a polished metal in its ore than it has the haze of a cloud. The two blades also glow in a soft light which intensifies when their wielder faces someone who he deems a powerful and worthy opponent. Kanshou's glow is of blood red colour, where as Bakuya's glow is pure white.
    The main ability of the swords is their strong bond with each other, which not only allows them to attract each other, but it is also said they will return their owner even if events cause them to be lost. If one is thrown while the other is held, the thrown sword will return to the wielder much like a boomerang. These legendary weapons are also said to unlock a swordsman's full potential for wielding them if he proves himself worthy of being their owner. Lastly, due to being of otherworldly origin, the twin swords do not obey the laws of existence in this dimension, or to be more precise, they aren't even supposed to exist here in the first place, thus they are not even present within the Akashic record from which Aegis usually gets the information needed to perform Recreation. Where he got their blueprint from is unknown, but as a result of not being present within Akasha, multiple recreations of Kanshou and Bakuya can exist at once. This works well with recreation, allowing an already recreated sword to identify a new recreation as its partner sword.

    - These swords, as weapons that transcend the level of mere mortals are powerful enough to strike down even deities, thus deal a lot of damage should they hit.
    - Can be used to perform highly intricate and difficult attacks when utilising their passive ability to always attract each other and always return to their owner.
    - They are indestructible and do not strain Aegis when he recreates them, excluding when he uses Heaven's Divide: Fourteen Fragment Break.
    - When Kanshou & Bakuya are wielded, some of Aegis' special offensive techniques (Those whose name starts with Hiken) have a different execution and/or different effect, as a result of having his "full potential unlocked". (Details stated in Hiken techniques' Strengths list)
    - Being not weapons Aegis carries, but recreations, he can switch to and from them within a mere moment, allowing for dynamic switching between Serenity and the twin swords.
    - As S-ranked spell weapons, they are very powerful.
    - Short reach. (Both swords are about as long as Aegis' arm)
    - They do not have a cross guard, so using only one of them to perform a sword lock is highly risky and arguably stupid.
    - Despite having his Hiken techniques become different when wielding Kanshou and Bakuya, many of them share a cool-down with the original version of the technique.
    - Only effective as close range weapons when both are wielded at once.
    - Due to their lack of precision, Tier II Critical Strikes deal only 125% damage and their cuts aren't deep or clean enough to allow the bleeds from Tier I Critical Strikes to stack.

    - Protector Ring
    Aegis Bright's bank Art-deco-blue-topaz-royal-shield-filigree-ring-in-14-karat-white-gold-rv343b

    When the user is in direct, life-ending danger, their ring will shine brightly and emit a protective blue bubble around the wearer. This bubble only lasts for one post, and is able to withstand a C-Rank attack. The ring is only usable for one thread, and if the wearer is killed, the ring will fly off of their finger and claim the victor as it's new owner.

    - The item possesses the ability to defend it's wearer from lethal magic of up to rank C
    - As it is a ring it's easy to carry around
    - Can be used to distract people obsessed with jewelry

    - Can be used only once
    - It will become property of the one who kills its owner
    - Doesn't really look all that well on Aegis

    - Egia the Bright
    Name: Egia the Bright
    Rank: Legendary
    Species: Necklace, Astral, Spiritual
    Type: Combat Pet

    Aegis Bright's bank Large

    Egia the Bright is the name of two twin sentient necklaces Aegis has as a remnant of his past life within his foster home. Egia is actually the Entity of a woman bound to the necklace as her body. She is, in truth, Aegis' mother, though he has yet to learn that.
    Egia appears often as rather stoic and often remains silent, or at least used to in the past. Outside of battle, she rarely is the one to start a conversation, the exceptions being when she has something truly important to tell Aegis. She would, however, reply if she is spoken to, the nature of her answer depending on the person who talks to her. When talking to someone she likes, she would be quite friendly and amusing, perhaps even supportive, but when she talks to someone she dislikes, her stoic traits would surface. Egia's feelings towards people are almost always the same as Aegis' in terms of nature, so she likes who he likes and hates who he hates. She would also often try to act as a break for Aegis' selflessness as she cares for him greatly, but she has never succeeded.
    When in battle, Egia can not fight despite her classification as a Combat Pet. Instead, while Aegis is in combat, she would aid him by expressing thoughts and assumptions regarding the present situation, and provide advice and suggestions. She does so via a kind of telekinetic link she has with the knight, despite her ability to also speak normally. She resorts to normal speech most often while outside of combat and to telekinetic communication when she needs to say something important only to Aegis. Her normal speech can be heard as a lovely female voice and has the same properties, meaning that others can hear it too. She also happens to be an amazing singer, but the event of her singing is so rare it's almost a legend.

    Egia can only be destroyed if the necklace is struck in its gem, nowhere else.

    Abilities: She is capable of telekinetic and normal speech, singing and she can protect Aegis from attacks via her spells. She can also choose which of the two identical necklaces to reside within at any given time with no restrictions, or even reside in both at once, meaning that she can also be used as a messenger between the owners of the two necklaces (Aegis and Zenshin). Note that spell cool-downs do not get carried over from one necklace to the other.

    Name: Guardian Angel
    Rank: A
    Description: Once every 5 posts, Egia is capable of guarding Aegis from  a single spell of up to A-rank should she so choose. She does it by creating a barrier of pure magical energy which causes the enemy spell to dissipate upon touching it, but affects no other spells than that particular one.
    - An effective defensive ability.
    - Requires Aegis to do nothing, as it is not him casting it.
    - It is instant-cast.
    - Once used, Egia can not activate this spell again for the next 5 posts.
    - Can only block a single spell.
    - Can not be used to defend against S-ranked and above spells.
    Duration: None/Instant
    Cool-down: 5 posts.

    Name: Angel Trigger
    Rank: B
    Description: Egia the Bright has the ability to trigger Aegis' hidden origin and power, thus invoking his original form, an Angel. The only prerequisites to using Angel Trigger is to have both Aegis and Egia want to invoke it. If that condition is covered, all it takes for its activation is for the two to concentrate for a moment.

    As it is activated, a beam of light blue light shoots down from the heavens and lands upon Aegis, causing a similarly coloured shockwave that deals no damage, but knocks any one within 10 metres of him away, throwing them 15 metres back. As the beam of light fades, Aegis is once again revealed, but he would now look different.
    His trademark cyan trench coat would be gone; now replaced by silver-coloured plate armour. The armour itself is not bulky, instead sticking to his slender figure. From the lower end of the torso plate armour hangs a highly-flexible scale mail, essentially acting as an extension to the torso half of his apparel. The scale mail, along with the armour it is attached to, look like a silver trench coat made of metal plates and scales.
    Also, while in this state, jolts of powerful, lightning-like energy run all over his body, wings and weapon. They have no real effect, however. They are just a cosmetic touch, so to speak.

    Note that due to Aegis' strength, he has no issue moving around freely in that armour, which is surprisingly light, by the way.

    Aegis when in Angel Trigger:
    Aegis Bright's bank Angel-knight

    While in Angel Trigger, Egia looks different, too, as her true form would be invoked as well.
    Egia in Angel Trigger:
    Aegis Bright's bank MuPyUBQVOHS4TXIkHp_gk-A

    Note that while Angel Trigger is active, the skies darken with clouds and light blue lightning starts arcing from cloud to cloud. The lightnings do occasionally fall to the ground, but it is impossible for them to hit anyone. They merely occur for the sake of making the scene more dramatic, nothing more.
    - While in Angel Trigger, Aegis is much stronger and faster physically. He also becomes even more graceful.
    - The knight can use his wings to fly or glide limitlessly. As a result, he is immune to taking damage from falling or anything similar, as he would simply slow his speed down gracefully before colliding with the ground or whatever else.
    - Any attacks done while in Angel Trigger deal 50% more damage.
    - Aegis gains a 30% greater resistance towards Darkness, Shadow, Unholy magic and essentially anything that is the opposite of Holy and Divine.
    - Angel form can only be sustained for 4 posts.
    - Enemies are more prone to being knocked away from attacks, which might seem like a strength, but can actually work against Aegis, for it may deny him the chance to make follow-up attacks due to his enemy leaving his range.
    - The resistance works only against specific elements, not all magic.
    Duration: 4 posts.
    Cool-down: 4 posts.

    - Coat of the Bright
    Name: The coat of the Bright
    Rank: Legendary+
    Type: Armour, Trench Coat

    It's a sky-blue heavy calf-long trench coat. The coat's design has folded sleeves and a high folded collar. From the waist down the coat is split into 3 segments to make movement with it easier, though the first and third ones are connected with the middle one through a total of 4 straps, distributed symmetrically, made of the same leather as the coat and held in place by white metal buttons. Similar straps can be seen on both sides of the waist area of the coat, though they are merely decorative. Ivory-coloured lines can be seen tracing the trims of his coat, including the trims and edges of folds and ornaments, such as the collar and the leather straps, but also tracing the outline of his shoulder blades. The trench coat seems to be modified, since there is are pieces of armour on the shoulders attached to it, as if part of its original design. The armour isn't bulky and is made out of a light metal and has a peculiar sword insignia made out of some unknown crystal-like mineral which seems to glow faintly with a soft blue light. The sword insignia is the same shape as Aegis' necklace, Egia.

    The coat has a direct link to Akasha, the primordial sea of existence, because of which it is constantly supplied with magical energy of the same type as the one the knight himself wields; primordial, or "pure". As a result, when worn, the coat provides a passive mana regeneration buff to the one wearing it, causing 4% of their maximum mana to be restored per post. Due to the nature of the type of magical energy, this passive ability can apply to anyone who wears the clothing, not just Aegis. (A-ranked passive effect)

    Also, due to complex enchantments with that same magical energy, the coat is capable of reflecting a single spell of either B or A-rank that hits it. It does not reflect weaker or stronger spells and its frequency also depends on the spell it does reflect. (Blocking a B-ranked spell puts the ability on a 5 post cool-down whereas blocking an A-ranked one - on 6)

    - Very effective type of armour, as it is far more flexible than metal plates while at the same time easily covering the knight's entire body, as the coat is almost as long as he is tall.
    - As it covers his back, it is capable of guarding him from surprise attacks.
    - Provides a useful magical energy regeneration buff.
    - Can be used to reflect spells.
    - The coat is awesome, thus increasing the knight's badassery stat by several thousand points. Also makes him look rather royal.
    - Aegis' head and feet are not covered by the coat, neither is his chest usually, as he likes to wear the coat unbuttoned.
    - As it is just heavy leather, the coat itself provides very little defence against non-magical attacks, especially slashing and piercing ones.
    - It can not reflect S-ranked and above spells.
    - It does not regenerate health, only mana.
    - It can not be used as a conceptual gateway to Akasha.

    - 4% mana regeneration per post. (A-ranked)
    - Spell reflection. (5/6 post cool-down when reflecting B/A-ranked spells, respectively. Reflects no other ranks)

    - Avalon
    Name: Avalon
    Rank: Legendary+
    Type: Sheath

    Avalon is the name of the sheath crafted for the legendary sword Excalibur. Given to Aegis by his friend, King Arthur himself, it was traditionally considered a sheath, but it is something far more than just that - it's the embodiment of an ideal. The earnest longing for the misty land where there is no evil, where peace is finally achieved.
    As such, the idea of Avalon is manifested into a sheath - the one that is to hold the mightiest of all swords; on a more metaphorical level, if Excalibur is the ultimate form of might and power, of war; Avalon is the idea that would one day bring an end to all the bloodshed.

    Avalon has no permanent physical form. As the concept of an idea, it exists primarily within the mind of its owner and affects him passively, but upon being invoked within reality, its only physical form is, indeed, the sheath.

    - Does not have to be carried around all the time, as it is just, in essence, an idea brought to life.
    - Its presence within Aegis' mind is often what enforces his motivation to keep pushing on in the darkest of times by helping him retain his hope for a day when all the bloodshed would end.
    - It is incredibly beautiful.
    - Cannot be used as an actual offensive weapon.
    - Despite being one of the greatest feats of craftsmanship, it cannot be freely carried around, since physically manifesting it means triggering its greatest effect.
    - The only weapon that can be efficiently stored in it is Excalibur itself.

    True Faith:
    Name: True Faith
    Rank: A
    Type: Passive, Non-elemental
    Description: The presence of the sacred ideal of King Arthur is a constant motivation. Its very purpose is to immortalise mankind's hope for a way out of the vicious cycle of struggle and misery; as such, its presence within Aegis' mind is a massive boost in conviction and faith. It is so strong, in fact, that it turns his already strong will absolutely unbreakable when he is struggling for the ideal he shared with his friend, King Arthur. Avalon's power is so great that it also fortifies the knight's physical and mental condition, granting him a 10% reduction to any and all incoming damage, as well as a 2% HP and MP regeneration per post.

    - It is the one thing that definitively assures you that Aegis will not relent in a fight of ideals.
    - It boosts his resilience to harm, decreasing incoming damage by 10%
    - It gives a small regeneration to HP and MP per post; 2%, to be precise.
    - It is a passive ability, therefore being able to be temporarily removed by spells that dispel passives.
    - The HP and MP regeneration is so small that it's almost negligible.
    - It cannot affect people other than Aegis
    Duration: None/Passive.
    Cool-down: None.

    Name: Avalon
    Rank: A
    Type: Active, ultimate defense

    If it comes to it, Aegis is capable of invoking the sheath's name, Avalon, and materialize it in front of himself for 3 seconds. During this period, he is surrounded by a bubble of golden energy that reflects any and all magic that comes into contact with it or with Aegis. It doesn't matter what the nature of the magic is; even if an ally casts healing magic on Aegis while Avalon is invoked, the spell would just be reflected back on to the ally. Physical attacks are not reflected, but instead get deflected upon contact with the barrier or with Aegis.

    - The ultimate defensive ability, the great spell of rejection. Upon the invocation of Avalon's holy name, no one and no thing is allowed to even touch Aegis.
    - Enemy spells of any sort get reflected back onto their caster if they come in to contact with either Aegis or the barrier that forms around him.

    - Avalon reflects spells indiscriminately, meaning that it also reflects beneficial spells that get cast on Aegis as well.
    - Avalon only remains materialised for a brief moment, meaning that if Aegis does not time its invocation right, he'd just waste the mighty spell.
    - Invoking Avalon deactivates the passive True Faith until Avalon's cool-down ends.
    - If the enemy can manipulate the trajectory of their spells, they could actually have their spell purposely miss Avalon's barrier, therefore rendering Avalon mostly useless.
    - Casting the spell requires the name "Avalon" to be pronounced first, which takes about a second to do and is, in every sense, heavy telegraphing, meaning that the enemy is literally told that Aegis is casting Avalon.
    Duration: 3 seconds.
    Cool-down: 5 posts.

    - Inscription of Might
    Name: Inscription of Might
    Rank: Legendary
    Type: Magical Item

    This is a sky-blue, wing-like tribal tattoo found on Aegis' right breast. It has been inscribed upon his flesh by he himself and then enchanted through the methods of Recreation to bestow upon Aegis the blessing of might.
    It has two different passive effects; the first is that Aegis' weapon attacks done under the effect of spells of any sort deal 200% bonus damage; the second effect is that Aegis gains 5% MP and HP regeneration per post.

    - Difficult to reach, due to it being a tattoo that lies beneath Aegis' defensive armaments.
    - Grants 5% MP and HP regeneration per post.
    - Hard hits really do become hard with this.
    - Like all items, it has no direct offensive or defensive uses.
    - While the damage bonus for powerful hits is high, the act if scoring one such hit is generally rather hard to perform.
    - The buffs can be temporarily dispelled if the tattoo is struck directly with a physical weapon, which isn't necessarily all that hard to do. (Buffs are dispelled for a total of 4 posts before they are automatically reapplied to Aegis)

    - Inscription of Clarity
    Name: Inscription of Clarity
    Rank: Strong
    Type: Magical Item

    This is a sky-blue, wing-like tribal tattoo found on Aegis' left breast. It has been inscribed upon his flesh by he himself and then enchanted through the methods of Recreation to bestow upon Aegis the blessing of clarity.
    It grants only one passive effect: every time a spell gets cast within a 40 metre radius, Aegis gains 1/2 of the MP that the spell's caster used on that spell (So if someone nearby cast a spell that drained 20% mana, Aegis would gain 10% for himself). This also works for physical attacks made by or against Aegis; as long as the attack connects (regardless of whether it hit the target or was blocked through some means), Aegis gains 2% MP.

    - Difficult to discover, due to it being a tattoo that lies beneath Aegis' defensive armaments.
    - Grants good MP recovery, albeit conditional.
    - Has no other uses past that.
    - Like all magic items, it has no direct offensive or defensive uses.
    - Even if the MP recovery it provides is substantial, it is quite conditional, meaning that a clever enemy can circumvent this little advantage Aegis has.
    - The effect can be temporarily dispelled if the tattoo is struck directly with a physical weapon, which isn't necessarily all that hard to do. (Passive effect is dispelled for a total of 4 posts before it is automatically reapplied to Aegis)


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