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    Get Jacob!!!


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    Get Jacob!!! Empty Get Jacob!!!

    Post by Wolfe 8th July 2015, 4:40 pm

    Wolfe was finally going to get a chance to throw a few punches this time. He had picked this job because he knew he would get to let some steam go. He looked over the paper again as he was making his way through the town of Hargeon. It hadn't taken him long to get here in lightning form, so he was hoping to get the job done before some other mage got the bright idea to try and get there first. Wolfe was more then ready, but he was making sure he didn't miss any details regarding the job. It didn't matter if the guy was alive or dead, but the reward was higher for alive. That shouldn't be too hard for Wolfe. He knew his skill set should make it an easy capture for him.

    Wolfe was working on making his way towards the lower docks, as he did he pulled a silver ring out of his back pocket that had runes cared into ring and put it on. He was intending on using a limiter for this job. Just as he slipped the ring on his finger he looked down at it when he heard a bit of a commotion from down below. Wolfe ran over the edge of the part of the dock he was on and leapt over the edge. As he was falling he saw a spot on the dock near the bottom, While falling Wolfe also saw a man laying on the ground and what looked like a figured slipping into the shadows away from the man on the ground. Wolfe turned into a bolt and bolted to the spot on the dock he had seen. it was only about 20 yards from the man on the ground. As he landed, Wolfe reformed back.

    Wolfe made way over to the man on the ground. As he looked him over he realized he was a local wizard that had tried to collect on the bounty. The man was wounded, but he wasn't going to die right away. If he was left a few hours he might bleed out, but he was just out of play for now. Wolfe stood up and walked over to where he saw the figure disappear into the shadows. He stopped so he was just at the edge of the shadow, so he was looking directly into darkness in front of him. He could feel that someone was right there in front of him  in the darkness. Wolfe just smiled as he stared to raise his right hand up and spoke "Hello Jacob. are you ready to do this?" As the words came out of Wolfe's mouth arcs of lightning started to erupt from his raised hand giving a slight light to the area, and Wolfe tilted his head up slightly to make eye contact with a very large man standing only about a foot from him. Wolfe just gave a smirk as he heard a slight whisper "...yes...".

    The couple of moments happened almost too fast to see. There was a flash of light as Jacob swung a meat cleaver as Wolfe's head causing him to tilt his body back to block, which cause Wolfe to swing his left hand out which was knocked out of the way by Jacob's other arm. Wolfe jumped back at this point to give Jacob a chance to move forward as well so he had more room to fight in. Wolfe wanted a fight, and he was planning on giving Jacob the chance to at least give him as good of a challenge as he could. Wolfe smirked as he spoke "ok, big guy, you have all the room you should need to put up a good fight. Ohh, and just to let you know i plan on bringing you back alive, i want those 2000 jewels" Wolfe realized that as he finished his statement that Jacob's eyes changed and became more fulled with anger. It seemed that Jacob had no intent to go back alive.

    Jacob dashed at Wolfe, and he was pleasantly surprised at the speed Jacob was showing. He was pretty fast for a guy as large as him. Wolfe was forced to dodge to his right or he would have been ran right over by Jacob. However, Jacob was no lush over and without even looking Jacob swung out his right had out with meat cleaver aimed right at Wolfe's head again. In mid dodge Wolfe bent his body back to avoid the attack, but it was close. Wolfe was getting surprise after surprise with this guy. However Wolfe didn't have time to give it too much thought as Jacob turned and now there was a metal chain with a meat hook on the end in his off hand. Without missing a beat, Jacob swung the chain once around and lashed it as Wolfe causing him to do a dodge for out of the way with a roll to the side. Wolfe was on the defensive and hadn't even had a chance to try and take Jacob down.

    Wolfe knew he needed to make an offensive move soon or one of Jacobs attacks would land and it would be bad for Wolfe. Wolfe took a step back to force Jacob to use the chain weapon. It took a second but Jacob did just as Wolfe wanted the swung the chained meat hook right at Wolfe. Wolfe side stepped and let the chain land next to him on the ground. Just as Jacob went to pull the chain back Wolfe bent down and grabbed the chain. Wolfe smirked as he concentrated magic into the palm of his and and started sending waves of electricity through the chain right back at Jacob. The shock hit Jacob like a truck and his body started to convulse as his eyes started to roll into the back of his head. Wolfe then turned into a bolt of lighting and started to ride up the chain continuing to send waves of electricity up the chain, as he got about 2 feet away he arced off the chain and reformed as he swung his right arm back and brought it forward as he yelled "Raging Raijin!!!", and did his Finishing Bolt spell. As his fist connected with Jacobs face a bolt of lightning came crashing down and hit Jacob. Jacob stared to fall backwards and barely caught himself before he fell on his back. It was obvious that Jacob was on his last leg and was about to drop, but he was still trying to fight it with his last ounces of will power. With Jacob's head still knocked back, Jacob's hands reached out and grabbed Wolfe's shoulders and as he did Wolfe was caught off guard and as soon as Jacob had a good hold he swung his head forward and slammed his head into Wolfe's. Wolfe was slightly stunned for a second, and didn't even see the next attack coming till it was almost too late. Wolfe to bend back as Jacob made a swing with his cleaver about chest level. Wolfe was able to dodge enough to make the shot not lethal, but the cleaver did catch him and made a cut across his chest from shoulder blade to shoulder blade.

    It took a second for Wolfe to get his head back into the game. He leapt back as Jacob went for one more swing but Wolfe was too quick. As Wolfe landed a little bit away from Jacob he looked down at the cut and saw the black goop he called blood slowly ooze from spots on the cut. Wolfe was no longer playing around, as he looked up arcs of electricity were sparking from the corner of his eyes. He looked right at Jacob who was going for yet another throw of his chained meat hook. Wolfe just started to focus energy to his fist causing them to have arcs of electricity erupting from them. As the chain was about to hit Wolfe he side stepped and dashed in like a bolt of Lighting, and was  right up on Jacob before he could tell. Wolfe then swung each hand landing a barrage of punches. Each one landing on a different part of his body. Wolfe could see the last little bits of Jacob's will leaving him, and as Jacob stumbled back Wolfe hit with his left hand into Jacob's stomach as he bent down and as Jacobs head went to lurch forwards fro the hit, he swung his right hand straight up and connected with Jacob's chin as he uppercut him so hard, it knocked Jacob off his feet on onto his back.

    It took Wolfe a second to calm down, but he finally started to get his bearings, As he looked down he realized he had gone a little overboard. Normally he wouldn't lose his cool like that, but it had been  while since his last fight and the pent up anger just got he best of him. It was a lesson to remember. Make sure to not go as long with  out a fight. Wolfe leaned down and checked Jacob's pulse, and he was still alive. Wolfe picked up his weapons, making sure to tie Jacob up with his own chains. He then pick up the eat cleaver and put it away. He was going to keep this for his personal stash. He then walked out to the edge of the lower dock and started screaming, till someone looked down from the above port area. Wolfe yelled to the person to get the guards and tell them Jacob Goodnight was down and ready for them. The person walked away from the edge and a few minutes later some guards were there. They took Jacob in alive, and they even picked up the other mage to take him to get healed. The guards thanked Wolfe and Wolfe said thanks as they paid him,as he turned to leave he took off his ring and place it in his back pocket and then he was off again. He needed to go drop off his newest addition to his collection.

    (Wolfe used a Limiter on this mission)

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    Get Jacob!!! Empty Re: Get Jacob!!!

    Post by Hikachu 9th July 2015, 3:52 am

    Get Jacob!!! YdROJZD


    Get Jacob!!! JhB4MAf

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