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    A Token of Gratitude.

    Hakumi Nazu
    Hakumi Nazu

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    A Token of Gratitude. Empty A Token of Gratitude.

    Post by Hakumi Nazu 7th July 2015, 9:01 pm

    Hakumi had been in a hurry that day. She needed a few extra jewels and she needed some fast! There had been a book store sale that day, and Hakumi was dying to buy a certain book. It was a book that had a list of creatures that were in the continent. That had been a subject that Hakumi had not been to strong in. None of the books in the guild hall included any books that went in that category. Also, that book had been a limited copy of one of Hakumi's favorite Authors: Michellio Dakulai.

    Michellio was known throughout Fiore. He studied everything from plants to magic; a true intellectual. He had been one of few people that Hakumi was nearly envious of. It was as if he had come straight from the Renaissance. He know so much about everything, and Hakumi was excited every time that she got the chance to read his books.

    As Hakumi was walking through Magnolia Town (Magnolia Town is where the book sale was being held) She ended up blindly running into someone. "Excuse me! I am very sorry! I'm just in a hurry!" Hakumi said apologetically. As she gave the man her hand and pulled him up, she felt that his face was very familiar. "J-Josh?" She said curiously. It appeared that the man had recognized her as well, because his fat lit up a little when she said his name.

    "Hakumi! How have you been?" Josh asked her. Josh was an old friend of Hakumi's at one of the dojos she had been to, and she had been to many. Josh had been a really good friend. I've been really good. I've improved a lot since the dojo, and I even went on to become a member of the guild Lamia Scale. Ho have you been?" SHe asked him. He looked a bit saddened when she asked him that question. "Well, as of recently I've been pretty terrible. T-there's this friend that a like, and i have this letter for her, but I don't know how to give it to her."

    "Sounds pretty troublesome. I can help if you like?" Hakumi said. She was more than happy to help an old friend in need, so her assistance was obviously going to be offered. "YOU WILL?! OH MY GOD! THANK YOU! I'LL REWARD YOU FOR IT!" He said exuberantly. Though Hakumi needed the jewels, she was not quick to accept the prize. "I don't need a reward. IT's just natural for someone to want to help a friend." She said.

    It had seemed like Josh wasn't having any of that, as he insisted that he give her reward, tho she refused multiple times. But in the end, she gave up and decided to take the reward after she finished.

    Hakumi went to the concert hall and slipped past the crowd of people quite literally. She surrounded her bod with water to make it easier to navigate and slip past people. Once she passed the first obstacle, it was time for her to pass the next one: security. The security guards didn't look to bright, so she decided to distract them with a simple trick action. She threw something near him, and slipped through the doors while he was distracted. She slipped the decorated letter into the girls dressing room and escaped the same way she entered. She then told Josh about her success, took her reward, and bought the book that she had been wanting.


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