The Apprentice of Stigmata


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    The Apprentice of Stigmata

    Post by JaffaArchfiend on 5th July 2015, 2:11 am

    Job Title: The Apprentice

    Rank: C

    Player Requirements: C-Ranked Wizard (Solo Only), This Job is Not Available to Self Taught Wizards, This Job May Only Be Completed Once by any Character.

    Job Requirements: Thread must be 50 posts long or 15,000 words in one Post. 300 Words per post. Must train with your former Master or Mentor; for 1 week after being warped and pulled inside the Gem of Time.

    Job Location: The Sky Tower

    Job Description: Rumours have been heard of a gem that sits at the top of the Sky Tower; it cannot supposedly cannot be moved; lifted, or budged. Even by the Gods themselves. Tales say that the Gem of Time sits held up by two mighty stone griffons at the peak of the sky tower; on it's large, platform like roof. You have managed to climb the Sky Tower, and have found the rumours to be true. You note your surroundings and see that the top of the Sky Tower is gorgeous; with a ritual and mural of the sky in a mosaic on the floor. There are no edges at the peak; just flat surface; the griffons, and the clouds.

    You can see all of Fiore from here. If you look off the tower's east side; you'll see the forest, and Magnolia; and even further off in the distance; you'll see Clover Lake; and the Inferno Mountains even furhter still.

    If you look too the tower's left; you'll see the Sabertooth Guild Hall; nestled in the mountains you're in, far, far down below; the building nothing but a spec from way up here. However, looking straight ahead, you'll behold the beauty of Fiore's grasslands; the twin cities of Era and Crocus shining in the plains; whether it be day or night.

    Too your north, you can see the Royal Palace; the home of the Politicians, nestled in the forest; and even see the gigantic beanstalk from Beanstalk Village piercing the clouds up above as you are here on the Sky Tower; and also Rose Garden, glistening in the distance like a rainbow under a constant enchantment.

    Too your South, you see the Peace River; and Peace Village; nestled as a tiny spec off in the distant southern grasslands.

    Although the beauty is breathtaking; you're here for one reason only. The jewel itself is said too grant one the ability too 'learn with one's master once more'; whatever the hell the rumours mean; many have tried to climb the Sky Tower and failed because of this opportunity. You however, being a Wizard; have managed to reach it's peak by scaling the massive dungeon inside.

    Held up by the two Griffons----sits the Gem of Time. A clear white diamond; that fans with a golden light within every few seconds. Upon reaching up to tap a finger or hand on it; you twist into a golden glitter and are yanked inside of the gem.

    (Environment of your Choosing)

    There you stand; whether on mountain peak; open ocean, white lake; or open plain. With your former Mentor, and Master.

    (Train well. Your Master will fight you for 24 hours at a time; with one day of rest inbetween each day of training too remember old times, smiles, and lessons. When your training is complete; the next touch from your master; whether it be a hand shake; a hug, or a pat in the shoulder; will warp you back to the Sky Tower at Dawn.)


    Boss: Your Old Master

    Reward: Triple Experience (3 C-Ranked Jobs Complete)

    Kiersa wiped her brow as she crossed the threshold and ascended the final step. She had heard recently about the legend of the Sky Tower, in particular about what lay at its very peak. It was said that at the peak was a gem with the power to let one learn with their master once more.

    Despite all she had done so far, and despite the reassurances of Aayla, before the girl had vanished to look for her Dragon, the blonde nun still felt guilty for what she had set in motion that had led to the destruction of her convent... and all the lives that had been taken because of her naivity.

    So, if this Gem of Time held the power to do what it could, even if it was just to bring back a single life, then Kiersa was determined to see it through to the end... even if the person brought back was only back for a short amount of time, or was bound to this Tower, then at least the nun would get the chance to apologise, to seek forgiveness of those she had let down... The climb through the Tower had been trechourous, full of monsters and traps, but the view alone was worth it all. From atop this single tower, she could see all of Fiore.

    From the distant swamps to the enchanted forests, to the peaks of all the mountain ranges. She could make out all the guild halls, from Sabertooth's ground entrance to its sky castle, to Blue Pegasus nestled in its town. She could see all of the cities and towns from here... including where the ruins of where home once stood.

    The blonde nun sighed before turning her attention to the Gem of Time, held at the centre of the rooftop upon which they now stood. It was held aloft by a pair of stone gryphons, each one exquisitely crafted despite their surroundings.



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