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    Ahri, the Fox Spirit


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    Completed Ahri, the Fox Spirit

    Post by Sanne-Léa on 4th July 2015, 8:22 am

    Name: Ahri
    Rank: Weak
    Species: Fox Spirit
    Type: Combat Pet
    Description: Image >> Personality >> Ahri is an Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit, who accompanies Irene nearly everywhere she goes.  Ahri is extremely flirty and likes to make her mage companion annoyed by embarrassing her in front of others.  The fox spirit does this by either doing something inappropriate, like randomly kissing a stranger, or pretending to be Irene and then doing something inappropriate.  In actuality, fox spirits are typically devilish and manipulative creatures, but Ahri's soul is bound to Irene's, so they trust each other despite the many arguments and mishaps.
    Name: Charm
    Rank: C Rank
    Description: Ahri blows a kiss in the targeted direction, dealing magic damage and "charming" the first enemy she hits, forcing them to walk harmlessly towards her while slowed by 50%.
    - Works on targets equal or below the rank of the spell
    - Has a long range of 20m
    - The projectile moves rather slowly, and is easily dodgeable
    - Bright pink, and can be seen from a ways away
    - This target cannot take damage from Ahri while charmed
    - Has a cooldown of 3 posts

    Name: Orb of Deception
    Rank: D Rank
    Description: Ahri sends an orb of arcane energy in the targeted direction, dealing the spell's rank in magic damage to every enemy it passes through, then pulls it back to herself, dealing the spell's rank in physical damage on the way back.  While the orb is traveling, Ahri gains +50% movement speed.  Ahri is healed for a portion of the damage dealt.
    - Breaks through weak armors or defenses on the way in, then can do more damage on the way out
    - Ahri can throw the orb out to get the movement speed for other purposes as well
    - Heals Ahri for 50% of the damage dealt(list all the advantages)
    - Is easily dodgeable
    - Cannot be used on a charmed target
    - Has a casting time of 3 seconds
    - The movement speed only applies to Ahri, rather than Irene
    - Has a cooldown of 3 posts(list all the disadvantages)


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