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    (Not) Great Expectations | Introduction | Open to Fairy Tail


    (Not) Great Expectations | Introduction | Open to Fairy Tail Empty (Not) Great Expectations | Introduction | Open to Fairy Tail

    Post by Guest on 4th July 2015, 5:01 am

    “Let’s talk about your future, Lizzie.”

    The rascally teenager – Lizzie Bordon – squirmed in her seat as her boss stared her down from behind his large, mahogany desk (which Lizzie was certain he was using to compensate for something else).

    “Well, Mr. Nickels, I don’t really see it as any of your business but go ahead. I’m listening with my full attention.”

    That part was a lie. In truth, she was wondering whether or not that mole on Mr. Nickel’s face was cancerous. She might have paid better attention to the topic at hand, but it was difficult when it revolved around something as boring as Lizzie’s future.

    “I’m sure you are. Tell me, where do you see yourself in five years.”

    I probably shouldn’t say “prison.”


    I’m glad I thought before I spoke for once.

    Really, Lizzie had no idea where she saw her life heading. She had little to no ambition and her greatest goal thus far had been getting a job at a pizzeria. After succeeding in what every teenager probably could have done, her dreams sort of just sparked out and she just lived in the moment. There were no dreams, no aspirations, or anything. Her mind was like a drifter: nowhere to go.

    “Great. You’re an inspiration to all. Anyway, I’m glad you didn’t say, ‘working here at the pizzeria’ because you’re fired.”

    Lizzie’s already annoyed face turned even more sour as she lost her favorite job so far. Her body stiffened up in the chair and she just sort of lazily sat there as she absorbed the impact of his harsh (actually reasonable given her work history) words.

    “Is this cause I called Martinez a-?“

    Mr. Nickel’s held up his hand to stop her from saying that word before remarking, “Yes, that’s part of it but mostly because… you’re just terrible. By far, you’re one of the worst employees I’ve ever had.”

    “But I’m employee of the month!”

    “No, Martinez is employee of the month; you just taped your picture over his.”

    “Martinez is a-!“

    “Please, for the sake of both of us, don’t repeat that word.”

    That was the dramatic story of how Lizzie lost her job at a pizzeria. Later that night, as she was snuggled up in her blanket next to the homeless bum she befriended under the bridge she called home, Lizzie wondered how she was to make a living now. There was no chance in Hell she’d return to her (adoptive) father and let him say, “I told you so.” She considered becoming a drug dealer purely for the thrill of danger, but she wasn’t quite sure where to start. Becoming a professional gambler wasn’t much of an option either since she was terrible with card games. Marrying a rich man sounded like a good idea as well, but then she remembered she didn’t have any attractive qualities and so that thought train was quickly abandoned. The only skill the helpless teenager seemed to possess was magic.

    “Hey! That’s it! I’ll join a wizard’s guild!”

    Lizzie patted herself on the back for her genius and drifted off to sleep. The following day, she was standing in front of a guild hall belonging to none other than Fairy Tail. Fairy Tail was not Lizzie’s first choice, but she didn’t have the Jewels required to travel to Hargeon Town or Clover Town and join one of the more prestigious guilds. This one would do however. She eyed the magnificent structure: a giant tree with a house on the inside (at least, that’s he she would describe it). She stared up at the beast of a structure, mesmerized by its oddity. She’d been in Magnolia Town for quite some time and yet was oblivious to what the guild hall actually looked like until that moment.

    She approached the door and simply stared. Was she supposed to knock on the door or something? Whatever she was supposed to do, she disregarded it and walked into the guild hall and found herself in the entry hall.

    “Hello!? Anyone here? I’m here to join Fairy Tail. I’m a Wizard Saint, so no test or anything is necessary. You’ll for sure want me joining.”

    There’s no better way of getting into a guild than lying your ass off and telling people you’re a Wizard Saint. The plan was flawless.

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    (Not) Great Expectations | Introduction | Open to Fairy Tail Empty Re: (Not) Great Expectations | Introduction | Open to Fairy Tail

    Post by Kirahunter on 4th July 2015, 5:27 am

    Unless an actual wizard saint popped his head through the door, "Sorry I didn't quite hear what you said. I just heard Wizard Saint and figured someone had asked for me. Simon the Phoenix, Guild Master and Wizard Saint God of Ishval at your service. How can I help you?"


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