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    The Book in the Nile


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    The Book in the Nile Empty The Book in the Nile

    Post by Wolfe on 4th July 2015, 3:02 am

    So it sees Wolfe was just trying to knock out some jobs in a row now. He had just returned from his last job that required him to build a house without using magic. it had been a long job, but it was worth it. He had met some good people on it, and got some jewels out of it. However, that was over, and now it was time to focus on the new job he had in his hand. He needed to find a book, but he knew it wasn't going to be that easy. Nothing ever was. The again, if it was, there wouldn't be a reason to hire a mage to do it, and he wouldn't be able to make a jewels. So in the end he was thankful to be able to even pick up a job.

    This newest job ended him up in Peace Village, which was a place he had never been before. However, it seemed like an easy enough for the money to justify coming out here t do it. Wolfe came into town late that night and decided he needed to stay the night at a local inn. He found a pretty cheap place fairly quick and decided to go ahead and call it a night. Truth be told he didn't sleep much, but he had to at least try. Due to the things down to his body, it never really got tired in the normal way. However, he did need to shut down his brain from time to time to catch up with himself. This didn't work out very well most of the time because as soon as he closed his eyes to sleep he would start having flash backs and nightmares.

    The next morning on only a few hours of sleep he packed himself up and heading out into town to meet up with the client. It seemed it was a little old lady who put out the job request. It didn't take too long for Wolfe to find her place. When he knocked on the door, it took a few minutes but he was greeted by the old woman who asked him to come in and sit down. It took her a few minutes, but she finally sat down and took a second to compose herself before she spoke "Hello young man. I am glad to see someone took my job. I know this seems like a stupid job, but basically, i am too old to leave the house anymore, and everyone i know is too busy for this old woman. So i was forced to make a request of it. In a nutshell i would like you to head to the library across town and get a book for me. check it out for me, and bring it back here. That is all I am asking. Do you think you could do this simple task for an old lady?" Wolfe just smiled at her from across the table "Why yes ma'am. I would be happy to do this for you. Firsts things first... What is the name of this book? he asked her. The old lady reached into her purse next to her and pulled out s slip of paper from it and handed it across the table to Wolfe as she spoke "As you would see young man. The name of the at book is called "Where the River Splits", and is very rare. It was the final piece Kiba Kabatora ever wrote, and is said to be his very best writing ever. I have read everything of his and i need to read this before i pass on. I met him as a young woman, and fell in love with him, and at the time he was not much younger i am now. So since i could never be with him, i decided that i would love him through his works. This is the final one for me. I have read all the rest. So yes, please get it for me." Wolfe stood up with a smile on his face and took the paper from her as he nodded his head, "Yes ma'am i will. i promise."

    Wolfe left the old woman's house shortly after and started making his way towards the library on the other side of town. As he walked he took some time to look around and really get a feel for this town. It was a smaller town and was something he was a big more used to. Still a bit too nice for his normal setting, but he could get used to a place like this if he was forced to stay for a while.

    It didn't take him too long before he was across town and standing in front of the library. He took a second to look it up and down. It was an older building, and most likely one of the first of th town when it was built. Wolfe shrugged and started to walk forward to go inside when three kids ran right in front of him, almost tripping him. Wolfe took as step back so as not to fall over and watched as the three kids just turned around as they were running and just flicked him off and yelled something about him being an idiot. Wolfe was taken back by this for a second, but then just sunned it up to the fact that every town had so punk kids who acted rude and made a mess of everything. Wolfe just shrugged it off and continued into the front door and into the building. What he saw when he entered stopped him in his tracks.

    As he looked around he saw that book were laying everywhere and obviously laying flat on shelves and even some on the floor. Wolfe looked over at the desk where the librarian should be and all he saw was a middle aged woman with her head down shaking it back and froth. Wolfe wasn't sure what to think as he made his was over to the desk. As he stopped at the desk the woman raised her head and looked at him "yes sir? how can i help you?" The sound of defeat was in her voice. Wolfe wanted to try and help, but truth be told, he was on a job for someone else, and even though it might seem cold his top priority was tot he old woman and completing the job he started. Wolfe just nodded and asked the woman "Yes, do you happen to have a book here called "Where the River Splits"? I was told i could find it here." The woman just shook her head again as she spoke "Yes we have that book here, but as for finding it.... good luck with that... those punks keep coming in here and messing up the book and placing them all in the wrong areas. It wouldn't be as much of an issue, but i am the only one on duty for now. the other woman is out on leave. Either way, the book would normally be back there in the corner somewhere around the second shelf down or so. Wolfe really felt bad he couldn't help, but the job took priority. He gave her a quick nod with a thank you and started heading towards the corner where the woman had said he would normally find the book.

    Wolfe was there for only a few moments before he already knew this was going to be a lot harder then he had intended it to be. The book were in all the wrong places and everything was out of order. This couldn't really be this bad, but as he spent the next couple of minutes looking around the area he noticed it really was that bad. Wolfe just lowered his head as he knew this was about to become a very long and drawn out process. Wolfe then spent the next few hours checking every corner and out of the way shelf he could find. Better to start in the odd places he thought to himself. He then started in on the more open areas as he slowly made his way around the building systematically trying each area and marking it off mentally.This took him a few more hours and it was not starting to become afternoon. He would only have a few more hours left to hopefully find it. He finally found himself standing in the middle of the room and still hadn't found the book. He was really starting to get annoyed. If he hadn't found it by now then that meant he had passed it over, or missed something or somewhere in the building. However, it was at this point that he remembered how the building had looked bigger from the outside. Wolfe took a few second and back against the farthest wall and looked up and there it was, a second floor. This both raised his spirits and lowered them at the same time.

    Wolfe then spent a few minutes as he found the stairs in a corner and climbed to the second story of the building. He then once again began his long search for the book. He could hear things up here as he saw the kids running from one row to another. It didn't seem they were there to mess with him, but rather to just cause my chaos. If took him a few minutes, then then it happened. As he was looking at a shelf he turned his head for a second and it caught his attention. There it was, sitting on top of a cart at the end of the other isle near him. He started to make his way towards it and as he was only a few feet from it he saw one of the kids run right into his view and stopped as he stood right between Wolfe and the cart with the book on it. The kid noticed Wolfe's glance was right at the book and without even so much as a warning the kid just yelled at Wolfe and grabbed the book and took off running.

    Wolfe couldn't believe it. Was this kid really going to be that much of a punk? Wolfe watched as the kid dashed around the corner and down another isle. Wolfe just turned around and made a quick walk to the balcony of the second floor, and watched as the three kids ran down the steps down to the first floor. Wolfe just smirked as he waited for the kids to come out of the stairwell and into the main area and just as the kids were about to run down the middle of the area on the bottom floor, Wolfe jumped over the ledge and landed a few feet in front of them. The three kids almost ran into each other as they came to a screeching halt in front of Wolfe. Wolfe smirked at them as he held out his hand and started to make arcs of lightning start ripping across his hand and through his fingers [color.blue]"Now boys... we can do this the easy way or the HARD way."[/color] As he said the last part more vicious arcs erupted fro his hand and now even lightning was sparking in his eyes. The boy with the book looked like he was about to pee himself. He slowly crept forward and handed the book to Wolfe. Wolfe reached out with his other hand and took the book from him. He then spoke to the three boys "Listen here boys and listen well. You will stop messing this place up, and as of tomorrow you three will back here and you WILL fix that which you messed up. I will give the lady here a way to contact me, and if you aren't here every day over the next week to fix this place. Then i will come for you, and you wont like what happens. Is that understood?" The three boys just nodded their heads fast and slowly picked them selves up and walked out and each one of them said sorry to the woman on the way out.

    Wolfe then walked over to the woman "There you go. The boys shouldn't be an issue anymore hopefully, and the should be back over the next few days to fix what they messed up, and if you don't mind i would like to check this out please." The woman just sat there with a look of amazement on her face as she just nodded up and down. It took her a second but she finally found her voice, "Yes....Yes...um, yeah... sorry. I cant believe what i just saw.... thank you so much. you have no clue how much you helped me. Please just take the book. I know it is for the old woman on the other side of the village. i would have taken it over there myself, but i couldn't find it in all of this.... she can just have it." Wolfe just smiled and nodded and thanked her and he turned to walk away before it hit him and he turned back around, "Ma'am? do you happen to have a book on Lacrimas? i am looking for something about more extensive research on them. Not the lite reader kind of stuff if you know what i mean." The woman thought for a second and walked over to another deck behind the counter and pulled out out a drawer. she took a few second to look through some books and then pulled one out and walked over and handed it to Wolfe. She explained to Wolfe that this book had very extensive knowledge on Lacrimas and cutting edge info on them. It had been intended for someone else a few years back, but he never came for it. She told Wolfe to keep the book as thanks. Wolfe thanked her and left the building.

    Wolfe made his way across town back to woman's home and in no time was sitting at the table again having a cup of tea and explaining to the old woman what had happened. They spent the rest of the evening talking before Wolfe collected his pay and left. that night he didn't even bother to stop at the inn. He wasn't tired. So he began his journey to his next job, wherever that might be.

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