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    Item: Nyanplifiers

    Anastasia Isayev

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    Completed Item: Nyanplifiers

    Post by Anastasia Isayev on July 3rd 2015, 9:14 pm

    Name: Nyanplifiers
    Rank: Weak Item
    Type: Headdress
    A creation of Anastasia's ingenuity and knowledge of how magnets work and how pressure effects soundwaves.  Using basic electrical theory, she applied pressure, electricity, and the fact that wires could carry information to her advantage when creating this item with a basic input/output device all wrapped up into a pretty package.  

    The Cat Ears
    Each Cat-ear is supplied with 2 speakers; the lower speaker being a sub-woofer used primarily for the mid-to-low range of the sound spectrum (the deeper hits) while the smaller speaker resides closer to the apex of the triangular cat-ears.  These tweeters are used to handle the higher-end frequencies.  These speakers sit flush with the rest of the cat-ears, appearing quite unassuming until a song is played through the speakers, causing the speakers to pulsate.

    The Cat-Ears are held upon Anastasia's head with a black hair-band going over the top of her head.  While it doesn't do much to hold her hair back, it works as a good anchor to keep the item in place upon the top of her head.  The hair-band has hooks that attach to her hair which restricts it's movement.  Wrapped around the frame of each cat-ears is a length of black velvet.  This soft material makes it look like the ears of a black cat.

    Between the sub-woofer and the tweeter, there is a rubber spacer used for absorbing shock while moving.  While this hinders how strong the sound hits, it protects the entirety of each speaker from breaking due to it's rigidity.  Due to this rubber spacing, sometimes it makes the speakers/ears look like they twitch like actual cat-ears.  Connected to the hairband(and hidden under Anastasia's hair is...

    The Microphone
    Connected to the speakers by way of the hairband, a small black stub sticks to the side of her face in the direction of her mouth.  This is the microphone used to pick up her voice.  The sound of her voice goes through the microphone and finds it's way into a mixer located in the hairband which modulates and "cleans" her voice.  Within the mixer, there is also a noise filter dedicated to only picking up Anastasia's voice normally.    

    The Hairband
    The most important feature in this item.  The Hairband serves as:
    1:  Anchor -- Holding the speakers in place, holding the item onto her head, couples the microphone with the speakers, and houses the Mixing Center.
    2:  Receiver -- The headband contains a Beta Receiver, used for picking up beta-waves from Anastasia's brain.  All this does is pick up instrumental sounds within Anastasia's head and play them.  The receiver can't pick up anything else other than musical notes within Anastasia's head.  Upon picking up the music from Anastasia's brain, it is routed towards the mixer and then sent out towards the speakers.  The receiver isn't seen, even if inspected thoroughly.

    1: Instruments play automatically through the speakers depending on the appropriate music for the song.
    2: Very discrete, the source of the sound boost isn't easily identifiable.
    3: Vocal filter that only picks up her raw voice through the microphone and not let in her voice from the speaker.
    1:  Doesn't currently have an in-battle use
    2:  Doesn't work if doused in water.
    3:  Susceptible to EMP, short circuiting, and other electrical interference
    4:  Has a battery life of 10 posts after initial use.  Requires 11 posts to recharge.
    1:  Amplifies Anastasia's voice as well as being able to play music through the speakers simultaneously.

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    Completed Re: Item: Nyanplifiers

    Post by Guest on July 20th 2015, 5:35 pm

    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Completed Re: Item: Nyanplifiers

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on December 16th 2017, 6:29 pm


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