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    Lets Build that Cottage


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    Completed Lets Build that Cottage

    Post by Wolfe 3rd July 2015, 3:12 pm

    Wolfe had been looking to pick up another quick job to earn a few extra jewels. It hadn't been that long since he had just finished his first job, and he was not catching th hang of it. Wolfe had lucked out with this newest job though. It was a request from a man wanting to build a cottage atop a snowy mountain for his soon to be wed daughter. Interestingly enough though, he had asked that whatever mage or mages helped him to not use magic. this was a simple enough task as none of Wolfe's magic could even help with something light this. Him, and his magic were made for fighting, but his increased strength would be able to help a lot on something like this.

    It only took Wolfe about 2 days to get to the mountain village. It seemed the house was to be built just along the outskirts of the main part of town. He made his way there, and in no time he was there and could see the old an and his son. Wolfe walked up to the and introduced himself, "Hello, my name is Wolfe, i came to fulfill your job request to help you here." The old an looked hi over for a second as to see if he thought Wolfe was strong enough to even help with something like that. Wolfe just smiled and answered the old man before he could even say a word "Don't worry sir, i am plenty strong enough to help with this, and yes. I do remember the specifics of this job. You requested the use of no magic." The old man brought his eyes up to meet Wolfe's and a smirk crept across his face, "Very well young man, then it seems we have a deal. My nae is Bartre, and that young man there is my son Ninko." The old an shook Wolfe's hand as he introduced himself, and point to his son as he said his name. "Well, it looks like we will be getting started in the morning. Me and Ninko already clears the area for the morning. I expect to see you here at the crack of dawn.", And with that he gave Wolfe a wink and a smile and all 3 of them heading back to Bartre's house for a good night's sleep.

    The next day at the crack of dawn the 3 men went back to the location and began working out the minor details. they started by clearing out the tiny bit of snow from that night, which took them almost no time at all. At this point, they started laying down the grounding for the house. This took a a while as the base was still made of concrete. The 3 men laid down the base of the housing wood posts and planks to create walls. the 3 men then pour the concrete into a mixer and mixed it up till it was ready. It took almost the whole day to fill in the base of the house with all the concrete mix. At the end of th day the 3 of them set of a tent over the base so no snow would get to it. They then headed back for the day. It would take a week for the concrete to harden completely. So every day for the next week they headed back to the spot and cleared away any new snow around the area, and then would head into town and get all the materials needed for the cottage. They would bring them back and place them around the house based on where they would used, and at the end of each day they would just cover the materials with tarps and go back for the night.

    After the week was up and the base was dry enough then went back and started working on the base structure and putting up beams and walls. During the whole week they had been spending together, Wolfe had really gotten to know the an and his son. They were really great people and some of the sweetest people he had ever met. Bartre even made him think about his own father, and how things could have been different and the kind of life he could of had if his father could have been like Bartre. However, Wolfe tried not to dwell on things like that. The truth of things was that the past was the past, and there was nothing anyone could do about it and each person is meant to walk their own path. Wolfe did decide that if he could have his own kid, he would try to be a father like Bartre to his child.

    The next few days went by pretty quickly as they put up the beams and created the frame of the house. They then began to put up the outside walls and put in the framing for windows and doors. They then spent the next few days laying the inside down as they put in walls for the rooms and placing beams across the top of the of the house to create the ceiling. It was at this point that the first issue happened. Just as Ninko was walking out of one room and into the next a beam broke above his head and went to fall on top of Ninko. Wolfe having good reflexes from all his years of fighting dashed off and at the last second was able to knock Ninko out of the way of the beam and it ended up landing right on top of Wolfe. Luckily Wolfe was very durable and it only really knocked the wind out of him; however, one piece of wood and broken off and stabbed right down onto his collar bone area. After the commotion had calmed down the old man and his son watched as Wolfe ripped the wood out of the wound, and it took a second, but a very dark colored, almost black, substance started to bleed out. To be honest, this was the first time he had actually seen his own blood in years. The black blood also had small sparks erupting from it for a few seconds. Wolfe looked over at the old man who had a scared look on his face. It looked like Wolfe had some explaining to do. The 3 of them left for the day and went back to Bartre's house. The next day they didn't work to give Wolfe time to heal. During the day Wolfe gave in and explained exactly what had happened to him, and the terrible things his father had done to him. By the end of the day the two men were in tears for Wolfe, but he assured them that it was ok. He had found the silver lining to all of it in the fact that he was now a wizard. Not only that, but from what he had been able to find out over the last few years, he was might have almost limitless potential. He told the two men that this gave him the chance to to help others much like themselves. They continued talking well into the night about everything under the sun.

    The day after they got back to work on the cottage. It didn't take the too long to fix the issue that had hurt Wolfe the day before. They then began working on th walls of the cottage as they continued talking about this and that. This continued over the next few days as they finished the insides of the cottage. They then moved on Which went by without too much of an issue and in a few days they had the roof put on and get all the roofing placed on it. The next step was to install all the basics like plumbing, eclectic, windows, and doors. This took up a few days as they got everything livable. Once all of that was done, they took a few days to replant so grass, and plant some trees. They wanted the house to be perfect, and Wolfe couldn't blame them. the day before they were done, Wolfe even made a suggestion about a greenhouse, and Bartre loved it. So the trio spent the next few days getting the materials together and put up a small greenhouse next to the cottage. With all of that done, all that was left was to furnish the home. Wolfe once again made a suggestion that if they had spent that much time doing all of this, they might as well make the furniture as well. Once again Bartre loved the idea, and the three of the set onto the task of making all the tales, seats, benches, couch frames, bed frames, and stuff of the like. It took about a week, and it was a week extra that was never asked fro from the job, but Wolfe was more then happy to help

    The next day after they were done the three of them spent the day just hanging out, drinking and eating to a job well done. The following day Wolfe thanks both of the men for a good couple of weeks, a lot of good memories, and the pay. just as Wolfe was about to leave, Bartre asked for a second of Wolfe's time and he set up a camera to take a picture of all them in front of the now finished cottage. Wolfe smiled and happily agreed. Bartre got everything set up and snapped the picture. A moment later Wolfe hear the old man mutter some words that sounded like a spell and a second later the picture was in his hand and ready. The old man gave Wolfe a smirk as Wolfe looked at him confused. "I never said i wasn't a mage son, i only asked that no magic be used to build the cottage. In my long life, i have found that sometimes using magic takes away from the sense of accomplishment, and dulls the rewards of a job well done." Wolfe took a second and honestly that actually made a lot of sense. It was just a very different way to look at things. Most people took magic for granted, and that included mages themselves. Wolfe just gave the only man a slight smirk and laughed. Bartre walked over to Wolfe and handed him the picture with a smile on his face, "Go on boy and take this one, i will keep the one that i make from the camera later, I want you to have this. I know you want to get your old man, but i hope you don't. Not for his sake, but for your's.... that is the kind of dark path one doesn't come back from. I wish you all the best and happy life. Now go get yourself some rest and on to the next job. I know how you wizards work." Wolfe couldn't find the words to responds, and muttered a obviously half murmured thanks. He could see the old man was happy, but at the same time he saw a bit to sadness behind his eyes, and Wolfe could tell it was for the idea of Wolfe one day fulfilling his dark quest. Wolfe just gave a smile and a nod and gave the old man and his son a hug and headed out on his own again. About a mile or so down the road Wolfe brought the picture up to take a look at it and couldn't help but smile. He then put the picture away in his bag and continued on his way walking into an unknown future.

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    Completed Re: Lets Build that Cottage

    Post by Hikachu 3rd July 2015, 11:29 pm

    Lets Build that Cottage YdROJZD


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