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    [ Private ] Allison's Secondary Magic Training


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    Private [ Private ] Allison's Secondary Magic Training

    Post by Tess on July 1st 2015, 12:08 pm

    It had taken a little bit of time to find a place where there was no one else around, but thankfully the girl had finally succeeded.  She had wanted to go to the Serene Cliffs at first, but there were a lot more mages around there then the Mysterious Canyon-- so, it was decided.  To be perfectly honest, Allison wasn't completely sure what she was training for here.  All she knew was that it would take a lot of time, and most likely a lot of effort before she could finally accomplish the goal she had set for herself-- to learn another kind of magic besides Pain, Stop.  The girl had desired to do so because she realized that there were going to be times where people would want to fight her, and the battles would continue on for long periods of time.  Allison's primary magic was completely unsuited for long fights, and was much better for quick bouts of fixing people or sneaky attacks.  Just based on her body type, Allison could dodge for a while-- but eventually, her stamina would run out, and the other person's greater attacks would take their toll.

    So Allison needed a secondary magic.  But what kind, was the question that she asked herself right now.  Lel Therina sat next to the red haired mage, and as she gazed at her feline companion, the girl came up with an astonishing idea.  Feline... Soul?  Perhaps a Take Over Magic that would allow Allison to use cat claws, their keen sight... that could be very useful. But, it would be useful to Allison, and perhaps not as good for helping other people. Although the girl's magic was already very utility based, perhaps a healing type of magic might be better... she really couldn't decide. Some mages were Celestial Spirit mages, and that seemed like just as strong of an option as well. But what to pick...

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