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    Dolls are so much fun!

    Sarah McCloud

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    Dolls are so much fun!

    Post by Sarah McCloud on Mon Jun 29, 2015 4:56 pm

    She danced her way up the icy path to the guild hall her doll in tow behind her being dragged across the ground as a trail of blood followed the doll. Should one take a good look at her doll they would notice within moments that it was actually a human woman with eyes filled with terror. "Come with me sis!~ We have a new guild to go to!" She laughed and skipped her way there ice and cold not even seeming to make her flinch as she went along her way.

    "Ahhhh here we ar. . ." Within a moment as she got up to the building two vulcan young came springing out hoping to kill her and earn some stripes. If only they found an actual meal within moments she had a line of energy linking her and the vulcan closest to her as it slowly became more sluggish and as she grinned sadistically as she ripped one of their arms off now bolstered between her own strength and tat of the now unable to move vulcan quickly finishing both her hands and face covered in blood.

    Upon opening the door she dragged her doll in staring around the place and sighing as she moved her doll up for a hug when a pungent smell hit her nose. Almost before anyone could come up and say anything to her she flew into a rage beyond anything any would see of her, "DISGUSTING! UGLY UGLY UGLY DISGUSTING ROT! YOU ARE NOT MY SIS!" Within moments she had kicked the still alive doll into the wall and began to crush the ribs and arms with her feet stomping on it till blood was all over the floor from the ferocity. "I need a new doll. . ." she looked to her side a with eyes filled with pure malice towards the next person who would walk up to her.

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    Re: Dolls are so much fun!

    Post by Laycie on Tue Jun 30, 2015 5:38 pm

    Be careful making
    wishes in the dark, darling
    the demons might listen
    Here I stand, helpless and left for dead. Close your eyes, so many days go by. Easy to find what's wrong, harder to find what's right. I believe in you, I can show you that I can see right through all your empty lies. I won't stay long, in this world so wrong. Say goodbye, as we dance with the devil tonight. Don't you dare look at him in the eye, as we dance with the devil tonight.

    Silence reverberated through the dimly lit halls of the guild known as Basilisk Fang; one which was the epitome of what the reptile represented; sinful, immoral, and poisonous and the similar like to define it. Amid those sinfully hushed halls stood one female; luscious dark brown streaks of hair cascading down her back as she was laden with a crimson imprinted dress. Elegance swayed in waves of aura from the female. However, draped finely within that elegance lay twisted strands of nefarious and diabolical rays that those who witness would sense it. But upon the appearance of the petite and discerning female, most would ignore the blared warnings of sin and immorality that radiated from her and would witness what appealed to their eyes; her credulous and impeccable appearance. Only upon more contact with her would they realize what wicked grounds they had dared to enter.

    The one known as Laycie; a demoness who had arose from the depths of Hell and ventured into the human world had stumbled upon Basilisk Fang upon hearing about the goal of the guild. Seeking the downfall of humanity as her only source of entertainment, she had chosen to enter its midst and provide her assistance to the guild. And as she stood in front of the heavily glazed window with sheets of ice, her mind wandered to the events of the past few days; those that had tarnished her being and had brought her from the power and ferocity of a sovereign to the feeble and weakly state of a slave.

    An audible sigh escaped her pale lips as the dark-haired female stood with her arms crossed underneath her chest. It was only then that the female’s amethyst hues located the frame of a figure – no, two figures – approaching the guild of Basilisk Fang through the window. However, what intrigued her and caused an eyebrow to be raised in curiosity was the state of the two; one was being brutally and mercilessly dragged by the other. Through her senses, she had come to a conclusion of them being humans however, to what extent, one could not be sure. A slight upwards curve of her lips as a mask of amusement placed itself upon her features at the onslaught of the Vulcans towards one of the females – whom, she had deduced to be from the outline of their figures.

    “How interesting.” A remark echoed from her lips laden with mirth as she witnessed the female engaging in battle with the Vulcans and emerging successful after which she again proceeded towards the guild. Laycie, interested in the new company, made her way over to the staircase of the guild hall where she arrived in suite to witness a scream of exasperation echo through the guild belonging to the one who had faced the Vulcans. What followed thoroughly provided immense leisure to the demon as one of the females brutally injured the other one; sounds of ribs being broken echoing through the strangely quiet guild hall.  

    At this moment – after the woman had successfully, accomplished her activity – did Laycie decide to make her presence known. An audible cough reverberated through her after which, a silky voice followed which echoed from the top of the staircase mixed with clacking’s of heels as she made her way down.

    “My, my, who do we have here? That was quiet an interesting show you put back there, if I do say so myself.” Indeed, Basilisk Fang never ceased to surprise the demon.
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