The Long Road Home


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    The Long Road Home

    Post by Haru-senpai on 6/28/2015, 10:27 pm

    The camera would fade in, panning over a world practically swimming in lifestream, pure magic energy, ethernano, quintessence. The entire world was about the size of planet Earth. The camera would then slowly zoom down towards the planet, past it's moons, down into the green ethereal like atmosphere whirling about it.

    Suns and stars flared in the background near the planet as manastorms rolled through the green wispy clouds in the atmosphere.

    It would stop, and slowly spin around a lone individual. Floating in the midst of the tranquil green waves of the atmosphere of the planet. Legs crossed as if he'd levitated, at peace. Blue hair would flow through the waves of the mana as Heero slowly opened his eyes.

    "I remember....." he would then slowly then begin to float upward as he would drift off further into the blinding light of the planets atmosphere, opening his arms and letting it coast him around like waves in an ocean. His hair flowed freely, untied as a look of bliss and peace was upon his face, as he stared up into the tranquil green energy waves; reflected in his amber-golden eyes. "What it was like to just be...just like this place."

    He would finally float upright as he clenched a fist, legs hanging now hair flowing fully down to his shoulders.

    "Thank you."

    As he said this, mighty wings would 'swoosh' around him in all directions as a multitude of Dragons howled at his awakening from deep meditation. The camera would zoom out as what looked like a literal swarm of Dragons was surrounding Heero as he floated there in the endless expanse of mana filled atmosphere.

    From off in the distance a group of 12 mighty Dragons would roar, in slow-mo they approached through the atmosphere, pushing the green energy away in waves as they approached. These Dragons, the Elder Dragons. Dwarved even, most beings conception of a being that could truly exist.

    "You've reminded me who I truly am." he smiled at them as they approached, all 12 of them circling him and floating there in the green expanse of mana, their great wings each expanded outward showing their true majesty in the circle as Heero floated at it's center.

    "Took you some time didn't it boy?" the Black Dragon would rumble, it's wings seemingly a part of the green aether of the planet, naught but Shadow. Heero would smile without looking at the Shadow Dragon in reply. Merely holding his fist clenched. Igneel laughed haughtily as Grandine merely shook her head. "To let one such as you become a Dragon consumed with lust for nothing but destruction...would've been cataclysmic. I'm glad you came to this place, Heero Reyold. Be sure to deliver that message to my son for me, won't you." Heero would turn towards the Light Dragon, merely by floating around.

    It's majesty nearly took him aback as he stared into the white of it's scales and merely with a nod would confirm that he would do as it had asked.

    "So are we gonna get to the part when we get to test him?" Metallicana would chirp in once. It's wings outward like mighty fans against the nether of mana. Heero would turn to it and, raise an eyebrow. The metal Dragon had always been the hardest to please during this training.

    A mighty Wakusei Portal would then burst open behind the 12 Dragons. The portal would spin on it's rim and whirl with mighty space and time energies. A painting esque vision of Fiore could be seen through the portal. The way home.

    He knew what he had to do.

    "So if I take you all on? And make it through, I can go then?" Heero would smirk his famous toothy Slayer smile up close as he would drop his hand to his sides, still relaxed for now.

    All 12 Dragons remained silent as the Lesser Dragons all began to flee, flying back into the mana rich atmospheres of the planet away from what was about to ensue. It seemed they wanted to test Heero's restraint. To be sure he would not lose himself to the Rage of the Dragon as Acnologia once had.

    "Fine...I'll show you the new power I've found." with that, he would look once towards his Father, the Elder Lightning Dragon. Who waited amongst the others. A close up shot of Heero in Zeuslogia's eye there, floating with his hair waving in the midst of the mana waves was shown. And there for a split second, Zeuslogia saw Heero Reyold as a boy, floating in the Calm Sea nearly drowned to death. Before he'd taught him the secrets of Dragon Slayer Magick. A single tear would form in the eye of the great Lightning Wyrm as pride overcame him. 'Come then my son.'

    With a mighty roar Igneel would surge forward kicking huge mana clouds behind him, the first to soar into battle against Heero. They'd had a close relationship over the past month or two, so he wouldn't hold back against him.


    As Heero said the words an aura that could only be described as a star would burst outward from him, swimming away in golden light like holy streams and twisting like a nether. Igneel's wings would open in slow-mo as he approached Heero who still held one fist clenched at the center of the golden aura surrounding him.

    Flames. The entire horizon in front of Heero expanded into an endless stream of Fire, as Igneel let out a mindboggling surge of fire. Cocking one hand behind himself, Heero would then charge his magic power to the very limit as the aura around him began to spin and swell. When the flames reached his vision Heero would throw a single punch forward as the flames coated all around him; pushing him backward down through the planets atmosphere.

    With a mighty battlecry, Heero would come surging through the flames out of nowhere to deliver a fierce uppercut to Igneel as all of the other Dragons got a "!!!!" over their heads in surprise. All 11 of them would roar in unison and flap towards Heero once as he delivered the uppercut to come to the aid of Igneel.

    Seeing this, Heero would float backward and power up the aura of Meteor once more. Turning into full flight and rocketing off with a sonic boom in his trail, the other dragons tucking their wings and going into a barrel roll around the sonic boom and remained hot on Heero's trail.

    "Heh...I'm all charged up for this one....." even in pitched battle with 12 Elder Dragons on his tail, Heero would close his eyes at peace as the camera would zoom up away from the green mana swimming planet of Kyoka, as the sun would fleck on camera and blind out the scene. The roar of a Dragon heard off in space.


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