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    Find this Book! [Job]


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    Find this Book! [Job] Empty Find this Book! [Job]

    Post by Zalck on 25th June 2015, 2:29 pm

    Alito’s trek had been a long one. He decided to travel by foot to Peace Village, taking the trek as his own way of preparing for the job ahead. A Super-Heavy Champion would take the task as serious as ever; even if it was only delivering a book for the client. It didn’t take too long to get from Hargeon, just heading due East, but the path was still a little gruelling. At least he got to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

    As he entered Peace Village, he could tell from which the name derived. Everything seemed to be quiet, as people moved from place to place, a smile or gentle look on their faces. As Alito passed, he smiled and waved, the strangers returning his kind gesture. He had to ask directions, well more than a few times, but eventually found the place. He was directed to the room, as the address was for a home, full of old people. Alito found this strange, but also enlightening. What a great village, to band together and take care of their elders like that.

    As he was led to the door, it opened. An elderly woman poked her head out, then slammed the door. Alito was confused, but the young receptionist simply laughed. “That’s Nan for you. She doesn’t like visitors. I’m surprised she sent out a request for a Wizard, really. What was the request again?”

    Alito pulled out his flyer. “It simply says she’d like a book delivered to her. I don’t know any more than that.” He folded up the flyer, and looked to the young woman. “Thank you for your help. I appreciate it, from the depths of my heart. I will take it from here.” The woman nodded, and headed back to her post at the reception desk.

    Alito continued to the door and knocked. It cracked open, the small lady peeking out. “Is she gone?”

    “Yes. Why did you-”

    Before Alito could ask, she quickly pulled him in, comically grabbing him by the waist, and slammed the door behind him. “You should not have brought her here! Did you tell her about the job?”

    Alito was taken aback, but answered “I showed her the flier, but nothing more. Your instructions to be quiet about the job were very clear.” He pulled out the flier again, which she snatched up and read quickly.

    “Good. No one can know about this book. It’s a banned book, you see, because it talks about Dark Magic and Evil Wizards. They think it corrupts the kids, but I think it just makes the best stories.” As she was talking to Alito, the woman took out a pipe and lit it, blowing smoke up at the ceiling. Alito stooped in the room, being far too tall for an elderly home. He took a knee to better look at Nan.

    “Well, I can retrieve this book for you. Do you know where a copy of the book is?”

    Nan blew out once again. “The library has a copy. It’s hidden away behind the cookbooks. No one uses those things anymore. Don’t ask them by the title, they’ll deny they have it. Ask for the cookbook section, and you’ll find the book. A smart Wizard like you should be able to find it.”

    “What is the title of the book?”


    Alito made it to the Library, a surprisingly small building. As he entered, he found nothing but an elevator. Deciding it must be the right way, he entered it, and look it to the only other floor; the basement. As he exited, he was surprised by the large room. It had to span half of the village! He looked around, seeing only a few people, children and adults, scattered around the shelves at different tables throughout the room.

    As Alito approached the desk of the Librarian, he noticed he was crying, his face down on the desk. Alito approached him reaching out a hand to jostle the man.

    “Don’t. Touch. Me.” Alito hopped back, surprised at the comment. Wow, he was getting surprised a lot today. “Can’t you see how awful this is! It must be the worst thing to happen in Peace Village in centuries! No a Millennia!” The man suddenly shot straight up in his seat, a deathly look in his eye. “No. The worst thing to happen to Peace Village ever!”

    Alito looked around, seeing people shuffling around, moving books and reading. “I’m sorry, sir. I don’t seem to understand the problem you are having.”

    “The book! It’s all ruined! My perfect sorting and ordering system… All ruined by some children’s prank! I swear, the seed of true evil breeds in those children. Moving all the books…”

    “They changed the books?” Alito shouted. “A Super-Heavy Champion appreciates literature! It is truly the most underappreciated form of art! I shall assist you in replacing all the book!” Alito immediately took off, before the man could say another work, and started pulling all the books of their shelves. It would be a long night.

    Two days later, and the Library was almost finished. Alito had barely slept, and looked worse for the wear. If anyone ever asked him about sleep, or taking a break, he would shout “A Super-Heavy Champion rests not while the world is not right! A Super-Heavy Champion is a man of his word!” and would continue upon his task. The last section, the cookbooks, were all lying on a table. Alito looked at them, sure Lullaby must be among them. He had kept an eye out during the whole search, figuring it would be able to find it, and know where it was when he finished. He began slowly putting the cookbooks in order back on the shelves. He looked at each one carefully, Nan’s words echoing in his mind. ‘A smart Wizard like you should be able to find it….’

    He placed all the books, one by one, on their place until they were completed. He sat back, admiring his handiwork, but still confused. He had laid eyes on every book in the library, and he did not find a single one labeled ‘Lullaby.’ Not being one to easily be deterred, he sat out to read the title on every book spine once more. Surely, he had simply overlooked it.

    Recipes for the Poor.
    Bland No More!
    No More Salt Please!
    Magical Recipies
    Let’s Eat!
    Under No Circumstances: Controlling Your Fat Intake
    Larger Than an Oven? No Problem!
    Lager and Lard: Two Essential Ingredients
    Appetite Appeaser
    By My Beard! Recipes From the North
    Yours Only: Eating for One

    Alito stopped for a second, then read it again. Let’s. Under. Larger. Lager. Appetite. By. Yours. L.U.L.L.A.B.Y. Lullaby! Alito jumped looking to the books. They were all different sizes, all written by different authors. Surely, there was something that linked the books together. It had to be a clue.

    Altio pulled out all the books, and laid them out, one by one. He inspected their covers, the back panel, and the spines, but nothing seemed suspect about any of them. He opened them all up to the same page. There was something there, a small sigil at the bottom center of the title page on each book. It looked the same on all of them, but there was a number under each sigil. How odd Alito thought It must be some kind of riddle though…

    The numbers were 6. 2, 0, a blank one, 5, 9, 2. 620 592 meant little to Alito. While he sat at the table, puzzling over it, he saw the Librarian walk in again. Freud, as Alito had come to know him, looked overjoyed. He rushed over to Alito, shaking his hand vigorously.

    “Oh, thank you, thank you! You have brought joy to this Librarian’s heart! How could I ever repay you!” Tears of joys streamed down his face, fogging up his glasses. Alito smiled, and handed him the small notepad his was writing on.

    “A Super-Heavy Champion requires nothing but your thanks! However, I’m on a bit of a wild goose chase. Trying to solve a riddle. Do these numbers mean anything to you?”

    Freud took the notpad, and began scribbling things on it. “Well, it’s the right amount of numbers… Maybe this space is a decimal point? As in the Dewey Decimal System, what we use to organize books here. Let’s see… That’s 620.592 That’d be… Engineering? Are you looking for something about buildings, designs, or that area?”

    Alito took the notepad back from Freud. “I don’t know, but I will investigate. Thank you for your help Freud.’

    The man broke out into streaming joyful tears again, going on about Alito’s help. Alito, however, left him and made his way to the engineering books. He looked over all the titles, trying to find something again. But there was no pattern. None of the books even had the sigil on their title page. He pulled out his notebook once more.

    Maybe there’s something else like… A mix up of sorts. Alito pulled out the notepad once more, and looked at the numbers. Maybe… No. Just backwards? He wrote down the numbers again.


    He knew that number. It was a blank-titled book. Once of a few he noticed in the library. He couldn’t remember what he found inside, but he didn’t think it was suspicious while sorting the library. He quickly made his way over, and found the book. Just as he was reaching out to grab it, a kid ran by and grabbed it first.

    “Haha! You want this book? I’ll mess up this library all over again, and this time you won’t be able to sort it out!”

    The kid quickly zoomed away, leaving Alito dumbstruck. He quickly gathered his senses, and ran after the kid. Alito’s big strides made short work of the distance between them, and soon he was looming over the kid. The boy looked behind him, and shrieked, stopping and cowering behind the book.

    “I’m sorry mister! I didn’t mean it! My friends just keep making fun of me because I can’t read. I thought if I moved all their books they wouldn’t be able to read either…”

    Alito kneeled in front of the child. “That gives you no right to mess with others. A Super-Heavy Champion has respect for others’ property. Let me see the book please.”

    The kid handed it over, apologizing profusely. Alito looked through the book, finding nothing interesting. If anything, it was a boring descript work of an ancient religion that no longer existed. He shrugged, but could not find another clue, so decided that the book would be the best he could.

    He made his way out of the library, and back to the elderly home. He found the room Nan lived in, and knocked on the door. It cracked open, and the woman's voice said. “Hand me the book.”

    Alito handed it over, confused to the woman’s actions. A moment passed, and the door closed again. Alito stood, unsure what to do when it opened again. “Well, ti took you long enough! He’s your reward. Tell no one of this.” The door slammed again, with a bag of jewels on the floor in front of him, Alito picked it up and headed out. What a weird job.


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