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    Princess Natsu
    Princess Natsu

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    Child of Thunder

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    Completed Bully The Bully! | Job | Evelyn Godfray

    Post by Princess Natsu 24th June 2015, 9:09 pm


    Child Of Corenglaw

    Prior to the time she had last uttered singular words of regards to her client, was the prevailing value that could've affirmed that the sun had doubtlessly gleamed before. The blue of Magnolia ceaseless until now, dampened air of grey depleting those wide optics of pinkish red, bounding into prompt agitation that knotted her brows into expressional frowning. Surging veins of water vomitted from the clouds, submerging against the stature that pursued hardly secured by the opposed need to stay parched from the rain. The allure of enthralling features was scarcely vieled through a crown of ivory cream, dimmed over by the dampened hood of raven-night that casted an inhuman ray to those apathetic looking eyes.

    Oh. How she loathed the storms. A diverse relic within the back of her mind, advising her through each display of their detestful sight, that she herself was the fault created within one. An; accident that happened. Pinkish lips would only writhe up each time she recollected the words they spoke, the way her father kept the back of his skull towards her as she inquired what he genuinely thought, eventually concluding the rejection. Stop it, Evelyn.. she mentally voiced to herself, jolting a mound of divine hair to the resurface of an appalling reality again. A single array of star-dust casually seamed behind her ear, lashes of crystal fluttering down to expose the brief baring of unscathed lids, fingers lingering at the soft strand.

    Evelyn Godfray. That is her name. The one who by the brutality of Corenglaw's first storm, ended it in confounded beauty; a puny youth that took slumber before the diety of thunder, percieved as a nobody. Not human, not God, she was forged by her father's own sorcery, yet, through all the millenniums that dragged by, he could only refer to her as his child. Misplacing her actions through the anguish of comprehending why she even prevailed in this world - lost and alone. Was she an angel? Perhaps. Doubtless others portrayed the girl to be much more exquisite than even the most divinely of beings, including the winged followers of the Gods. Envious that such a creation could rig into being both profance and lethal to the stature of Corenglaw, couragous without so much as a flutter of her eyes to enrage him by mer desire.

    But now, none of that mattered. Golden bells chimed over the structure of her predetemined location, urging herds of children into the delicate rain as if they were untamed horses fleeting through a sea of green, severing and then forming into their own personal groups. Whispers of aimless rumours and bitter names hesitantly confronted her ears as two feeble arms enfolded to ease against her chest, cautiously attentive of each movement that veered before her. "There you are.." the tone that was audible by none, mused these words to her own being, seizing view of the victim who was being tormented both physically and mentally. It was utterly plain that the boy was anxious, the way he tried to conceal his face, and how he consistently pursued in fidgeting his thumbs. Evelyn almost felt sorry for him.

    The spooked little stallion cleaved at the surface of the earth, oozing mud against his booted feet as the sneering wolves stalked toward him confidently. "I hope you've got my money today." the leader of the group bellowed, his haughty voice resonated calmly through the radius of the courtyard. Their victim strained in unease, steering toward the group of the one whome he currently feared the most, and the one whome he went through futile hindrances to try and avoid. Evelyn perceived the way they nudged and poked him in harassment, the way a group of predators would do while measuring their prey, his tongue faltering with the struggle to speak. "Hey." the mellow yet intimidating voice parrelled out toward the group, cloaked figure pursuing toward them with a certain air of transcendency. "What do you get out of this? I'd really like to know." the younglings merely bore onto her figure, the one she precised to salvage; peering at her in fascination.

    "I mean.. from my point of view, you're just a bunch of kids who are so patheticly insecure that picking on somebody weaker than you makes you look more.. powerful. Or more.. cooler perhaps?" a sigh, a shrugging gesture was made, "And you know what they say about karma.. One day, the one person you belitted the most will probably be the one who will end up surpassing you.. Or maybe..." with a pause, she leant toward the "leader", close enough in proximity to whisper into his ear, "..Kill you.." at her words, he abruptly jerked, a single bead of sweat forming along his forehead as she situated back, a free hand spanning toward the head of her clients child. "So, I hope you'll leave my friend alone here. I will know when you have been conversing with him, so, you better watch yourselves." but a mild smile arised onto her lips, only emitting fearful nods of their heads to comply with her wishes. It seemed that her presence alone, was more than enough to consume the bullies with unease, hesitantly twisting their footfalls into the other direction of both her and the boy. 

    Mission complete.


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