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    Some Paranormal Activity [Ven/Thanan Job]

    Mistress Venir
    Mistress Venir

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    Some Paranormal Activity [Ven/Thanan Job]  Empty Some Paranormal Activity [Ven/Thanan Job]

    Post by Mistress Venir 24th June 2015, 2:40 pm

    Job Description :
    Job: Nightmare Incarnate: The Beginning
    Rank: C-Rank
    Player Requirements: Maximum number of players is ten and the minimum is 2 D ranks. 10 posts per player minimum unless soloing(due to being higher than D rank) then 20 posts. 150 words per post.
    Job Requirements: At least 2 D rank mages or the equivalent of. Find out what happened to the rune knights and escape while you are still sane.
    Job Location: Spooky Forest

    Job Description: One day you receive a large box from the mailman. After inspecting it, you see that it doesn't say anywhere what's inside or why it's been sent to you. All that is written on the box is your name as the recipient and the initials "SM".
    Upon opening the box you discover that it's contents are a hardcover book, which upon closer inspection proves to be a person called Samuel Martin's personal diary, and a voice recorder lacrima, both covered in blood stains. Did that man send you this package? Despite the bad feeling you have, you open the book and skim through the entries.


    Having listened to the lacrima, it's as if more questions have emerged than been answered. Who sent you these items? How do they know your name? What happened to the Rune Knights? What did they find in that forest?
    It seems that you have no choice but to go there and find out yourself.

    Weak: Disturbing sounds- Are those footsteps? A demented laughter somewhere in the distance? A person's dying screams? Is that a whisper you can hear, carried in the wind? This place is really freaky...
    (Causes paranoia or similar effects, depending on your character. Strong-willed characters or people with a great ability to maintain their calmness can resist this to a great extent, though not completely. Having multiple weak enemy dices means that these sounds "stack", and so their effect becomes greater and perhaps even capable of breaking even the toughest of people. Duration is 3 posts.)

    Normal: Poltergeists- Trees falling down, rocks suddenly shooting towards you, having your body strongly pushed away without any explanation. These anomalies can deal some serious damage or scare the living daylights out of you. They might even separate you from your allies. Be on guard. (Single poltergeist per normal monster encounter.)

    Strong: The unknown figure- You can feel it, can't you? Just beyond the mist, it's hollow eyes staring right into your soul, sending ice-cold chills down your spine. No matter where you look it's there. Always watching, always moving. And no matter what you do, it's always just beyond the mist.
    (Greatly frightens you, triggering your fight or flight mechanism. Whether you choose to attack or run away and hide depends on your character's personality. If this occurs in the early stages of the mission, before you've encountered the other anomalies much it will not have that great an effect. Encountering this in the later stages, however, will trigger your fight or flight mechanism, guaranteed.
    Duration is 4 posts, extended depending on number of strong monster encounter dices rolled.)

    Boss: Fear impersonated- Your time is up. The chase is over and now you must die. And it is coming to do just that. The unknown figure that had been stalking you until then finally appears before you, for better or worse. It's a humanoid about 2,5 metres tall, clad in black, but that's all you can make out of the figure.
    It's attacks are unnaturally fast, it's reach long and it seems that it can attack you with it's tentacles, cutting you with them and letting you bleed. (This is a B-rank monster. Also please note that defeating it means that it does not die. Instead it escapes back into the mist, which gets raised soon after, and leaves behind several torn pages).

    Reward: 1,000 jewels. If the boss has appeared and was defeated, the extra reward is part of the ripped pages from the diary received in the beginning of the mission. Those pages grant access to the next Nightmare Incarnate mission.

    Close your eyes
    give me your hand

    "For me?" She inquired curiously as she took the package from the mailman, the box was fairly heavy causing the young girl to grunt with effort as the weight was sudden placed in her arms. Still, she was much stronger than the average child and some adults as well. "Sign it?" She asked with worry, allowing the mailman to place the pen between her teeth, she scribbled out her initials on the piece of paper before letting the mailman take the pen back and depart. "I wonder what it could be." The package was large and Venir hardly ever received such things. The box gave her a strange feeling, a premonition of sorts or perhaps just basic human instinct. With a thud Venir placed the box upon one of the guild's tables. Not being particularly patient, Venir tore into the box only to gasp at the contents within. "I think I better get someone..." She muttered, taking one last glance at the blood splattered diary and and lacrima. Luckily, she knew a particular new member who would help her out in this situation.


    "He'll totally show up...." She muttered as she stood on the very edge of the Spooky Forest. She was unable to work up the nerve to enter by herself, let alone go on such a job by herself. Which is why she had asked Thanan, one of the newer editions to Eclipse Soul. The job at first was an excuse to spend more time with the mage and get him to open up but the box and its contents, not to mention the plethora of peculiar noises emanating from the dark woods, made it less of a "bring him along for fun" and more of a "I need Thanan" type of job. Ghosts weren't exactly Venir's forte, she was but a child and like most children the idea of such evil spirits were terrifying to her. "It reminds me of the Unknown Lands..." The thought gave her a shudder, she could only hope that this mission wouldn't turn out like that.
    Do you feel my heart beating?
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    Some Paranormal Activity [Ven/Thanan Job]  Tumblr_mwffarIHCR1qbk364o3_500

    Some Paranormal Activity [Ven/Thanan Job]  Tumblr_mwffarIHCR1qbk364o4_500

    Some Paranormal Activity [Ven/Thanan Job]  Tumblr_mwffarIHCR1qbk364o5_500

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