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    Forge of the Gods (Solo)

    Ardere Kasai
    Ardere Kasai

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    The Fire King

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    Forge of the Gods (Solo) Empty Forge of the Gods (Solo)

    Post by Ardere Kasai 23rd June 2015, 9:25 pm

    Forge of the Gods (Solo) ZZYoe70

    Hmm. Ardere was standing on the balcony of the hotel room he was staying in, when a flash of black and purple lights occurred in the woods outside Hargeon. The hell? Not many were left awake at this hour, but he could tell the source of those lights just had to be magical. He wasn't much of a detective, but he was a Rune Knight after all, and he was a man who's goal in life was to acquire a vast amount of knowledge. Not investigating this would be an error on his part, and a break of his code. Sighing and grabbing his red jacket, the fire mage combed his hair. If he was going through with this, he might as well go all out. Sliding on his tennis shoes, he was out the door, and down the stairs quickly. Whatever that light was, it went as fast as it came, so he had to rush.

    Rushing out into the streets of Hargeon Town like some sort of mad man, he began to run towards the woods. With a naturally increased speed, he would find it easier to get places than most mages, but he didn't want to draw suspicion, even if he was a Rune Knight Recruit. Leaping up onto the roof, he would jump from roof top to roof top, until he reached the woods. It was about a ten minute run, so he caught his breath when he reached his destination. He could see streams of smoke coming from the general direction that the lights came from, so he began walking out into the night. Snapping his fingers, Ardere creates a small torch, to light his way through the dense forest. The wild life had all seemed to cleared out, whatever it was, they were afraid of it. The fire mage would soon walk up to a crater, the biggest crater he had ever seen. This crater was steaming, and 30 meters long. The flames from the crash were black, unlike any other he had ever seen. What the... Taking a fighting stance, he would light his fists ablaze.

    Do you really think you can harm me with those flames human? Though they are impressive, they almost remind me of Prometheus. Perhaps if you were stronger they could hurt me, but not now. The salmon haired mage's heart raced, he could feel a strong presence. Who's there? Then a man would step out, he was muscular, with a beard, and a sword on his belt. The man's leg was deformed slightly, he almost reminded Ardere of an old myth. Your power isn't very high, but you have a very old flame in your heart, from an old friend of mine. I've been searching for an apprentice, and I hate to be so forward after we just met, but what's your name son? cocking an eyebrow the mage responded. Why should I reveal my name to a man who's name I dont know? The bearded man smiled slightly and nodded. My apologies, my name is Hephaestus, the god of fire and forge. you may have heard of me? The fire mage's eyes widened when he heard the name, after all of the reading he had done, he knew who this was. So you have heard of me? I'll cut to the chase, if you're a nice guy, I'll teach you the magic to slay gods. It comes in handy, especially with the ladies. The salmon haired man sighed and rubbed his neck. What a night, and why should I trust you? Heph nodded and created a black flame in his hands, emitting a power Ardere had never felt before. You've read about me I'm sure, you know I am one of the less, dickish I suppose would be the term you would use, Gods. Nodding, he responded. Fair enough. Where do we begin. Heph smiled and put his hand on the fire mage's forehead. At the beginning.

    Ardere could feel the power of a godly flame entering his body, the black flames, so fitting. The history of the flames, even though Prometheus brought fire to humanity, Hephaestus had it in Zeus's Palace long before he did. These were the true first flames, but a more corrupted form to kill gods. And from that moment on, his training with Hephaestus would begin, in one of the most intense nights of his life.

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