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    Hestia Dragonia's Pet Application: Lai Fan (Divine Bird)


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    Bump Hestia Dragonia's Pet Application: Lai Fan (Divine Bird)

    Post by HestiaDragonia on June 22nd 2015, 8:34 am

    Name: Lai Fan
    Species: Divine Bird
    Type: Combat Pet
    Lai Fan is a calm and serene bird but when angered gets rough and her aura turns dark. She follows Hestia everywhere she goes. During her spare time she prefers to sit indoors and read. The only time she leaves is if Hestia does or she needs to stretch out her wings.

    Name: Whirling Assault
    Description: Lai Fan flaps her wings forward to create wind that slashes opponents
    Strength: Long range; can damage opponents from afar (starts at 5%, goes up by 3% per rank, 20% total)
    Weakness: Cooldown: 3 posts

    Name: Sanctum's Light
    Description: Lai Fan screeches up towards the sky then rays of light hit each ally, healing them
    Strength: Heals decent amount of damage depending on Hestia's rank (starts at 5%, goes up by 3% per rank, 20% total)
    Weakness: Any rank higher than Hestia's can dispel the light immediately

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