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    Assassination Contract: Olivia Sutton[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke]


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    Assassination Contract: Olivia Sutton[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke] Empty Assassination Contract: Olivia Sutton[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke]

    Post by Dr.Stein 21st June 2015, 2:27 pm

    Job Details:
    Job title:
    Assassination Contract: Olivia Sutton


    Player Requirements:
    - One B rank mage
    - Or two C rank mages,
    - Dark Mages only

    Job Requirements:
    - 300 words per post
    - 20 posts

    Job Location:
    Hargeon Town

    Job Description:
    As a 60 year old and former Lamia Scale mage, Olivia Sutton no lives the pleasant life of a retired woman. Which consists of course out of long walks through the town, helping out at the local homeless shelter and entertaining the young. However these pleasant mundane days wasn't what Olivia was all about. Around 40 years ago she was just like all the young mages. A young adult who wanted to make her fame and fortune and have as many adventures as possible.

    However four decades later, one of those adventures has caught up to her in the form of an old enemy. Who after many, many years still has a burning desire for revenge. Unfortunately he has been sitting on that revenge for so long, that he has well has become old. Old enough, that he is to frail to take care of Olivia himself.
    There for he has put up a request to any Dark Guild, asking them to finish what he can't anymore.

    However, the target is Olivia and Olivia alone. Meaning that no one else can die, if so, that will immediately nullify the contract. Another request from the client is, to make it personal. Without any onlookers around. So you have to stalk Olivia as she walks around town, and wait for the perfect opportunity to face her and kill her off. But not without giving one final goodbye from her old enemy.

    Olivia Sutton
    B - Rank
    Don't underestimate her because she is old. She is still a mage and she hasn't reached this age unscathed because she was a bad one. This woman is a stone hard veteran, who knows what she is doing. So taking her down won't be as easy. In fact it wouldn't be such a surprise that she is going to be aware of you following her through town.

    Olivia uses a magic that is called Gold Make, and has the ability materialize gold from liquid to hard forms. Thing of large puddles where spikes shoot out. As well as any other form of weaponry you can imagine.

    20.000 Jewels

    Stein went over all the details for the assassination contract before he left for Hargeon Town to meet up with Shunsuke. The target they were after is an elderly woman who is skilled in Gold-Make Magic and no one else in town is to see her being killed or to be killed. "A maker magic user huh? This might be a little tricky with us have to stalk her until she gets to an empty area." Stein thought to himself as he made his way towards Hargeon Town. It took him a while to arrive at Clover Town and had Spike stay underground while he decided to just take the train there so he won't be as suspicious looking. While waiting for the train to arrive he started to think about which of his test subjects would be better suited for this mission. "Spike will be helpful with his paralyzing webs, but I don't have anyway of getting him out of trouble if she cages him... hmm this is proving to be a rather tricky endeavor of just picking which of my test subjects to use." He thought to himself in the empty train station. Once the train arrived Stein quickly got on and was surprised about there barely being anyone else on the train. It took a couple of hours to make it to Hargeon Town. Spike followed underground to the town and was in front of Stein while staying underground until it is needed. "Let's see I'm supposed to meet Shunsuke right around here, but I don't see him anywhere maybe I showed up a bit too early." He muttered to himself while he waited at the train station for Shunsuke to arrive. While he waited Stein continued to try thinking of which of his test subjects would be best suited for this mission.
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    Assassination Contract: Olivia Sutton[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke] Firma_12

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    Assassination Contract: Olivia Sutton[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke] Empty Re: Assassination Contract: Olivia Sutton[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke]

    Post by Shunsuke 23rd June 2015, 12:00 pm

    The Devil Slayer was just about ready to go on a job. He had the menial, in his opinion, task of stalking some old lady, and killing her. Good enough, he was doing it with Stein.

    "I'll have to be extra careful, apparently she's a Make-Mage. It shouldn't make too much of a difference, though. We'll just kill her and be done with it. That's all."

    Shunsuke tried to figure out the night before how he was going to stalk the old lady down. He'd need to stay out in plain view, but subtly so that she wouldn't notice. And he'd have to stay out in plain view so that it wouldn't look like someone, or two people, were singling her out or something. There's a lot of crap that goes into successfully stalking someone without their knowledge,

    Should be easy enough, is what the average dark mage would say. But the thing is, she's a Maker Mage. Meaning that she can materialize anything and everything out of gold. It looks nice as shit, but not so much when you're getting stabbed with it.

    The Devil Slayer proposed a strategy: Stalk her for about two or three hours,(which should be the equilvalent of five posts or so), wait until she enters an alleyway, or her house, or an empty field outside the city, kill her ever so swiftly, and throw her in some ditch. The thing is, he'd have to shed as little blood as humanly possible, or the Rune Knights, or any douchebag just happening to be on the path, will find out what happened and trace it back to the guild.

    And a slew of police is not what one dark guild needs, or at least should need.

    By the time I had said all of this, Shunsuke ran to the train station, sword blazing in his jacket, and waited for another briefing from Stein.


    Assassination Contract: Olivia Sutton[Dr.Stein,Shunsuke] Shunsuke_by_gramcrackers-d95mjy6

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