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    I do wish it were quieter...(To Earthland and Beyond - Solo)


    I do wish it were quieter...(To Earthland and Beyond - Solo) Empty I do wish it were quieter...(To Earthland and Beyond - Solo)

    Post by Guest 17th June 2015, 2:13 am

    Why is it always so loud? The silent mage thought to themselves as they walked through the packed streets of Lamia Scale's hometown of Hargeon, carefully and cautiously weaving between the citizens so as to not disturb their routine. In and out without anything too big occurring so as to ensure that Vesper could continue their path without interruption. It could be argued that not coming here in the first place would probably have been easier but, unfortunately, you need a passport to travel to other countries and Vesper's passport had expired. While Vesper had no intentions of leaving Fiore anytime soon, there may well come a time when they would need to leave immediately. Better to do this now than to be rushing around to do it later, right?


    Vesper staggered backwards a couple of steps as something struck them with such force that it actually bounced from the wizard and hit the floor a good meter or two away. They looked down only to learn that the 'thing' that hit them was none other than another human being, bloodied and bruised, clearly having been through some brutal bust-up. Vesper's head turned to the right to see a man dressed in a dirtied whiteshirt, which now had a couple of red spots to add to the myriad of colours upon it. "Get to yer feet, ye dirty bastard. Think ye can nab a bit o'me treasures do ye?! We'll learn ye some etiquette. Bloody lan'lubber."

    Vesper would sidestep, clearly wanting absolutely nothing to do with this scene. Straight in, straight out. No distractions.
    Not even a step away and Vesper would be stopped as the bloodied man gripped their black robe. "P-please...help..." A sigh would escape Vesper's lips, although the mask would leave it unheard by anyone nearby. Stealing admittedly was a crime. But so was beating someone senseless. "You intendin' to 'elp this sorry sot? I'd keep walkin' if I was y-." The pirate's words were stopped in mid-flow as a surge of water blasted him clean off his feet and into the sea behind him, causing a roar of laughter to explode on the streets. Vesper released another sigh. So much for 'no distractions... they thought to themselves as they placed their stave onto their back once more and continued to walk through the now stationary crowd. At least the queue for the passport hall was distracted.

    Vesper passed straight through, making it right up to the front with minimal effort before they placed their old passport on the desk. The receptionist looked between the passport and the mage before releasing a sigh of their own. "Lemme guess, you'd rather not show your face here? You're not the first and won't be the last. Come with me to a private room and we'll sort things out there." she said somewhat tiredly, although there was still a smile upon her face.

    After a short discussion and Vesper revealing their face only to that receptionist - who swore not to reveal Vesper's identity unless questioned by the Authorities - Vesper left Hargeon with one renewed passport and an angry pirate trying desperately to find them to no avail. A chore well done?

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