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    Deliver My Le- Oooh Shiny!

    The Imp
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    Deliver My Le- Oooh Shiny! Empty Deliver My Le- Oooh Shiny!

    Post by The Imp 12th June 2015, 6:43 pm

    There once was a man who was foolishly in love.

    He wanted to send a letter to who he loved.

    He was foolish enough to choose the worst messenger ever.

    This messenger was a small imp with a special power.

    This power allowed him to go any place he wanted.

    The man thought this would make him a perfect messenger.

    But the fool had hired a fool, how very fitting.

    So now our story begins as the imp receives letter.

    With an eager smile he takes the burden of love.

    As he left the house he quickly forgot his goal.

    The Imp walked out the door as it shut behind him. His chest brimmed with a warm feeling of purpose. He was undertaking his first job as a mage of Fairy Tail, a life long dream of his was about to be fulfilled. But what was this letter in his hands? Who was it from? Where did it come from? When did he get it? Why did he have it? Who was it for? What did it taste like? The Imp resolved himself to find the answer to all of these questions except for the last one. It sadden him that he would have to for-go that knowledge but he decided it was best. It eyed the envelop "Maybe it has something to do with my job? But what as my job? I completely forgot!" This was truly a troublesome conundrum for the little creature. It looked over the envelop in the hope of seeing who it was addressed for, it saw a bit of writing on the back and laughed "Hahaha! How could I forget? I can't read."

    With that The Imp pursued his new objective. Finding someone who could read. It looked around for a few seconds scanning various passersby trying to identify if one could read. However The Imp couldn't be for sure if any of them could even if it was a busy street he didn't see any who appeared intelligent enough to read. Now while there was a large number of individual's who could read walking the streets the little creature didn't know that. Considering itself to be highly intelligent The Imp figured someone who could read, something he could not, would have to be supremely intelligent. Despite that being rather wrong, it didn't know any better. No one around appeared intelligent enough until The Imp saw HIM. An aged man casually walking down the street with no apparent purpose. How did The Imp come to decide that this person was smart enough to read? Simple. He was old and that must mean he was incredibly wise.

    The Imp chased after the man, clutching the letter to it's chest as it scampered along on it's tiny legs. After a minute it caught up to the old man and jumped in front of him. He took a step back and gasped "My my what have we here?" The Imp held the envelope in the air "Hi! I'm from Fairy Tail! I'm on a very important mission!" The geezer waited for the little thing to explain but no explanation came. It just stood there. "Uh little one? What's the mission?" It shrugged in response "I have no idea." The old man laughed. To him it seemed the imp was a small child playing some game "Maybe that letter of your's has the answer?" The Imp lit up "Yeah! I'll check it!" So it looked over the envelop and saw the writing again and stared at it for several minutes trying to figure out what it said. "Well?" "I can't read." The old man laughed again finding this whole thing rather amusing and extended his hand to The Imp "Here allow me to read it. Maybe that's why you found me?" The Imp appeared to consider this but was unsure "Can I really trust you? This letter is really important! Who are you again?" The old man scratched his head "Now that's a good question. Well let's start with who I am. I am Ichirou. I used to be a bartender and brew master. But I'm retired now. Heh I guess I'm the town drunk now." The Imp appeared to have a great idea as it exclaimed happily "A bartender! I hear bartenders are great ways to get information on quests! I can trust you! Uh what am I trusting you with?"

    Ichirou pointed at the letter "You were going to let me read the letter." The Imp handed it to him "Oh okay!" The old drunk took the letter and read the back of the envelope "Ah! This is to the celebrity visting the town! The Imp clapped his hands together "Oh yeah I needed to deliver this to her!" Ichirou handed the letter back and threw back his head laughing "Alright then go on young one!" When he looked back at the Imp the letter was gone "Eh!?! Where did it go?" "I delivered it." "Huh?" "I can teleport! So I went to the lady and delivered it." "Oh okay then!"

    Mission complete! Apparently...

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