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    Achievement System [Info]


    The Panda

    The Panda

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    Official Achievement System [Info]

    Post by Seijin on 24th November 2012, 1:14 am

    Achievement System [Info] Pa1Pros

    Achievement badges are obtained from obtaining something specific in game. It could be a staff position, a certain magic, winning a contest, etc. It will be presented in your profile, and message posts. Legacy achievements are for old site features and not given out any longer.

    Only admins can give out badges.

    REQUEST ONE HERE: Achievement Request Thread



    Achievement System [Info] XbL89n6 - Lineage
    Discover your bloodline


    Achievement System [Info] 1Sqyd85 - Player
    Becoming part of the Fairy Tail RPG Community

    Achievement System [Info] PaZOWuj - Main Account
    This account is your main (can help people track main accs).

    Achievement System [Info] We7yCWS - Alt Account
    This is one of your alternate accounts (can help people track alt accs).

    Achievement System [Info] Ijzi7zA - Character
    Get your character approved

    Achievement System [Info] Ae43taX - Primary Magic
    Get your primary magic approved

    Achievement System [Info] 2S0vNtG - History
    Write out your character's history in the Character History board

    Achievement System [Info] A1btLRE - Pet
    Get your character a pet

    Achievement System [Info] W2LnaC0 - Faction
    Become a member of one of the site's factions (guilds only)

    Achievement System [Info] Sir1pDd - First Job
    Complete your first job

    Achievement System [Info] StKpQkZ - Secondary Magic
    Obtain a secondary magic

    Achievement System [Info] YMgl2jI - Tertiary Magic
    Obtain a tertiary magic

    Achievement System [Info] Ae64OR6  - Quality Badge Level 1
    Have decent writing quality (requires 1 thread example)

    It was either June or July—it could have been January, even…one of the ―J months—when I was picked up by the cops on Court Street in Newton after my mother had called the police when I went missing. I had only been gone for ten minutes, and I was going to go to my friend‘s house, too. I really was! I told the one female of the three cops I had left my therapist‘s office after she showed me a needle I had thrown out and my mother had found. ―Would you go through someone‘s trash? I asked the trinity of cops. It says something about my mother and my relationship with her, it really does. And you know, I remember thinking as the Ketamine was coming on that day that I was going to be in trouble if I put that needle in the trash, but I did it anyway. I at least made an effort to cover it up, though. It‘s not like I wanted to be caught. It‘s been asked of me before; I always mean it when I say I didn‘t do it on purpose. However, it may have been to my advantage to be caught, because I was in debt to the vet where I had stolen the K, but no one knew that but me.

    -Excerpt from Eating the Screw by Andrea Benjamin.

    Achievement System [Info] DWZHFzu - Quality Badge Level 2
    Have good writing quality (requires 2 thread examples)

    Riddle had been rich, snobbish, and rude, and their grown-up son, Tom, had been, if anything, worse. All the villagers cared about was the identity of their murderer -- for plainly, three apparently healthy people did not all drop dead of natural causes on the same night.
      The Hanged Man, the village pub, did a roaring trade that night; the whole village seemed to have turned out to discuss the murders. They were rewarded for leaving their firesides when the Riddles' cook arrived dramatically in their midst and announced to the suddenly silent pub that a man called Frank Bryce had just been arrested.
      "Frank!" cried several people. "Never!"
      Frank Bryce was the Riddles' gardener. He lived alone in a run-down cottage on the grounds of the Riddle House. Frank had come back from the war with a very stiff leg and a great dislike of crowds and loud noises, and had been working for the Riddles ever since.
      There was a rush to buy the cook drinks and hear more details.
      "Always thought he was odd," she told the eagerly listening villagers, after her fourth sherry. "Unfriendly, like. I'm sure if I've offered him a cuppa once, I've offered it a hundred times. Never wanted to mix, he didn't."
      "Ah, now," said a woman at the bar, "he had a hard war, Frank. He likes the quiet life. That's no reason to --"
      "Who else had a key to the back door, then?" barked the cook. "There's been a spare key hanging in the gardener's cottage far back as I can remember! Nobody forced the door last night! No broken windows! All Frank had to do was creep up to the big house while we was all sleeping..."

    -Excerpt from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K.Rowling.

    Achievement System [Info] YN2mzCM - Quality Badge Level 3
    Have exceptional writing quality (requires 3 thread examples)

    The Palace was a small and, I suspect, a rather shabby theatre ; but when I see it in my memories I see it still with my oyster-girl’s eyes - I see the mirror-glass which lined the walls, the crimson plush upon the seats, the plaster cupids, painted gold, which swooped above the curtain. Like our oyster-house, it had its own particular scent - the scent, I know now, of music halls everywhere - the scent of wood and grease-paint and spilling beer, of gas and of tobacco and of hair-oil, all combined. It was a scent which as a girl I loved uncritically; later I heard it described, by theatre managers and artistes, as the smell of laughter, the very odour of applause. Later still I came to know it as the essence not of pleasure, but of grief.

    That, however, is to get ahead of my story.

    I was more intimate than most girls with the colours and scents of the Canterbury Palace - in the period, at least, of which I am thinking, that final summer in my father’s house, when I became eighteen - because Alice had a beau who worked there, a boy named Tony Reeves, who got us seats at knock-down prices or for free. Tony was the nephew of the Palace’s manager, the celebrated Tricky Reeves, and therefore something of a catch for our Alice. My parents mistrusted him at first, thinking him ‘rapid’ because he worked in a theatre, and wore cigars behind his ears, and talked glibly of contracts, London, and champagne. But no one could dislike Tony for long, he was so large-hearted and easy and good; and like every other boy who courted her, he adored my sister, and was ready to be kind to us all on her account.

    -Excerpt from the book Tipping The Velvet by Sarah Waters.

    Achievement System [Info] LEwgGJy - Guild Master
    Obtaining a Guild Master position

    Achievement System [Info] 3ZqR0GG - God Slayer
    Obtaining God Slayer magic

    Achievement System [Info] WP4MQO4 - Demon Slayer
    Obtaining Demon Slayer magic

    Achievement System [Info] Y2MbpDB - Dragon Slayer
    Obtaining Dragon Slayer magic

    Achievement System [Info] Nb7Ihye - Custom Slayer
    Obtaining an Unlisted Slayer magic (one not found on the regular slayer list)

    Achievement System [Info] JRMKUGU - Zodiac Key
    Obtaining one of the twelve Zodiac Keys

    Achievement System [Info] Ofl7nKG - A-Rank
    Obtaining A-Rank

    Achievement System [Info] 4Ji8bAn - S-Rank
    Obtaining S-Rank

    Achievement System [Info] Ejd28WZ - H-Rank
    Obtaining H-Rank

    Achievement System [Info] PM4XIZU - X-Rank
    Obtaining X-Rank

    Achievement System [Info] IEzfB6N - Y-Rank
    Obtaining Y-Rank

    Achievement System [Info] UF7Hutg - Z-Rank
    Obtaining Z-Rank

    Achievement System [Info] 8OtI7eE - Alignment Shift
    Character goes from legal to dark or vice versa during character development

    Achievement System [Info] OwLVPRa - Wanderer
    Do threads and/or jobs with 7 different characters

    Achievement System [Info] X55Nzu7 - Rich
    Have 1 million jewels

    Achievement System [Info] FpJXtYb - Richie Rich
    Have 5 million jewels

    Achievement System [Info] GuitzFi - Artifact
    Gain an artifact grade weapon/armor/item

    Achievement System [Info] F5KFRhH - Mythical
    Gain an mythical grade weapon/armor/item

    Achievement System [Info] 9Kcx2uD - Ship
    Purchase a ship - (LEGACY ACHIEVEMENT)

    Achievement System [Info] TUwO1D4 - Vehicle
    Purchase a vehicle - (LEGACY ACHIEVEMENT)

    Achievement System [Info] GCesrbV - Eevee
    Change a magic on a character

    Achievement System [Info] XDK6ErH - Working Together
    RP with the same person in 3 different threads

    Achievement System [Info] WiRK0Nx - Forever Solo
    Solo 7 threads

    Achievement System [Info] X4qLB6H - Christian Minecraft Server
    Join the site's official Discord server

    Achievement System [Info] Mm9vaxu - Teaming Up!
    Have a registered team.

    Achievement System [Info] XcGHup5 - Limited Edition
    Own something from the IOTM shop.

    Achievement System [Info] 3JGOHlu - Legal Eagle
    Reach S rank by taking predominantly legal jobs.

    Achievement System [Info] KBwemjJ - Hired Help
    Reach S rank by taking predominantly neutral jobs.

    Achievement System [Info] QhGFNMv - Devotee of Darkness
    Reach S rank by taking predominantly dark jobs.

    Achievement System [Info] FYCJXdq - Idolize
    Appear on the front of Sorcerer’s Magazine.

    Achievement System [Info] NKPVhOF - Unknown Powerhouse
    Have a character reach A and never be a CS, or RS.

    Achievement System [Info] XmtnSfp - Unknown Legend
    Have a character reach H and never become a Warlord, or WS.

    Achievement System [Info] SqYrg4V - Innocent
    Be declared Innocent by the Rune Knights after an investigation.

    Achievement System [Info] 7bflj7w - Guilty
    Be declared guilty by the Rune Knights after an investigation.

    Achievement System [Info] SIxMukB - Pardoned
    Pay your fine, or complete your time after being declared guilty by the Rune Knights.

    Achievement System [Info] M4GaDn4 - The Completionist
    Have completed one job of every rank.

    Achievement System [Info] 5DMWFV1 - World Traveler
    Completed a job in every country.

    Achievement System [Info] CYDSDfW - Helper
    Have a suggestion approved by staff, thanks for helping the site!

    Achievement System [Info] PcoZXcq - Guild Creator
    Create a site guild and have it be approved by staff.

    Achievement System [Info] QdZyuS1 - Achiever
    Have 5 or more Achievements.

    Achievement System [Info] BuRcPy0 - Expert Achiever
    Have 25 or more Achievements.

    Achievement System [Info] HWPguEN - Over Achiever
    Have 50 or more Achievements.

    Achievement System [Info] 0Yt2p8P - Buddy Buddy
    Thread with at least 2 Staff Members.

    Achievement System [Info] TytGKIG - Monty Python
    Intentionally fail a 100y job, must hit WC, and do not get rewards.

    Achievement System [Info] UqlFr0h - Obligatory Beach Episode
    Have your character visit the beach with 2 or more other people.

    Achievement System [Info] W7LY22z - Shipped
    Prove yourself to be in an official FTRP ship.

    Achievement System [Info] N2UGoL1 - Sticking Around
    Active on FTRP for over a year.

    Achievement System [Info] NRgoh7F - Loyal to the Bone
    Active on FTRP for over 3 years.

    Achievement System [Info] 632wwqU - Dank Memer
    Has created FTRP memes and shared them onsite i.e. in competitions/discord etc.

    Achievement System [Info] Nd0iF2L - Fan Artist
    Has created FTRP fanart and shared them onsite i.e. in competitions/discord etc.

    Achievement System [Info] JS8g2TI - Solo Artist
    Has Solo'd one job of each rank.

    Achievement System [Info] SoLW9T8 - Taskmaster
    Has taken part in over 3 Site Events.

    Achievement System [Info] IKtMqJj - Collector
    Have an IotM (Item of the Month) for every month of the year!


    Achievement System [Info] B6Jcae4 - Weapon of Apocalypse Wielder
    Wield one of the Weapons of Apocalypse


    Achievement System [Info] 4dNGVnM - Dark Guild Ace
    Become an ace of a dark guild

    Achievement System [Info] J6QjCnh - Coming Storm
    Become one of the Coming Storms

    Achievement System [Info] KTqthRI - Warlord
    Become one of the Warlords of Fiore

    Achievement System [Info] Cc72yYx - Villain
    Successfully prove yourself as a villain


    Achievement System [Info] FxCOwsU - Legal Guild Ace
    Become an ace of a legal guild

    Achievement System [Info] WC4YDJ5 - Rising Star
    Obtaining a position in the Risings Stars

    Achievement System [Info] EyPQCBL - Ten Wizard Saint
    Obtaining a position in the Ten Wizard Saint rankings

    Achievement System [Info] 6gfjIfq - God of Ishgar
    Gain the god title of the Wizard Saints

    Achievement System [Info] 8IG4DvH - Hero
    Successfully prove yourself as a hero


    Achievement System [Info] JxKF47n - Neutral Guild Ace
    Become an ace of a neutral guild


    Achievement System [Info] HNgBReU - Earthland and Beyond
    Complete Earthland and Beyond

    Achievement System [Info] QPdkN8O - Motor City Rush
    Complete Motor City Rush

    Achievement System [Info] X9jlfSr - So Extra
    Have a thread set in space

    Achievement System [Info] EIW3Lyo - Jewel Grinder
    Complete a 10Y Job

    Achievement System [Info] AuWdppU - EXP Grinder
    Complete a 100Y Job

    Achievement System [Info] Xmw2KIH - Job Creator
    Create a Custom Job



    Achievement System [Info] Y4MHkQi - Developer/GFX Artist
    Obtaining a Developer or GFX Artist position (LEGACY ACHIEVEMENT)

    Achievement System [Info] 179sykM - Moderator
    Obtaining a Moderator position

    Achievement System [Info] NpO33aZ - Administrator
    Obtaining a Administrator position


    Achievement System [Info] 2AXDrIv - Veteran Level 1
    Loyal to the site, and active

    Achievement System [Info] BENDi4D - Veteran Level 2
    Very loyal to the site, and still alive & kickin'

    Achievement System [Info] 6eA6Ecf - Veteran Level 3
    Extremely loyal to the site, whippersnappers

    Achievement System [Info] A7mi0vD - Veteran Level 4
    Only Seijin can choose who deserves this badge

    Achievement System [Info] DZl9pSW - Veteran Level 5
    Only Seijin can choose who deserves this badge

    Achievement System [Info] NoGvWET - Veteran Level 6
    Only Seijin can choose who deserves this badge


    Achievement System [Info] LrYlde6 - Novice
    Obtaining 250 Posts

    Achievement System [Info] Nmfn8cD - Senior
    Obtaining 500 Posts

    Achievement System [Info] AQXM4xC - Master
    Obtaining 1000 Posts

    Achievement System [Info] SGD5XSW - Grand Master
    Obtaining 2000 Posts

    Achievement System [Info] UXQOHRG - Supreme Grand Master
    Obtaining 5000 posts


    Achievement System [Info] EScmzIE - I Have Friends...
    Have someone on your friendlist. Not your alt!

    Achievement System [Info] WjVpcol - Seijin
    Have Seijin on your friend's list

    Achievement System [Info] VGgUnci - Onida
    Have Onida on your friends list

    Achievement System [Info] BXAkFRq - Have an Admin as a friend!
    Have Johann, Markus, Nessa or Sivvy on your Friend's list

    Achievement System [Info] IJpHc3U - aeluri
    Have aeluri on your friends list


    Achievement System [Info] Kqk7Hz4 - VIP
    Gain any VIP status

    Achievement System [Info] U1vz8Aq - Regular VIP
    Purchase Regular VIP level

    Achievement System [Info] Hz4RUT6 - Knight VIP
    Purchase Knight VIP level

    Achievement System [Info] Q22BLKo - Dragon VIP
    Purchase Dragon VIP level

    Achievement System [Info] NbWRVVO - God VIP
    Purchase God VIP level

    Achievement System [Info] AX9Oade - Demon VIP
    Purchase Demon VIP level

    Achievement System [Info] P2UP1o1 - Mythical VIP
    Purchase Mythical VIP level


    Achievement System [Info] M8LviK1 - Advertisement Event
    Participate in a Advertisement Event

    Achievement System [Info] L4DyubI - Tournament Participation Badge
    Participate in a Wizard's Fighting Tournament until you either win or are eliminated

    Achievement System [Info] NCbg2ew - Christmas Event Winner
    Win a Christmas Event

    Achievement System [Info] FwJcB7x - Christmas Event Participant
    Participate in a Christmas Event

    Achievement System [Info] PCHlgD0 - 3rd Place Event/Contest Winner
    Obtain 3rd Place in an Event or a Contest

    Achievement System [Info] WKQ3Yug - 2nd Place Event/Contest Winner
    Obtain 2nd Place in an Event or a Contest

    Achievement System [Info] KEo1m85 - 1st Place Event/Contest Winner
    Win in an Event or a Contest

    Achievement System [Info] JhvQRvv - Best GFX Artist Award
    Win a GFX competition

    Achievement System [Info] UU1kmd2 - Fan Art Contest Participant
    Participate in a fan art contest

    Achievement System [Info] A3R2sDv - Lineage Making Contest Participant
    Participate in a lineage making contest

    Achievement System [Info] VL77ori - Haiku Contest Participant
    Participate in a haiku contest

    Achievement System [Info] PDhqs8x - Halloween Social Participant
    Participate in the halloween social

    Achievement System [Info] JEQzOM2 - Halloween Job Event Participant
    Participate in the halloween job event

    Achievement System [Info] DVSJxxW - Halloween gfx'ers
    Make gfx or art for the halloween raffle

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