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    Event Lacrima: Frog Slayer Secondary [WIP]

    Vox Nihili
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    In Progress Event Lacrima: Frog Slayer Secondary [WIP]

    Post by Vox Nihili on 9th June 2015, 5:45 pm

    Username: Dederik
    Secondary Magic Name: Frog Slayer Lacrima
    Evidence of Accomplishment: Waiting for spell review, to know what can be included in it.
    Description: Frog Slayer Lacrima is akin to the Dragon Slayer’s, however unlike dragons a frog’s focus is not on elements; but instead on evolution and adaptation. This results in a Frog Slayer’s magic focusing around enhancing evolution qualities of frogs and vastly improving them. Drawing from the variety of subspecies that they have to select an aspect of a frog to enhance and produce through spells and magical passives. From poisonous frogs, to their leg strengths, loud croaks, camouflage, sensing vibrations in their surrounding, shedding skin,  vicious appetites to consume anything that fits in their maws and more this magic seeks to enhance those features that they might have and empower it through magical means, enhancing it in ways that would otherwise not be capable of producing in nature.

    The twins however use it primarily to enhance their melee and weapon prowness through the usage of the passive buffs it provides them and a variety of utility based spells to disable enemies and enhance themselves. Negating attacks, granting them powerful leaps to rival that of highspeed magic, coating weapons in poison and so on. While it does grant them some direct offensive abilities, they are used sparingly and as an attempt to corner prey or threaten larger areas if they can’t reach their opponent where they are superior.


    • Utility: The utility aspects of frog slayer magic are as vast as the evolution varieties of frogs themselves. From coating themselves and equipment in poison, altering their dna, invisibility, unique sensorary abilities, regenerative capabilities, skin shedding, damage reduction, magic regeneration and more this magic is able to utilize specific evolutions in their slayer species and enhance it with magic.
    • Mobility: Utilizing the species with the most powerful legs, the user can obtain what can be an unmatched mobility in terms of speed and maneuvers. While other magics can transform a user into an element and then enhance their speed, frog slayers are capable of putting the entirety of magic power into enhancing their leg muscles to obtain speeds even greater than other magics. Not only this, but their base speed is far higher than other mages.
    • Versatility: The diversity of what the magic can accomplish is not only limited to its  utility aspects, but also in its offensive and defensive spells as well. This magic is capable of utilizing certain aspects of frogs and drasticly enhancing them with magic to serve as offensive and defensive options. For instance they are capable of unleashing powerful croaks that send waves of vibrations out from them, causing damage to anything within their range. Of sucking in air or other materials and sending powerful blasts with the substance, with the same properties of what they sucked and as a defensive measure to suck in magical effects to consume them and convert it into health.


    • Long Range Offensive Ability:Unlike other slayer magics, the offensive options of frog slayer are focused on medium to melee ranges. Their effects and ability to consume magics can reach long ranges, however their offensive options are in general not great enough to put up a threat against long ranged magics.
    • Area of effectivity: The offensive options that the magic does have are in large area of effect attacks, making it possible to accidentally damage allies with their spells.
    • Scarcity: Unlike other slayer magic which are able to consume elements to restore their magical power, frog slayers must consume frogs in order to restore their magical power. A resource that is rare, small, and even when found in their specific ranges of environmental conditions are rarely in enough quantities to restore a meaningful amount of magic.
    • Selfish-tivity: While the utility aspects of the magic are immense, the vast majority of them are selfish in nature, making it provide few supportive aspects to allies as its major focus is based on enhancing the one mage’s abilities.

    Abilities: -- maximum of two. Must relate to the magic. See magic rules for further rules on limits

      • Frog Slayer Perks:

        • Leap: The mage’s jumping capabilities have been drastically increased, allowing them to leap and jump far larger distances than those normally on their same level. At this rank they are capable of easily jumping 30ft at their current speed times 1.5, however they are only capable of traveling in a straight line or arc through the air. If they wish to redirect or stop themselves, the must be able to touch a surface that they can push themselves off of.
        • Senses: The frogslayer has greatly enhanced senses, having superior hearing on par with a cat, increased sensitivity for the sense of touch , smelling akin to a blood hound's, and sight on par with an eagle as well as reduced reaction time to 0.15 at its current rank.
        • Physical:Increases strength, hp, and endurance by 30% while their base speed becomes 20m/s at their current rank.

      • Magic Coating: Similar to the slime coating frog's bodies, the user's entire body is altered and saturated with magical power to make it more resistant to both damage and debilitating effects with its strength scaling with the user's rank. At its current rank the mage receives 15% less damage from attacks equal to C rank attacks, and has all debilitating effects reduced by the same amount.
      • Dwarven Senses:5% of a mage’s magic is always in the air surrounding them, anchored to them as it grants them the ability to feel and sense things occurring within the area it occupies even if they weren’t normally able to. At its current rank the mage is able to sense anything within 5m around them in an orb with them at the epicenter. This allows them to sense spells or physical objects coming into the area around them, although it does not improve their reaction time.

      Spells: D-Rank Spell Name: Legs 0.25Rank: DType: SupportiveDuration: 3Cooldown: 4Description: The mage’s legs gets enhanced even more, granting them a 25% boost in speed. A very slight shimmering can be seen around the user's feet during it.Strengths:

      • Stacking: This spell stacks with other effects that affect speed.
      • Speed: By boosting speed it makes the user more capable of closing the distance for attacks.
      • Evasion: In addition a boost to speed improves the mage's ability to dodge.


      • Variety: Only boosts speed, lacking variety in stat boosts.
      • Selfish: Only boosts the user.
      • Deactivates: If the user is knocked out, the spell ends.
      • Visible: The enemy can tell when the spell ends if they pay close attention to the user before and during its activation.

      C-Rank Spell Name: Gluttony
      Rank: C
      Type:  Defensive/Offensive
      Duration: Instant
      Cooldown: 4
      Description: The user consumes a magical spell within 25 m of them up to C rank, rendering it useless as the mage draws it into their body to convert it to raw magical energy. This energy is then blasted out at fifteen meters per second up to a range of thirty meters.

      • Consume: Negates magical spells and effects equal to or less than its rank.
      • Counter Attack:Transforms the spell consumed into raw magical energy that is fired back
      • Effective: Is a rather effective spell mana draining wise.


      • Single: Can only consume a single spell.
      • Non-magical:Can’t defend against nonmagical, physical objects.
      • Reactive: Can’t be put in place beforehand.
      • Higher Ranked: It is incapable of defending against higher ranked spells in any way.

      B-Rank Spell Name: Shed Skin
      Rank: B
      Type: Supportive
      Duration: 4
      Description: The mage’s magic creates up to 4 duplicate of them, their equipment, and any effects on them that either appears to come out of them, or they come out of. The duplicates can be made all at once, or one at a time. The duplicate is the magical enhancement of a frog’s ability to shed its skin, allowing the mage to create an exact copies of themselves. All of the copies die at the end of the duration, remaining for a small amount of time before fading away. These copies move, act and react at the same speed as the mage. Their bodies are flesh and blood; however their strength is only that of a normal human being. It takes at least a C rank’s worth of damage to destroy them, however no matter the damage they receive it affects them as if they were a real human being. After receiving enough damage to be destroyed they disappear 15 seconds after death, allowing them to serve their primary purpose of confusing enemies. The equipment that they duplicate, while appearing as the original in every way is in reality just as brittle and weak as they are; while they may seem sharp or strong they have the same threat as a foam bat used by children to hit each other with. Making the only way for them to offensively be a threat is to manipulate the environment in some way or obtain a true weapon, even then however their strength is still that of a normal human in fit condition.


      • Duplicate:Its ability to make exact duplicates of themselves and equipment serves as its primary purpose and strength, making it great for distractions.
      • Time: The time that they remain after death is a deceptive advantage that most would underestimate. Most spells or clones tend to disappear as soon as damaged or feel off, whereas with the clones bleeding, crying out, and in general reacting as a normal human when receiving fatal blows their time remaining on the field after death can leave potential openings in the opponent for escape or a counter strike depending if the original could find a way to trick them.
      • Speed: The duplicates retain the mage’s speed upon the time of their creation, allowing them fulfill the role of believable distractions by having no speed differences between themselves and their original.


      • Visible:The process of creating the duplicates does not involve concealing the original or teleporting them unless the spell takes place in such an angle that the duplicate is between the enemy and mage to block their line of sight. This makes it so that in order to truly trick an enemy for any significant period of time, the mage must first break line of sight or have a means of becoming invisible or teleporting without being seen to leave the duplicate behind.
      • Offense: While the duplicates retain the speed of the original and appear to have the same weapons, their offensive threat can typically be disregarded entirely
      • Defense: Due to the amount of magical power required to craft the duplicates, and their durability being low makes the duplicates both brittle and inefficient as a defensive system.
      • Magic Cost: The initial clone’s magic cost is greater than normal for a B rank spell, with an additional B rank’s worth of magic for each clone created after the first.

      A-Rank Spell Name: Camo Slime
      Rank: A
      Type: Supportive
      Duration: 5
      Cooldown: 6
      Description: A magical slime begins to pour out of the mage’s body, quickly covering them, all of their equipment, and anything they are in contact with that they desire to get coated by it. However to anything but a frogslayer what seems to be happening is that the mage disappears from sight completely, not even witnessing the slime. To frog slayers the magical slime seems to shimmer with every color imaginable, creating a beautiful display to their eyes. This spell is born from a mixture of a frog’s slime coating on their bodies to keep them moist in addition to their camouflage capabilities, using magic to combine and enhance them to the point that it creates a slime that allows light to transverse through it effortlessly to the other side of the object they are coating.  Strengths:

      • Invisibility: The greatest strength and real purpose of the spell is its ability to make the user and what they desire to become invisible.
      • Controlled:The slime sticks only to surfaces that the mage desires, allowing them what the slime attaches to even if it is separated by him as it slides over surfaces.
      • Produced: For the duration of the spell he constantly produces it, allowing him to replace or expand on what to turn invisible.
      • Magical Signiture: It blocks off magical signatures, preventing magic from being sensed from what it coats.


      • AOE: When in doubt, area of attacks are the most effective at dealing with this spell. Using its other weaknesses to get a general idea of the concealed object’s location before laying waste to the entire area.
      • Smell: The spell does not conceal the mage’s scent.
      • Environment: Like with the other senses, the spell does not hide an concealed object’s effect on an environment. Sand will compress beneath them, grass will bend, curtains flicker if they move too fast and so on. A keen eye on the environment can get an idea as to where they are.
      • Sound:The spell does not cancel out the sounds that the mage makes.
      • S & H Ranks: Mages of S rank can sense the magical presences the slime hides at half the usual range that they could be capable of through the use of their sensory perk, with H rank mages not being affected by it while using the sensory perk.

      S-Rank Spell Name: Golden Sheen
      Rank: S
      Type:  Offensive
      Duration: 5
      Cooldown: 6
      Description: Golden Sheen is a metallic like poison similar in look to mercury and is capable of independent movement up to 50m/s, acting similar to a stalking snake or wolf pack in its way of advancing on enemies. It is capable of penetrating through clothing to reach a creature's flesh, where when in contact with it they begin to get absorbed into the creature. Spreading throughout its blood stream where everything within one foot of the initial impact is paralyzed, for one post before they are immune briefly to the paralysis; able to be affected every five posts. As the poison takes root in the subject it causes internal damage, resulting in high amounts of pain as if hot needles were being placed within their flesh. It can travel up to 100m away from the user, further away it is no longer capable of independent movement or clinging onto surfaces a liquid normally wouldn't be able to.


      • Paralysis: It is capable of preventing an affected opponent from the use of a limb, or even their entire body if it reaches the head or spine. It lasts for one post after which the target has temporarily immunity to the paralysis. A target can be affected every five posts for a total possible of twice per casting.
      • Damage: Deals 150% S rank damage over 10 posts, with 15% S rank damage a post.
      • Movement:The poison clings to surfaces in its liquid form and moves along them at 50m/s. Allowing it to coat objects or move along surfaces.


      • Range: The poison by itself can not be propelled, requiring other methods to utilize it at high speed.
      • Collateral: While the frogslayers are not affected by the poison, they can not determine who else it does not effect. Making it possible for collateral damage to be done if an unintended person comes in contact with it.
      • Penetration: It is not capable of penetrating armor, relying on soaking through substances or moving along them until they reach their target.
      • Poison Slayers: Poison slayers are capable of consuming the poison, rendering it useless.

      Misc: I earned this lacrima from an event linked here: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t11612-advertisement-event#151620 . It was stated that the lacrima allowed the person to jump 30ft with ease, although it didnt say how (I imagine alot of mages could do it... so by itself it didnt seem anything special) so i added a speed boost to it to make it more unique. In addition due to being a slayer magic with highly unrealistic ways of consuming their substance (frogs are small, and not all that common enough like fire mages or forest fires one can start themselves with a lighter) I didn't include it, thinking that the leap ability would be more of a replacement for it. I also listed several abilities under Slayer perks, after looking at another slayer app: https://www.fairytail-rp.com/t12738-shadow-dragon-slayer-1st-gen-overdrive where as a C rank he had more abilities than listed as normal in the rules, so i followed the supposed idea of a slayer perks counting as a single ability.


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