A Cold Meeting

    Mr. Anderson

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    A Cold Meeting

    Post by Mr. Anderson on Fri 5 Jun - 17:44

    "The world is just too quiet... They don't fight for what is theirs, they prefer to stay quiet and say nothing else than -Stupid government- If you don't like it... Then move"

    Walking and walking. Marik was lost, at the ancient ruins looking for something. Something was calling him. "What am I doing here... Why am I still standing? Alive" the dark mage was tired, hurt, about to fall in pain. Part of his body was broken, his arm and legs couldn't move, and blood never stopped moving around his mouth "I can't get it... How could this happen?... Why... Why am I still here?". Marik kept walking, trying to stand still. His legs were shacking and his body was full of pain, but then something appeared. A big shadow, moving towards him. A dark aura that didn't let Marik move, he couldn't do anything. What was happening? Why was he there?

    10 Hours before the Shadow

    "I need to find Stein... Know, but... Where?"
    Walking in the snow, leaving foot prints, creating cracks in the long bridge of ice. Basilisk Fang was a lost guild. People didn't seem to know it that much, it wasn't a very big guild, and it didn't have that much people in it... But it was strong, it had strong people, people who's souls were broken, and people who were born just to be evil, even demons were part of that guild.

    Marik Anderson, another mage from Basilisk Fang had finished a job and decided to go back and visit his guild. In his way, he had no one to talk with, he was quiet, thinking about everything. "This is a very quiet world".
    Marik walked for hours, when he finally arrived to the bridge that leaded to his guild, it was snowing, and it was dark already. The masked man took his umbrella out and opened it to cover his body from the snow. He walked with normal steps, breaking the snow as always and leaving the foot prints in the snow like any other day. When he finally arrived to the door, Marik entered the place and closed his umbrella, walking with it like if it was a staff.
    Marik went to the bar to take something to drink, he kept thinking "This guild... Is too quiet" he whispered. "We need to move"


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