A Cold Shadow

    Mr. Anderson

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    A Cold Shadow

    Post by Mr. Anderson on 30th May 2015, 1:53 pm

    "Maybe this is just the wrong moment... The wrong time... Who knows... Maybe I was destined to be here right now... But it happened, that means it had to happen"

    Walking and walking. Marik was lost, at the ancient ruins looking for something. Something was calling him. "What am I doing here... Why am I still standing? Alive" the dark mage was tired, hurt, about to fall in pain. Part of his body was broken, his arm and legs couldn't move, and blood never stopped moving around his mouth "I can't get it... How could this happen?... Why... Why am I still here?". Marik kept walking, trying to stand still. His legs were shacking and his body was full of pain, but then something appeared. A big shadow, moving towards him. A dark aura that didn't let Marik move, he couldn't do anything. What was happening? Why was he there?

    11 Hours before the Shadow

    "Everything ended just as I expected, just in time. I need to admit, that finding those two guys there wasn't part of the plan... But I guess everything ended well"

    With an umbrella covering him from the snow, Marik walked through the cold bridge, staring at the sky while holding a bag with his free arm. When the dark mage reached the big door, a cold wind opened the door slowly. Marik gave a step inside and closed his umbrella, taking a heavy breathing and walking with the big bag in his shoulder.
    It was cold and lonely, where was everybody?.
    "Stein!" Marik shouted. He had a plan, and only one person was going to be able to help him with it... But it didn't seem like if he was really there. "I guess I'll come back later... Where should I leave this?" the man thought to himself.
    After standing for a minute and thinking, Marik smiled and placed the bag at the bridge.

    Down the bridge, a bag with the shape of a human body was hanging from a rope. A rope tied to the body's neck, just like if it someone was trying to kill that person, even if it was dead already. When Marik finished placing it, he took a heavy breathing and laughed, turning around and stopping. With out moving, staring at that man, a powerful man.


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