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    Raven Heart

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    Raven Heart

    Post by Verona Stone on 20th May 2015, 6:33 am

    Job Title: Raven Heart
    Rank: 100 year
    Player Requirements:
    -Must be S rank or higher
    -Must have 70 posts or more in total
    -Each post must contain 500 or more words
    Job Requirements:
    -Must have Raven in the party
    -Must not be from a dark guild
    -This job can only be done once
    Job Location: Desert Village
    Job Description: Raven's enemy, Ikaros has finally found a way to freely travel between worlds without much of a hassle. The first place he tries to reach, is of course, where Raven is. As Raven and the rest meet at Desert village for what seems to be a normal day, they are suddenly confronted with low rank crow demons who have managed to use the portal. They were sent to bring Raven back to her own world. Fight one round of these minions and the portal will appear again. Not wanting to put the world in jeopardy, everyone must enter the portal, taking them to Raven's world. There, they see that the once destroyed world is slowly falling more and more into darkness.

    Ikaros has managed to bring the dead crow demons back to life and create an army out of them. He has even managed to bring back Raven's father who is now mindlessly working for Icaros. The party must sneak into Raven's castle, fighting or avoiding the resurrected demons in the process. Their primary goal would be to stop Icaros and find a way to destroy the device he is using to make portals. But once they reach the castle, they would be confronted by Raven's father and only after that will they get to where Ikaros is. After defeating Icaros, all the resurrected demons would rush into the castle. At this point, Raven will be completely taken over by her own powers and will proceed to not only kill the resurrected demons but also her comrades.

    Her father will soon tell her friends that they need to stab her through her heart to stop her with a special sword that he will give to one of the said friends. After doing so, it will be revealed that Raven had lost her heart along with her ability to feel emotions. To help her, the party must travel to four different worlds, finding shards of her broken heart. The first one will be in the kingdom of light. This place is packed with holy powered people. Anyone with darkness based magic will find it difficult in this area. First piece of Raven's heart will be found with the guardian of the kingdom which will come to them after defeating one round of "Priests". After defeating and getting the first piece of Raven's heart, the portal to "Death" with appear. Death is a world full of destruction and people with those powers. Recreation mages will find it difficult to find in this world. After one round of "Dementors", they will face the guardian of this kingdom as well. Third would be the paper kingdom. People having anything to do with paper/card magic will find it difficult here simply because the people in this world can manipulate them. Following the previous one round of enemies and guardian stuff, the portal to fire kingdom will appear. Ice mages will find it extremely difficult in this world.

    After the same one round of monsters and guardian thing, the whole party would be suddenly teleported to another world through Raven's powers. The place they were teleported to is a huge floating magic circle in place enclosed by stars and floating shiny stuff @ - @...Basically, it is the resting place of a Goddess. The last and final battle is against the same Goddess that Raven is the reincarnation of. Defeating her will give Raven back the other half of her soul, restoring her holy powers.

    Note: Cooldown of used spells will be halved once you jump to another dimension and you will regain half of the HP you lost as well.

    “Raven world”:
    Flock of the Dead x10
    When the Realm of the Raven fell into demise so did all its inhabitants. Along with it’s natural and most renown bird. Namely the raven itself. These birds who filled the sky once with uncountable numbers, now fill the fields of that realm. That was until Icaros found a way to revive them for his own bidding. Only they never fully revived, they are now nothing more than flocks of decaying birds whose rotting stench fill the air. These birds come in flocks of 10 ravens at a time, and have the total sustain of at least two B ranks hits. They have no further special abilities then flying straight into their opponents dealing them standard B rank damage.

    Raven Demons x5
    Along with the undead wildlife of this Realm, Icaros has also returned the original citizens back from the death. Creating numerous undead Raven like humanoids, who’ve lost every resemblance of their former lives. What once could be compared with normal humans now are a grotesque abomination fused with a Raven. They come in great numbers, and take one A rank hit to get rid off. Their damage on the other hand is a bit bigger than their lifeline. Having their claws embedded with various unknown poisons they deal basic A rank damage, along with a continuous A rank damage every post. Over the course of the next 3 posts.

    Kaitou: He was Raven's father who died at the hands of Icaros a long time ago. Icaros had managed to revive him along with the other demons of the raven world. He has completely lost his mind to Icaros' control. He now fights for Icaros and no one else. He is S rank and mainly uses his S rank sword for melee attacks. Once in 3 posts, he is capable of creating a large tornado with raven feathers which causes S rank damage. He can only be taken down with 5 S rank attacks or 3 holy/light based S ranks.

    Ikaros: He is basically a pain in the neck. He used to be anoble in Kaitou's court till he killed him and tried to take over the kingdom. Now, he is the biggest threat for Raven. He wants to not only rule the raven kingdom but also the other worlds. He created a small device in the shape of a raven bracelet to make portals. He also managed to bring the once dead demon race back to life, but as monsters that follow his command. He will be the final battle in Raven world. He will, once every 3 posts, call for weak or normal monsters for support. He can deal basic S rank damage with his claws and H rank damage with a dark blast that covers 100m. He can only be taken out with 4 H rank attacks or 2 light/holy based H ranks.

    “Kingdom of light”:

    Normal/weak: Priests x10: They make use of their holy swords. They deal double damage against darkness based magic. Each of them can be taken down by 2B rank damage.

    Strong: Light Knight x 1: He uses his sword that deals S rank holy damage. He can also trap one person in a prism like thing and keep them out of battle for 2 posts. This guy has to be taken down by 3 S rank damage.

    Boss: Light Guardian: He too uses swords and claws that deal basic H rank damage. He can, once every 4 posts, blind 3 people for 1 turn.  He is very fast and strong. Especially against darkness based magic users. He can be taken down by 3 H rank spells.
    “Realm of the Death”:

    Normal/weak: Shades x10: Having physical resemblance to the dementors from the Harry Potter books, the shades seem to be the exact being you could encounter in your own nightmares. Their presence will send a chill down your spine, as the screams of all those who’ve passed into this world through battle. Can be heard coming from these beings. These Shades are A rank in strength and deal basic A rank damage. However light/holy magic will have extra effect on them. Meaning that a single B rank hit can get rid of these creatures.

    Strong: Fallen Wraith Knight x 2: Clad in armor while still covered in torn cloths, these entities look like the larger variant of their lesser brother the Shades. However they are nothing like them, no instead these fallen knights are far more superior and dangerous. As they deal basic S rank damage, and if that’s not enough. Being near these creatures means that they drain 5% of magic power every post. So just engaging them in physical combat alone will be a bother. However, light/holy magic is also effective against them. Meaning that A rank magic of that caliber can also eradicate the wraiths.

    Boss: Grim Reaper: He is the guardian of this realm. His scythe deals basic H rank damage and he has the power to negate recreation magic twice in the duration we fight him. He can be taken out with 3 H rank attacks.


    Normal/weak: Paper Puppets x10:  They are creatures that were created out of paper. These creatures are also able to control any sort of paper/card materials that are lover than A rank. They use two types of papers going by colors; Orange and blue. Orange paper summons B ranked fire while blue summons B ranked water type attacks. Each of them can be destroyed by 2 hits of B rank damage.

    Strong: Mad Hatter : “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” He is the mad hatter with different types of hats. He can play tricks on people if you are not careful enough. His magic allows him to easily take the appearance of someone or switch places with someone. Of course, this can only be done once in 4 posts. Otherwise, he uses his hats to switch between powers like fire, water, wind and earth. He often cracks jokes and tries to get everyone else insane. He is also able to do various card tricks. One of them include sending a number of sharp S ranked cards out at his enemy. He can only be beaten by 3 S rank attacks.

    Boss: Queen of Hearts: She is the boss of this world. She has a rather big head and the power to summon normal or weak monsters once every 3 posts. She uses her heart scepter for attacks. Once and only once, she can trick one of the party members into falling in love with her and fight against the others. Of course this only lasts for 2 turns and killing her will immediately cut the effect off. However, each blow with her scepter deals H rank damage. She is rather weaker than other bosses and only takes 2 H ranks to beat.
    “Hell/Demon Realm/Fire Kingdom”:

    Fire Devils x5
    As the name suggests, these small beings are devils whose bodies have been blackened by the scorched heat this realm provides. In fact these creatures spout out flames themselves. However they have earned their names to the two small horns on their forehead. Which indicates them as devils. Yet even though they are small in size, they are very hard to deal with. Needing double A rank in damage to get rid off.

    Flamebound Demons x3
    The tank forces of the this realm, their entire physique is covered in scorching hot flames. Making their true appearance hidden behind them. And on top of that, they have the rough size of an house. This makes them some of the strongest forces you will encounter and thus will need two S rank hits to get rid off. And that’s not all, ice magic of any kind is entirely ineffective against them or their attacks. And to add to the pile every 2 posts one of these Demons will punch the ground and unleash a wave of scorching fire all around him.

    Lucifer, Lord of Flies
    Okay maybe not the real Lucifer, but more a duplicate of his real self. But that doesn’t  mean it is less in power. Instead you could say that in raw strength this duplicate, or clone even is equal to the real deal.
    Just as the Flamebound Demons, Lucifer or his attacks isn’t affected by ice magic of any kind. May they be demon slayers or just normal ice. But also is extra effective against ane ice type mage there is. Meaning that their basic damage of H rank counts as double towards those type of mages. He is armed with a fiery whip that on touch paralyzes the limbs it hits. He takes 4 H ranks hits to be taken down.

    “Escaflowne’s Sanctuary”:

    Boss:Escaflowne: She is the Goddess that brought peace to Raven’s world and in the end caused its destruction as well. Raven is the reincarnation of this Goddess and she currently holds half of Raven’s soul. Apparently, she had stole half of Raven’s soul to keep herself alive when Raven was born. She is very powerful. Her spells are similar to Raven’s (except they are light element and more powerful) and her appearance is similar to Raven too except she has silver hair. She can only be taken down by 5 H rank attacks. Once she is killed, Raven receives the other half of her soul.
    Reward: Raven’s father who shows up as a spirit at the end rewards everyone in the party before vanishing. He also tells Raven that her world can come back to life again. Rewards are 200k Jewels plus an item that lets the receiver fly freely(item is optional to take or not).


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    Re: Raven Heart

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