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    MCM expo is upon us

    Rosetta Crawford
    Rosetta Crawford

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    MCM expo is upon us Empty MCM expo is upon us

    Post by Rosetta Crawford on 19th May 2015, 1:32 am

    Hey guys and gals.

    On thursday myself and Thorn/Devon are heading up to london for the MCM expo. We are there until monday and because of the rather busy schedule we have for whilst we are up there I doubt we will be on the site much if at all.

    This means we will both be not grading apps for those days nor will we be posting much, if at all.

    So that means any jobs involving Sinali, Zack, Thorn, Devon or Shiraz will be on hold. I'll try to get my stuff up to date before I go.


    MCM expo is upon us Zack2_by_gramcrackers-d8ker96

    MCM expo is upon us Zack_by_ravenart5-d8j23c0

    MCM expo is upon us Zackrose_zpse9a22d85
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