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    Venom Dagger


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    Venom Dagger

    Post by Auorraprevell on Sun 17 May - 8:40

    Name: Venom Dagger
    Type: ( Glove/necklace etc)
    Description: It has a steely blade dripped with cobra and basislik venom mixed together and the handle has an appearance of greenish blueish with a white marble stone in the middle of the handle.
    Picture :
    Strengths: 1 Can strike faster than a sword
    2 Can block attacks equal to its rank
    3 Is easier to hide than a sword, making it better for stealth
    1 Can be blocked by anything equal to its rank
    2 Can be destroyed
    3 Does not kill in one shot
    4 Does not resist non-elemental attacks (light, darkness, ice, metal etc..)


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    Re: Venom Dagger

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on Sat 16 Dec - 19:26


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