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    My Grandmother from Hell | Job | Cleona Collins


    My Grandmother from Hell | Job | Cleona Collins Empty My Grandmother from Hell | Job | Cleona Collins

    Post by Guest 8th May 2015, 3:05 am

    Job Details:
    Job: Bully the bully
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character. Must ensure that the bully is dealt with one way or another.
    Job Location: Magnolia
    Job Description:  A kid is having problems dealing with bullies at school and has been collecting as much pocket change to pay fr a job. While it is chump change, the job is to scare the bully away so that the kid can have a decent life. He wants the bully to be scared and will get in trouble if the aggressor is found beaten or dead. Although Dark guilds could by all means choose to forgo the monetary reward and go straight to the extreme.
    Reward: 100 Jewels or none if the bully gets hurt.

    Cleona Collins rubbed her brow in frustration the madness little George uttered to her. As the annoyed pixie stood in the young boy’s kitchen for job details, he swore to her that he was being bullied at school by one of his teachers… who happened to be his grandmother. She didn’t buy it for a second; she felt certain that George was pranking her. Before she could walk out though, he started whining and begging for the pixie to help him with his bully problem. Rolling her eyes, Cleona figured she might as well check out if the boy’s story proved true or not. If it didn’t, there would be Hell to pay for sure. When their conversation came to a close, the house’s loud coo-coo clock sounded off and warned little George it was time to head for school. With that, the duo was off.

    Guessing that a pixie would stand out at school, Cleona agreed to hide in George’s backpack and wait until his grandmother of a teacher revealed her nature until she showed herself. Before that though, George had classes with several other teachers first. His first class was math class, which turned out to be George’s worst subject. From the inside of his backpack, George sounded like a broken calculator going backwards. Basically, he was like a Mac computer. His next class was art class, which had a boringness rating of 11/10, at least for Cleona. She didn’t much care for art stuff; she just couldn’t see the value in it. Thus, during that class period, the bored pixie resorted to rummaging through George’s stuff to pass the time. Although, someone can only look at a fourth grader’s awful homework for so long… she ended up just eating his school lunch to get through the boredom.

    A few more classes went by until recess, during which Cleona was finally let out of George’s backpack for a breath of fresh air. That’s not to say Cleona enjoyed the scenery of the playground – it was covered with nothing but dirty, grimy, sticky, annoying children. She would have just tucked herself back inside George’s backpack at that moment if it didn’t smell like ham (mostly because the school lunch she had eaten was a ham sandwich). Instead, the haughty pixie seated herself in a tree branch and watched George from a distance as he played ball with the other kids; that is, if you consider getting kicked in the groin as playing ball. Just as fun to watch was George attempting to pick up fourth-grade girls on the playground. They, of course, also “played ball” with him; so it was, George resorted to trying to pick second-grade girls… who also kicked him in the groin.

    There finally came the moment that day when George went to English class, the class his supposed bully of a grandmother taught. Listening from the inside of the boy’s backpack, Cleona couldn’t really hear any bullying for the duration of the class, albeit a touch of rudeness in his grandmother’s – Mrs. Frock – voice. After class, however, she revealed her true nature by making George stay. Cleona peaked her eyes out of George’s backpack and watched as Mrs. Frock made him practice his spelling on the chalk board. It read:

    I am a little B-I-T-C-H.

    George had to write that phrase twenty times until the devilish woman was finally satisfied with her grandson’s tears. She took it a step further though, and asked if he was crying for his mommy, followed by some mama’s boy insults.

    Cleona watched from the comfort of George’s backpack as his grandmother practically tortured him for some time The pixie meant to step in sooner but felt too impressed by the old woman to do anything. After thirty minutes of the insanity, Cleona slipped out of the boy’s backpack, bringing a handful of pixie dust wither, and threw it into the old woman’s eyes. Mrs. Frock screamed in pain and ran out the classroom’s door in a panic, albeit with some trouble. Cleona peaked her head out the door and, as the old woman ran down the hall, warned Mrs. Frock to be nicer to her grandson from then on (“…or else.”). George looked in awe at the scene, just happy that someone would stick up for him, apparently forgetting that she hadn’t done it out of the goodness of her heart. Cleona tolerated the young boy’s tear of joy for ten seconds before threatening him to give her the promised Jewels.

    As it turns out, blinding an old lady can be done for the right price.

    Cleona Collins
    HP: 100%
    MP: 100%
    WC: 767/750
    PC: 1/1

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