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    This One Time at Band Camp... | Job | Cleona Collins


    This One Time at Band Camp... | Job | Cleona Collins Empty This One Time at Band Camp... | Job | Cleona Collins

    Post by Guest 7th May 2015, 8:26 pm

    Job Details:
    Job: Swimming Lessons
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character. Make sure brat does not drown.
    Job Location: Magnolia
    Job Description: Can you believe this? My son wants to help my husband on his fishing runs, but is unable to swim. Both of us are too busy with our jobs to personally teach him, but you seem to be perfectly able to! Please teach our son to swim and we will provide what little money that we have towards paying for those lessons.
    Reward: 500 Jewels

    The late-morning sun taunted Cleona Collins and her boy companion Theodore lazily shuffled down the dirt road. To be more exact though, the boy walked while Cleona rested on his gaunt shoulders, drifting in and out of a light nap. She had agreed to take the brat under her wing and teach him to swim, but she wasn’t so enthusiastic about it at that particular moment. First, she was too tired to be happy about anything; the roaring snow storm at the Basilisk Fang guild hall from the night before made sure of that. Secondly, Cleona didn’t know how to swim herself. In fact, she feared swimming anything bigger than a puddle of water. It was, perhaps, her most embarrassing secret and one that she didn’t plan on revealing anytime soon.

    They reached the lake after a long walk in the miserable heat. The scrawny Theodore complained the whole way there, of course, to which Cleona would respond with a chilling threat every time he opened his mouth.. His presence alone clearly annoyed the pixie. Regardless of her feelings toward him though, she had to teach him to swim without actually getting in the water herself. Solution? She tied a rock to his little leg and threw him in the lake! Sadly, Theodore wouldn’t shut up about how he was “drowning” and that he would die if Cleona didn’t something. The whole scene made Cleona curse how much of a failure today’s youth was and why Earthland was doomed to become a pit of spineless whelps if people like Theodore were the future. After a good five minutes of her cynical thinking, the would-be swimming instructor flew above the drowning boy and plucked him by his had from the lake,, dropping him off on the lake’s sandy banks.

    Theodore felt it best that he rest after almost drowning, and Cleona took the time to catch some sleep herself. She even had a pretty nice dream: she was in a boxing ring, smacking the daylights out of a certain someone who had called her “little” some time ago. The dream came to a close, though, as the sound of trumpets sounding off across the lake awoke the duo from their much-needed slumber. Cleona stared dizzily across the lake and then turned her gaze toward a sun-burnt Theodore. The boy, unsurprised himself, explained the particular lake he had chosen for his swim lessons was home to a band camp which his sister happened to be attending at the time. With a renewed enthusiasm, Theodore pleaded with her pint-sized instructor to take him across the lake to pay his sister a visit. Although Cleona abhorred the prospect of visiting a band camp, she hated the idea of continuing with the swim lessons a lot more.

    Cleona plucked the boy once more and started flying across the lake, dipping Theodore’s foot into the lake as she did simply to hear the boy whimper. When they reached the camp, the snuck there way around, looking for the little guy’s sister (whom he referred to simply as “Sis.”) until they ran into the woman behind the large cafeteria building. When they found her, she was huddled up with her friends, smoking cigarettes. Obviously, a “lady” her age wasn’t supposed to be smoking and Theodore knew it; in fact, he asked Cleona to take the smoke away from her, by force if she had to. Happy to oblige forceful stealing, the pixie took the lit cigarette from his sister along with the rest of her pack. Like teenagers who couldn’t have their way, Theodore’s sister and her friends flipped Cleona off and left for the inside of the cafeteria right after calling her “little.”

    The one thing people weren’t supposed to do was call her “little.”

    Cleona waited until the group of teenagers was inside the cafeteria before venting her rage by peacefully throwing the cigarette at the wooden wall of the cafeteria, lighting it on fire. As it just so happened, the wood used for the cafeteria’s walls was extremely flammable; in fact, the entire cafeteria was on fire in a matter of minutes.

    As the cafeteria burned down, Cleona promptly told Theodore that it was entirely his fault before flying across the lake for safety as the camp’s security flooded the place. With nowhere else to go, the boy jumped into the lake with a blazing panic and started swimming toward the other side of the lake in the same direction as Cleona. As the exhausted boy, dripping wet, reached the bank, Cleona gave a short and unenthusiastic clap as she had just discovered the formula for making him swim: fear.

    The two reached Theodore’s house at around dusk, only to be greeted by his crying mother who informed them that Theodore’s sister had died in a tragic fire. Cleona pretended to listen for a few minutes as Theodore, pale as a ghost, simply stood in a trance. When the predicted sob story came to an end, Cleona collected her jewels and left for the Basilisk Fang guild hall.

    A few days later, Cleona read in a newspaper that roughly sixteen people had died in the fire.

    Cleona Collins
    HP: 100%
    MP: 100%
    WC: 862/750
    PC: 1/1

      Current date/time is 26th January 2022, 4:59 am