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    The begining of the Cult


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    The begining of the Cult Empty The begining of the Cult

    Post by Daddy 6th May 2015, 2:00 am

    It was a nice day in Magnolia town when Vexel arrived at the house which house the apparent demon spawn. He would doubt that it was a real demon spawn. He made sure to have left his weapons at the guild after having read the report of what the child had tried before. Don’t exactly want that baby cutting his finger with his sword, much less infected with his blood. That’d be nice to explain to his parents. Then again, his blood might put the kid to sleep. He would shrug before he knocked on the door. He waited for a moment as the wind blew, and would rush through the chocolate locks of his hair. A young lady opened the door. She was nice in figure at about 5’6 in height in a nice tight black dress that hugged her body. Her ‘husband’ or ‘boytoy’ whatever he was, stood behind her in something. He didn’t care much about that.

    “Oh you must be Vexel from Black Rose! We were expecting you. Thanks for taking care of our child at such last minute like this. We really don’t want to miss the swingers party out of town, ya know? She would say as she stepped out of the door, her guy hot on her trail as she went passed Vexel

    ”Oh, it’s no problem ma’am. I’ll keep a good eye on the little ‘demon spawn’ as it was put in the job listing. I have a way to keep him entertained. Now, do please go on and enjoy for me as well.” Vexel had said as he went inside. His arms crossed behind him as his shadow reached out and closed the door behind him. He wondered in, and saw the child sitting there in the middle of the living room. It was time for war.

    Time skip

    As the mother and father would return home that evening they’d come in to see many small figures running across their floor attempting to kill each other. Little bits falling off of them just to form another shadow person. Across the living room the child sat in Vexel’s lap as he bounced him on his knee. It was obvious that Vexel was point out to the little boy what was going on. ”Look there Simon. You can see that the Marshmallow Paragon is currently attacking the outpost of the Smore kingdom. It’s a small one, so I think they can take it. You see over to the left how they’re flanking it from the left side, while bringing a large force up front? Isn’t it awesome?”

    Vexel chuckled and ruffled the boy before slipping him a few marshmallows into his pocket to guard him from the Marshmallow devils that evening. He took him off to his room, and laid him down. He created a teddy bear from the shadows, and left it by his side for a reminder of himself before he left out to see the parents. He collected his pay, and headed out. ”Teach them young, and they’ll know about the truth of the Marshmallows”


    The begining of the Cult JAgwtRZ

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