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    gfx shop mine


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    gfx shop mine Empty gfx shop mine

    Post by Kaito on 30th April 2015, 8:56 pm

    get some

    5k for sigs + avi's I am not that good, but trust me you will like it

    Code:Select Content
    name:(if you want it on)
    want you want:(well sigi or avi??)
    want me to do it all:
    face claim:

    gfx shop mine 2mwusuggfx shop mine 14cfx4ggfx shop mine 33w6poxgfx shop mine Accsvn

    " />


    gfx shop mine Kaito_by_ravenart5-d92uwm8

    voiced by whoever plays goku

    what Kaito sounds like

    Kaito for real:
    gfx shop mine 29c6l1t

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