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    Bully the Bully

    Mitsukuni Haninouka
    Mitsukuni Haninouka

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    Bully the Bully Empty Bully the Bully

    Post by Mitsukuni Haninouka 26th April 2015, 6:22 am

    Job Description:
    Job: Bully the bully
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-rank and above.
    Job Requirements: Minimum of 5 posts of 150 words per character. Must ensure that the bully is dealt with one way or another.
    Job Location: Magnolia
    Job Description:  A kid is having problems dealing with bullies at school and has been collecting as much pocket change to pay fr a job. While it is chump change, the job is to scare the bully away so that the kid can have a decent life. He wants the bully to be scared and will get in trouble if the aggressor is found beaten or dead. Although Dark guilds could by all means choose to forgo the monetary reward and go straight to the extreme.
    Reward: 100 Jewels or none if the bully gets hurt.

    Mitsukuni would be walking down the street with his bunny in one arm and the other arm. The wind blew threw the streets messing his hair up a little but not to much just so it bounce back to what it was he had his eyes closed as he started to put his hand into his pocket, and pull out the job flier. He glanced at it "Oh goody this will be easy, even though it doesn't give much money i don't mind" he put it back in his front pocket and held up his bunny looking at it "Isn't that right Usa-Chan?" he giggled a little before lowering it to hold it again. Mitsukuni Was seventeen years old but born on a leap year so he isn't really hes really small for his age and acts kinda childish, but with that he joined Blue Pegasus and started taking jobs, but people judge him on his size which isn't good. He continued to walk down the street till he saw the school.  

    Once he got there he looked around for the person who sent the job. He kind of got bored and wondered around forgetting why he was here till he remembered just as a teacher saw him and grabbed his arm "Huh what are you doing?" he asked in a sweet tone to his voice. The teacher was tall and what looked like was 35 years old she looked at him "Students must be in class mister" he meeped before starting to squirm "Wait im not a student im.. im here on business please" she shrugged before saying "Prove it. cause no kid like you can be on business" he smiled showing her the back of his hand which revealed the Blue Pegasus Guild Mark, and if that wasn't proof he started to pull out the job flier. She looked it over and nodded "Ok fine but if i see your not really a mage then back to class with you." she said he gulped nodding before hugging his bunny before she left he quickly asked "Uhh do you know any kids who might be a bully or might send a job?"

    She turned back around thinking "Well bullies no, but there is a kid named Nicky that always seems to be worried about something maybe ask him you will find him at in hall B in about 10 minutes" she said cause class was almost over. Mitsukuni Smiled "Thank you miss" he waved goodbye to her as she walked back into the school. Mitsukuni walked into the school through a different door looking around to find out what hall he was in. He walled around finding out he was in hall A he ran around the corner to see hall B "So he will be here." he waited as he sat against a locker missing with his bunny "Waiting sure is boring isn't that right Usa-Chan." as he said this the bell rang right above him, scaring him a little as he hopped up he looked around seeing a boy walk out looking around like hes trying to hide from someone. Mitsukuni ran to him kinda jumping on him without a warning almost making him fall as he jumped on him he yelled "Nickyyyy" before swing around on him letting go looking at Nicky or what he hoped was Nicky.

    Nicky was confused never seeing this kid before "uhh who are you?" Mitsukuni just smiled and looked at him as he spin for a second "I'm Mitsukuni Haninozuka Mage of Blue Pegasus!" he said as he held up his hand showing the back to him with the symbol. Nicky awed as his face turned from confused and scared to happy and relieved "your a mage answering my flier." he nodded as he was told who it was that bullied him and how he was doing it "His name is Big Joe everyone fears him in a way but he mainly bullies me..." he went on about the job info as told where to find him "He picks on me everyday near the bathrooms." he pointed at the bathrooms down the hall, as he did Mitsukuni smiled and stopped him from talking "I'll handle it ok." he held up his bunny to his face "Yep we got this." as he said this he walked to the bathrooms he pointed at.

    Mitsukuni walked to the bathroom as he walked threw the hallway of people. He soon got threw and saw three guys there thinking they must just be friends with him or learning to be bullies. Mitsukuni knew that the biggest one must have been Big Joe, as he walked up to them the kids started to laugh "Oh look at this brat hes holding a pink bunny aww so cute .. not!" he looked up to them "Please don't bully people" he said flat out they froze for a minute before starting to laugh and the biggest one leaned over "oh yea whacha gonna do hm?" he asked. "Well im not gonna hurt you if that's what your thinking." They laugh more as one of them grabs his bunny from him he sees this and his sweet face turns into rage "Give it back.. NOW!!" they laugh more "Oh look hes having a tantrum, whacha gonna do hm?" he sighed calming down before holding his arms up as a white aura flowed around him "I'll give you five second to give him back now and promise me you will stop bullying." they laughed even more."three....two...one..." as he finished his count down the aura glowed brighter as he lowered his arms pointing at them as he did they looked at him funny "Didn't do anything bra...." he was saying till they all got shorter to about his height he smiled grabbing his bunny "This will wear off in about two hours that's when i will be out of range ok, till then you will be sweet little boys ok and if you dont behave i will be back and i will do worse." he walked away as he smiled Nicky stood there in awe "Thank you so much " he said "its no problem" Mitsukuni said as he got the money and walked out of the school smiling "Yay time to go back to the guild maybe for some Cake!"



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