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    Fallen Wolf Empty Fallen Wolf

    Post by Natalia Wolf on 23rd April 2015, 5:02 am

    The house Wolf, a noble house of Seven once existed on borders of Seven and Ice Berg. Due to the location the house was known to take in refugees looking to escape the harsh cold of Ice Berg, some of these were married into the family creating human and elf blood. After quite some time of these practices, house Wolf barely appeared to be elvish anymore though they still held elvish practices. One of the main practices of the house was to have a female head while the men's job was to protect the household.

    Nineteen years ago the next head of the household was to be born, and at the same time the one who would be second in line for head of the household was also to be born. During the berth of Natalia, who would become the next head of household her mother died, and at the same time her cousin known as Ember was also born to her mothers sister who also died at child birth leaving the household with no head. Now known as the dark day of house Wolf where both the head and its immediate successor died and leaving them with two newborns both incapable of leading the household.

    As years progressed tensions began to rise within the household as many distant cousins and others were attempting to take over the house, it was at this time that the household broke down into civil war. Taking up their duty as men of the household the fathers of Natalia and Ember who were still incapable of taking up head of household whisked them away to keep them safe. While Natalia was taken across the border into Ice Berg where she was left with an old women who was charged with taking care of her and protecting her. While Ember was taken far to the deserts of Desierto where she was left with a tribe well know for some of their fire wielding masters.

    Little is known about what happened to the fathers of the household but it is known that the house can not stand unless one of the rightful heirs were to take their pace as head of household with the exception that both die, then it would be given to the closest relative. With the majority of the household presumed either dead or enslaved by one of the oldest yet most distant relatives of the house, both heads are now hunted.

    Three years ago, Natalia was finally learning how to maintain and control snow as taught to her by the woman who had come to be known as her grandmother. Natalia had made her first step to becoming a Blizzard mage, at this time however the cousin of the Wolf family known as Yubon was vying for control over the family line. As such she commanded that the two heirs to the head of household be hunted down and killed leaving no one to take over the household. A year later Natalia was the first target of the hunters being the original head of household, the attack however went sour though they took the life of Natalia's Grandmother. Told to flee from Iceberg Natalia took haste traveling through Seven at great risk, though watched by the forest to keep her safe, as her survival would play a key role in the safety of Seven. After a long and risky journey she found herself safe in Fiore's borders where she would make her new home. At this time, she joined the magic guild Blue Pegasus.


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