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    Mischievous Imps[Melyre and Kitteh]


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    Mischievous Imps[Melyre and Kitteh] Empty Mischievous Imps[Melyre and Kitteh]

    Post by Melyre on 18th April 2015, 8:29 am

    Job Info:
    Job Title: Mischievous Imps
    Rank: C
    Player Requirements: At least one C-rank member and a total of 2 mages minimum.

    200 word minimum per post, 12 post minimum per player.

    Job Requirements: Dispose of the imp demons causing problems. Kill at least 7 enemies per party member and the boss. The boss can appear after 10 total enemies have been defeated.

    Job Location: Mysterious Canyon
    Job Description: A horde of Imps has infested a trading route and our caravan can’t get through. Come exterminate them for me. If you defeat their boss the rest should scatter. Our goods are…shall we say, morally questionable, so we can’t go to the legal guilds to deal with this. We have located their nest at a cave not far from the trade route. Go there and exterminate these lowly demons!

    Chibi Imp(D): These very small imps are incredibly weak alone but can cause problems in hordes with their razor sharp claws, oversized claws. They are quite agile and good at dodging attacks however it shouldn’t take much, if anything to defeat them with a single direct hit.

    Imp(C): A regular imp. Same as with the chibi imp but more durable and stronger than their smaller brethren.

    Strong: Feral Imp(C+): These imps are outside the Imp pack and are much more savage and brutal, usually starving. While easier to hit they’re claws are usually sharper than the regular imps and deal more damage. They aren't very durable though due to their starvation and are only just more durable than the chibi imp

    Boss: Dark Imp(B): An incredibly rare type of imp that is black in color compared to the green or brown color the other imps take. Dark imps are equally as strong as a regular imp however they have immunity to any form metal weapon or metal based attack making them a much bigger problem. They’re also able to shoot fireballs out of their hands for added problems.

    Reward: 7,000 Jewel

    Melyre was walking along the rocky land of the Mysterious Canyon. She was suppose to get rid of some imps for some traders so they can pass. They had given her the location of their cave and she was heading that way thought they didn't tell her how long it would take her to get there and to say she was walking quite the long time now and was getting tired of looking around not to get ambushed from something or someone. '' I hope they didn't send me on a fake location, but they did say another mage would be coming '' she said in annoyance from the fact that she hasn't reached her destination not that she was in a team with someone else for the job, she was quite happy that she wasn't alone and wanted to meet this other mage that was going to accompany her on the job. After a few minutes she finally reached a cave, from which sounds were coming. '' I suppose its this but i can't see anyone else here '' the black haired girl mumbled to her self as she sat on a rock to rest a bit and wait for the other member for the mission to come, so they can start clearing out the imps.

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