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    The Watering Hole (Elyx and Jin)

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    The Watering Hole (Elyx and Jin) Empty The Watering Hole (Elyx and Jin)

    Post by King Elyx 17th April 2015, 7:03 pm

    Job Description:
    Job: The Watering Hole - Battle for the Beer!
    Rank: B
    Player Requirements: single or team. 3 B rank and 2 C rank mage max for team. 30 post minimum and 350 words per post.
    Job Location: Mountain village
    Job Description: "Damn it! I need some people I can rely on, people I know and trust. My tavern is being attacked nearly every day and night by some bastards who tasted my beer and got hooked on it! If they manage to steal my beer they might copy the formula and ruin me! My bouncers and some helpful travelers have been good so far, but I'm running out of time!
    Please help me! If you can stop them all, kill or beat them to a pulp I don't care, I'll reward you handsomely! If you can do it without breaking any of my barrels you'll get even more! These people are getting on my last nerve and I really need people!
    Mission Objectives:
    - Defeat all invading Beer Stealers
    - Prevent all the beer from being stolen
    Enemies: Beer Stealers
    Magic: Dark and Gun Magic
    Weak: Hired Thug- Being paid by the boss to assist in the stealing, these thugs have no magical use but carry a large arsenal of different types of guns; making them dangerous for any unwary foe. 
    Normal:Alcoholic Mage- a poor excuse for a mage, but one none the less, they are well skilled at dark magic and could do severe damage to those who do not take them seriously. 
    Strong:Moonshiner apprentice- still learning the ways of the moonshine, these people are nothing to be trifled with; they can use both dark magic and gun magic without a problem, alternating between the two.
    Boss: Gragas, the Moonshiner- A very large ten foot behemoth of a man with a body to match. His body has a diameter of 2 and a half meters, reaching about seven to eight feet wide. He would wear no shirt, and wear only overalls made for his specific size. He has a large brown beard and mustauch stained from his home made brew. Despite being large structure, he is quite fast and has amazing strength. He carries around a large double barrel shot gun with barrels half the size of his arms, and almost as wide as his fist. He is well adept to using some magic as well, and is normally seen carrying a large Cask on his back for long trips away from home to restock. 
    Abilities: Gragas can channel magic into his body to give him a heavy charge, rushing towards his targets with an unstoppable force to smash through trees, large boulders, and sometimes break down reinforced metal doors. 
    Shotgun Frenzy: Using his shotgun, and channeling some magic into it, Gragas lets out a large consistent spray of dark matter that destroys defense before dealing burning damage to his targets. 
    Cask explosion: Getting angered enough to the point of throwing one of his many Casks on his person, Gragas fills it up with dark magic and hurls it towards his targets, creating an explosion large enough to knock anything not bolted to the ground five meters away, dealing significant blunt damage.
    Refill: Grags pulls out one of his Casks and takes a giant swig of his home made Moon Shine, powering himself up with it being tainted by dark magic. It refills up his stamina, and increases his physical attack power by double for a short duration (Three posts) 
    Reward: 15,000 Jewels

    Beer, great... Elyx said as he put his head on his head. This job was not going to end well if they went on their own, Elyx and Ignite. Instead they needed someone to help him and her out. there was only one person they could look to to get help out with this. By the end of this, he might just try himself to sleep for actually helping people get drunk and possibly injure themselves while drunk. Then again, bad guys who get drunk are not a good sign either. Sure, they might accidentally kill themselves, but that doesn't mean it's going to be a good thing. Death is never a good thing, no matter how anyone chooses to see it. The irony is, he was a Bounty Hunter, so he had to do this sort of thing. Instead, he actually had a new, cruel, but somewhat merciful ending. Remember what I said Ignite? If I win a fight against anyone, I can either kill them, or I can spare them at the cost of them being my slave. The Violinist explained as he looked to the Phoenix Bird, who smiled in approval. There was some mercy at the end of battles at least, but a price must be paid. And it's not like they will be a slave forever, but they will be slaves to him while he was around. This was a perfect strategy since that will get him a lot of support in those same areas so he would never actually have to go back alone or just with Ignite. Well,, before we focus on anything, we need to get him. Elyx said as the two of them walked to his house quickly. It was still morning, there was plenty of Daylight for them to kill, but he wanted to be done with this by the end of the day. This new system of his was harsh he had to admit... but...  I am a Bounty Hunter. My type is designed for this kind of things. And it makes my life a lot easier as well. Elyx said to himself as the two of them finally got to his friends house. He finally knocked on the doors of his friends with the job request in his hand.
    Okura Jin
    Okura Jin

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    The Watering Hole (Elyx and Jin) Empty Re: The Watering Hole (Elyx and Jin)

    Post by Okura Jin 18th April 2015, 9:31 am

    This time it wasn’t the alarm that woke Jin up or the birds chirping but it was the slimy feeling of being licked. He opened his eyes to find that his newly found friend was already up and hungry, he smiled and patted Kaya’s head. ”Morning Gin” said the cute little saber tooth tiger, she hadn’t learned Jin’s name properly yet. ”Good morning Kaya, up early hmm? You must be hungry. Let me freshen up and I’ll get you something tasty to eat, okay?” he said as he got up and entered the shower. ”Ginny you meany, gimme something to eat first” frowned Kaya as Jin entered the shower. He had already taken off his shirt but he came out half naked, ”alright alright, come along”. Kaya smiled and followed him as he took out some meat and gave it to her, then he went back into the shower. After that, Kaya enjoyed her breakfast and Jin took a shower.

    After taking the shower, he came out dressed in only his casual jeans as the water evaporated from his body. Being a heat mage, he didn’t need a towel, he always just evaporated the water. Kaya was always fascinated by the steam that arose from his body when he did that. Jin then put on his shirt and prepared to leave for the guild’s tavern to prepare breakfast for himself and hopefully for other guild members. Right when he got closer to the door with Kaya following closely behind, there was a knock on the door. ”who..” before he could say it, ”goose there?!” shouted Kaya at the door. ”haha, close enough” remarked Jin as he turned the door knob and opened the door to find Elyx and Ignite.

    ”Hey there, good morning” said Jin with a smile, ”surprise tackles.. gaaah!!!” shouted Kaya as she charged and bit into Jin’s leg. It wasn’t aimed at hurting him, actually it must’ve been originally aimed for Elyx’s leg or Ignites but somehow ended up as Jin’s leg. ”Kaya meet my best friend Elyx and his pet Ignite, be nice now” said Jin as he gently lifted the kitten still playing with his leg. Kaya noticed that she had bit into Jin’s leg and slightly blushing the chibi little saber tooth tiger looked at Elyx and Ignite, smiling just barely.


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