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    Amon's Weapon


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    Completed Amon's Weapon

    Post by Amon on Fri 17 Apr - 3:12

    Name: Rhapsody
    Rank: Weak "Ranks up with the user *Holder*
    Type: Guns
    • Practical use outside of spells
    • Combining forms to suit the users needs
    • Well rounded

    • Basic use is still governed by its rank /Damage/range/Speed
    • Mode change happens only per post
    • some forms can be hindering combat limitations *such as sniping in close quarters*

    Abilities: Sniper mode- Amon combines rhapsody by turning both of the handles up and making it into a small version of a sniper rifle. This adds 15 meters of range to his gun magic spells.

    Shotgun mode- amon combines rhapsody by turning one of the handles up and keeping one of the handles the same before connecting. This increases the power of offensive gun magic spells equivalent to the rank of the weapon

    Pistol mode - Default- Amon's gun magic spells receive a 10 m/s bonus while in pistol mode
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    Completed Re: Amon's Weapon

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on Sat 16 Dec - 19:26


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