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    Thieving Hands | Job | Cleona Collins


    Thieving Hands | Job | Cleona Collins Empty Thieving Hands | Job | Cleona Collins

    Post by Guest on 15th April 2015, 4:02 pm

    Job Details:
    Job:Steal The Famous Fudge Recipe!
    Player Requirements:D or C rank wizards, 1-4 team members, 150 word min per post, 5 post minimum (Dark Mages/Guildless Only)
    Job Requirements:D or C ranked wizard, Dark mage, no moral objection to thieving, recipe card must be intact and the employee must never speak of the job again if either of these terms are breached the contract is null and void, payment cancelled.
    Job Location: Peace Village
    Job Description:Chef William Dorvald would like a wizard to steal his rival's secret fudge recipe while he is away for the week and is willing to pay top dollar for silence on the subject and a speedy delivery.
    Reward: 1,000 jewels on delivery, 1,500 if presented in 5 posts (before the rival gets back).
    An old, wooden carriage with horses almost as worn out arrived at the entrance to Peace Village just as the sun started to rise. The carriage came to a slow stop, leaving tracks in the dirt road as it did, and the driver bid his pint-sized passenger – Cleona Collins – farewell before turning his horses around for a trip back to the city. Cleona searched her surroundings and awed at the peace of village, as if it had never experienced a tragedy in its existence; that is, until now. The stern pixie followed the directions of her contract, letting the flimsy piece of paper act as her silent guide. She did as instructed and turned left on Elven Street, followed it to Oak Road, and then when straight until she came across her client’s house. The house, surrounded by a metal fence and decked out with decorative ornaments, stood out in the otherwise humble neighborhood.

    Chef William Dorvald struck Cleona as a vanity-stricken imbecile. A plethora of cooking trophies filled his house and one could not step around a corner without running into a picture of him with a smug look that just screamed, “Look how beautiful I am!” Resisting the urge to run around the house and tilt the pictures, Cleona rested on a velvet cushion and listened to William’s prattling about the job details and his oh so inferior rival. Under normal circumstances, the pixie would have given someone like him a piece of her mind, but a loud mouth was bad for business… and business was good. Thus, she listened for fifteen minutes, though it felt like an hour, before William released her from his ceaseless talking. The not-so-complex plan consisted of breaking into his rival’s house, finding the coveted fudge recipe, and snatching it for William. Simple enough.

    Cleona followed William’s directions to his rival’s house, taking lefts and rights at lame and cliché street names. On the way there, she had the misfortune to run into a scrawny man, identifying himself as Ralph, claiming to be from neighborhood watch. How intimidating, right? Ralph, for ten minutes, gave Cleona a lecture on why she looked suspicious and gifted her a pamphlet on neighborhood safety; after which, Cleona told him where to shove said pamphlet before disregarding him and moving on with her task. Upon arriving at the rival’s house, Cleona came upon the impression that the rival was probably just as annoying as William – he or she also had a metal fence around the house, complete with a collection of lawn gnomes and flamingos. Unlike William though, the rival had a guard dog rolling around in the front yard, a fact which William neglected to mention to her.

    The one great thing about being a pixie is that one can fly. Thus, Cleona flew over the metal fence as well as the grumpy-looking guard dog before coming to a halt at the front door. Supposing the house’s doors and windows to be locked, the thieving pixie rockets upward toward the rooftop until she reached the top of the stone chimney. Like an evil Santa Clause, Cleona gently glided down the chimney and ended up in the house’s living room. She shouldn’t have been surprised by what she saw – the rival, apparently an aging bald man, had his face strung out all over the walls in various portraits just like William. This time, however, Cleona took the liberty to actually tilt the portraits this time, partly to vent and partly for the giggles. Feeling particularly mischievous that day, she even rummaged the rival’s bedroom for any juicy secrets, though she came up empty handed.

    Eventually, after her fun came to an end, Cleona searched and found the fudge recipe card placed in a cookbook like a bookmark. She took the card and reversed her steps by flying out the chimney, past guard dog, ad over the metal fence. Heading back, she ran into Ralph, the neighborhood watch guy who took his job way too seriously. Ralph asked about the card she was carrying but she simply retorted with the same statement as before by telling him where he should shove the card before continuing back to William’s residence. When she got there, William ecstatically took the recipe card and inspected it, even smelling it. Satisfied with Cleona’s work, he paid her and sent her off so he could have some alone time with his new lover. That poor, poor recipe card.

    The pixie took her jewels and sat at the edge of the village in wait of that rickety, old carriage.

    Cleona Collins
    HP: 100%
    MP: 100%
    WC: 763/750
    PC: 1/1

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