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    Kitteh finds another(private/Kakuma)


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    Kitteh finds another(private/Kakuma) Empty Kitteh finds another(private/Kakuma)

    Post by Kaito 12th April 2015, 10:26 am

    Kitteh walked over to a giant tree the fact was he needed the leaves from a tree a crowd was watching him and one person in it seemed more powerful then the rest this could be a mage and it sure seemed like that was a true statement he could see that if they had to be powerful weather they knew it or not. Kitteh walked up to the person putting out his hand and grinning a light could have been flashing over his eyes.


    Kitteh finds another(private/Kakuma) Kaito_by_ravenart5-d92uwm8

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    Kitteh finds another(private/Kakuma) 29c6l1t

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