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    Breaking and Exiting/ kingray13 - reni knight


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    Breaking and Exiting/ kingray13 - reni knight Empty Breaking and Exiting/ kingray13 - reni knight

    Post by kingray13 5th April 2015, 2:51 pm

    Job: Breaking and Exiting
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements: D-Ranked Wizards

    Job Requirements: Catch the bandits before they make it took the docks and escape with their gigantic sack of Jewels! Minimum of 10 posts! Minimum of 150 words per post Must defeat one batch of bandits.

    Job Location: Hargeon Town

    Job Description: A group of bandits has broken into a Shipping Co. and made away with their entire payment for a whole months work! They seem to have already planned their escape, as a ship is waiting for them at the docks; ready too take off with a moments notice! Throw a hitch in their plans and stop them before they get there! It won't be hard too spot them, follow the trail of jewels if you can't immediately find them, they stuffed their sacks so full that they're leaking Jewels.

    Weak: Clumsy Bandit x 10(These guys are the ones responsible for leaving the trail of Jewels, they use knives and longswords. Not truly skilled at fighting at all; one or two hits will down them.)

    Normal: Quick Bandit x5 (These guys are pretty fast, and even if you catch up too them they won't just hand over the Jewels! They attack 2 times each round! Roll 2 "Block Dice" and fight back! Knock em silly with 3 hits each!)

    Strong: Pirate x4 (These guys are pretty skilled as they've been around the block of the open seas more than once. This isn't their first Rodeo. They'll come whirling at you with curved swords for 3 "Attack Die" every round! Roll 3 "Block Die" and do your best too put them in their place! 5 hits each will do it! Be careful, they're pretty quick and crafty!)

    Boss: N/A

    Reward: 1000 Jewels

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