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    Ashur's Spell Book

    Ashur The Lost

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    Ashur's Spell Book

    Post by Ashur The Lost on 4th April 2015, 2:50 pm

    Name: Book One: Trinity
    Rank: Weak
    Type: Spell book
    Ashur's spell book used as a medium for his holder magic. Contains strange symbols, and pictures nobody can understand except for users of Lost Librarian Magic. It is said this 7 inch long and 5 inches wide book was created by the devil himself. The cover of this book has a skeleton hand grabbing a human hand, and a human hand with no skin grabbing them all. This is in a "Y" shape. The book is a very rich purple as well.

    • Can be used as a medium for Ashur's holder magic.
    • Can't be understood by people who don't use his holder magic.
    • Waterproof due to a spell cast on the book itself.


    • Can be burned by fire.
    • Useless to his allies.
    • Doesn't float, even though it is waterproof.


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