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    The Apprentice with a New Goal (Solo/Job)

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    The Apprentice with a New Goal (Solo/Job) Empty The Apprentice with a New Goal (Solo/Job)

    Post by King Elyx on 31st March 2015, 3:09 pm

    So this was it, the Sky Tower. Ignite flew up to him from behind and chirped happily as the two of them finally made it to their destinations. No one thought it was possible, not even Elyx or Ignite themselves, yet there they were, proving everyone else wrong. The gem, it is said to be able to bring people back to their masters right? Elyx may not have wanted to remember Shadelle, but he knew the Jai Takaro quit two years after Elyx finished his education. Wherever in the word he may be, Elyx was about to find him. There was a few things he wanted to do when he finds his old teacher, for one thing, he wants to make sure that he has a chance to show off his magic. Another thing he wanted to do was talk about the Traveler, Nimpha, and how her medicine or drug caused him to no longer remember most of his magic spells. He was truly grateful for the fact that she did give him piece of mind at last, but he wanted to know why he couldn’t relearn his Lerale magic spells or why he even lost them in the first place. Maybe Mr. Takaro knew the answer. Another reason why Elyx wanted to go to Mr. Takaro was to learn a few more spells as well, or maybe just learn some sort of secret way to learn how to become stronger than the mages of his rank. Mr. Takaro was that sort of teacher, he wanted his students to learn in the best ways and have they become the best over anyone else of their supposed same rank. Sure he maybe not have expected Elyx to actually join a guild, but that was one of the many examples his teacher gave to him as a young boy.

    Mr. Takaro must be a lot older and more experienced than he was back then. So did Elyx as well, and no matter what, no matter how strong he was, the teacher will always be the teacher and the student will always be the student. That was how it goes. And besides, after five years, who is to say Jai didn’t learn anything new? Elyx sadly didn’t learn anything new, in fact, he lost a lot of things he used to remember himself being able to do. It was a sad fact, but it was a true fact.

    Elyx had to now navigate his way towards the gem and make sure he didn’t do anything that would cost him the chance. Supposable nothing was able to remove the gem from its place, then again it was also presumed that there was no way of being able to get this high up either, yet there was a 17 year old boy and aa 3 week old Phoenix both there. That was something everyone else would probably be afraid of as well as embarrassed. It should be the current generation that could do this sort of thing, not the next upcoming generation that everyone believes is corrupted and will end the world as we all know it. Well, that’s life it seems, talking.

    The sight of everything on top of the sky tower was beautiful, the sun reflecting on the towns and guilds were perfect. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t know too many of them, so he didn’t have too many connections for him to say to his friend from that guild that their guild looks great from the Sky Tower. And it was just Fiore to everyone, and to this very day Elyx thought that Fiore was just Fiore as well. When he saw this amazing sight, he no longer saw anything else as beautiful as this land. He no longer saw Fiore as just Fiore, he now saw the true beauty it held, and he now knows why everyone is so desperate to get in these lands.

    Towards the East was Fairy Tails town known as Magnolia, he has heard quite the interesting tales of that place. It was where Nimpha recommended him to go to if he wanted to join a guild. The forest was also located there as well, last time he went there, it was so large and almost maze like. But now it looked so tiny when someone climbs the tower. Now if only he had a camera so he can laugh as he remembered when he used to think that forest was so tall and wide. When Elyx looked even further, he ended up seeing the town of Clover, Clover town. He liked to address towns by their last name first. Like Town of Magnolia.

    He has gone to that town a few times, it was home to Serenity and Hope, two girls desperate to impress their parent, even if it means lying and faking thing to them. Hopefully they were doing well with their lives, but Elyx didn’t want to get involved in that sort of thing anymore anyways. Sure, he would like to visit them every now and then, but he didn’t want to do that job where they had to pretend to be formal and act as if they were dating.

    Then… the lake. Great place except for all the water in it. Elyx always had a fear of water ever since he was seven years old, a drowning incident that happened to him at that age that took a lot of his innocence away and injected a lot of fear into him. The next thing he saw was Inferno Mountains. He never actually took the time to go visit that, mainly because it was too hot. Many people would like to swim after visiting that place, and if he were invited to swim as well, he might just have a heart attack in the end of it. So instead, he would rather avoid the hot volcano since he wouldn’t really be able to cool himself off. Wind in a volcano just becomes hot wind, and that isn’t what one should use when they are in a hot volcano. Instead, he would rather just avoid it altogether. Besides, his chocolate would probably melt in that volcano in a minute, which isn’t too fun since chocolate is messy when melted.

    To the left, there was the guild of Sabertooth. They were a very popular guild, many like them and Elyx couldn’t blame them. They deserved what they got, and they are by far one of the tallest standing guilds. One day, he wants to be strong enough to match them. He met two members from there. There was Riley, she was a strong and proud member of that guild. She stands tall in it, and he expects that she does even better. Their duel was unforgettable, he has never dueled anyone with that much intensity ever in his life. That was the only time they ever saw each other. The other person he saw was rather… unique one could say. The first time he met Kitteh was when Kitteh came out of a tavern, drunk. He tried to fight Elyx drunk and smacked his candy bar out of his hand. The second time they met was in groups of threes, in which he wouldn’t understand why he was travelling with people he didn’t know. They were good people, sure, but Elyx didn’t exactly trust Kittehs point of judgment. He is a grown man though, let him live his life and make his own mistakes, Elyx had enough problems in his life as it is anyways, he shouldn’t bother himself by getting into other problems with other people.

    There were mountains as well, which he didn’t really mind too much. They just tend to block his wind flow sometimes, and he didn’t really appreciate that when it comes to actually being able to fight battles. He never went there before, but he needed either a calm and peaceful environment for him to fight in, or a devastatingly rough windy environment. Sometimes both can actually increase his power. He heavily relied on others to increase his magic power though, for example there was Myra, who has the ability to summon speakers. There, he can place Wind Lerale music louder and increase his magic power as well, and his magic power was devastating enough as it is with his almost perfect combo. His attacks and defenses are designed to work together as a group as he isn’t forced to run out of option. The cool downs are even a part of his plans as well, being used to reverse each other so they don’t run out, eventually they do, but the opponents would be weary by that time while Elyx is still up and running for a fight.

    He then noticed that he was taking up too much time with the sightseeing, he was standing for almost ten minutes straight. Heights weren’t exactly his thing either, which was probably not a good thing since he was on top of a place known as the Sky Tower. He promised himself that when he comes back, he will be able to continue watching the town of Fiore. They were going to be the first things he saw when he returned anyways, so why not just look for the gem and continue on?

    'Learn with one's master once more'. That doesn’t really have much meaning to what it would do when one removes it. And that’s if one is supposed to remove it. What if someone just grabbed the gem and accidentally dropped it. What would happen then? Would it shatter when it hits the ground and kids end up playing and hurting themselves with the shards? That would be such a huge disappointment. Nowhere near happily ever after in Elyxs book. Elyxs love life is dedicating himself to becoming stronger and stronger every day. No matter what the cost is or however hard it may be, it must be done. For Adrelissa.

    To learn with one’s master. Well, he could imagine a version of Mr. Takaro standing in front of Elyx, but the real one? Is that even possible? Does this gem just track everyone’s abilities and apprentices as well as their masters? Elyx taught the kids at Shadelle a few magic tricks, if they ever found this gem, would they be able to summon him from wherever and have the train them? Now, that would be funny, and a little rude, but probably impossible if they keep; themselves in Shadelle, in which they won’t even get a chance to try to reach the top of the tower. The dungeon was quite a challenge though, it was mainly dark, and the funny thing is, that he couldn’t remember anything that happened in that tower.

    The tip of the tower has been reached, and inside it was a small concealed room. Hopefully this would be the final task before he actually got to remove or try to remove the gem. Hopefully he would be able to remove it due to the fact that he was the person who got up this tower first. Inside the room was golden, sky high, the sky was blue and this was golden, making it shine out above the rest. And there it was, the treasure that everyone so wanted so much. It was right there in front of his eyes, and all he had to do was go up to it and reach it.

    Here it is Ignite, the gem that will allow us to go back in time, once we grab this, we will be famous! Elyx explained as he put his hands in the air with excitement before he reached his hand out towards the gem, ready to have it in his grasp. Nimpha would be so jealous of this, if only she were here right now or they had some sort of easy communication method that allows him to brag about what he is doing with his life. He would call it the Cell Phone.

    After that, he gripped the gem with no hesitation, whatsoever. And suddenly, he felt like he was going to faint, his head was hurting so very badly that he put both hands on his face and fell back. This sudden pain… why? All of a sudden, the pain went away from his head and actually made him tired. Tired as in he wants to go to sleep on anything, including this rough gold floor his back was on right now. He tried his best to keep his eyes open, but the magic from the gem were prying them closed, and his magic would only be able to use if he actually was able to play his Violin. This was like a worse version of Chicories Keeps negative aftereffect, in which Elyx may be forced to sleep, but he also has the chance to keep fighting. This sort of sleeping was just impossible to break out of. Elyx had a terrible feeling that he did something wrong.

    It was a few hours later, but Elyx finally woke up in… in… a field? A field! And there was the smell of smoke near him, was there a forest fire going on near him? If that’s the case, he should probably start running. He stood up from the ground, but then stopped to see that the smoke was coming from a familiar looking man. It was him, the Gem gave him his wish to see him again. It didn’t even matter if he was fake or not, he was sitting by the camp fire and smiled as Elyx woke up from his slumber.

    It had been a very long time my student. When I found you lying there, I knew I had to save you. The wolf might have killed you if I had come a little later than I did. Elyx… right? You have grown up so much since the last time I saw you! Five years make such a huge difference, I always knew you would have such a bright future, but your looks must also bring in the ladies.

    Elyx laughed at the good joke. No, he wouldn’t like to say that he got anybody at all with his looks. It makes him feel uncomfortable and made him rather nervous as well. That is why seventeen is such a perfect age for him. Anyone of the age eighteen or older, he can say that it is against the law for them to try anything with him and that he wouldn’t mind going to the counsel to tell on them. Anyone younger than him tends to be too young as well. For one thing, Elyx wanted to keep his life inside the borders of Black Rose and that guild alone. The closest to that was way too young for him, and there were two of them. Seventeen was perfect for him since that means he was a hard man to get, and on top of that, someone would have to like him as well. With all these requirements, he might as well continue being happy that he was single, and he most certainly was.

    Mr. Takaro recognized Elyx after all. It felt so great to be remembered by the teacher he never saw for a long long time. He could just run up to him and talk all day, but he knew what kind of teacher Mr. Takaro was. And there was one way to speak to him, the most effective way to speak to him. And that would be through battle. Now that he thought about it, he couldn’t remember any wounds on his body, and nothing seemed to ache either. And… where is Ignite? Elyx could have sworn she was with him. Wait… the Gem was touched by him, and possibly not by her. Even if it was touched by her, she had no mentor or a master. Elyx might be considered one, but he touched the gem, and it would only be private moment with his mentor, no one else allowed. He hoped Ignite was doing all right wherever she was, it must be lonely over there, but she was in a room in the Sky Tower, so hopefully not scary for her. No one would intrude and she had a whole room to herself. Plus, she can entertain herself with the gem as well, observe and in her case be able to touch it due to the fact that it won’t do anything to her. Now he wondered if that gem can even be lifted at all. For one thing, it seems anyone taught anything would be shot towards their master/mentor.

    I don’t like to think of myself like that. But anyways Mr. Takaro, how about you? You look so much more experienced and… in all honesty a lot scarier when it comes to fights. But I think we both know why you kept me in good care, it was the way you have always trained me. I don’t expect you to hold back on me, so I won’t hold back on you when we fight. But right now, let’s just put that fire out. And while we fight, let’s talk, all right?

    Elyx wanted to know about Mr. Takaro and his life a little bit, maybe he could learn a lot more than he already did. To become so strong and look so healthy, and his instrument was even a guitar! An electric guitar that doesn’t even need to be plugged into anything! Meanwhile, Elyx had to wait before he could get his own Electric Violin. Those enhance the powers of Violin Lerale users anyways, so why not bring his limits and push them even higher up than before?

    That’s my boy Elyx. But don’t you dare call me Mr. Takaro anymore. I’m not a school teacher, I’m just a mentor to you. Call me Jai. If you remember, that is my first name, you better remember it, and I don’t want to give you a bruise to remember the name of the one who will defeat you in this fight.

    Elyx braced himself as he was ready to spring. Back when they were kids, Jai always had him and Adrelissa and the other kids wrestle with their bare hands only. This increased physically ability like speed and power, awareness is mentally increased as well. He hated being pinned to the ground, so he made sure to train on his own to enhance his awareness and speed. No one would be able to catch him, and they were such easy victories to him. Nowadays, he would just prepare himself whenever he would have to face them again, they used to be no joke to joke, but now they might be no joke again. And the next time they are wrestling, it might be to the death.

    Jai ran towards Elyx first and aimed a high buzz saw kick to Elyxs left cheekbone, this being able to knock many people out, but it is very easy to expect. Elyx dodged the attack by ducking, only to notice that Jai stopped mid-kick. He dropped his leg onto his students head, but the Violinist rolled to the side and stood back up. He aimed a right hook to the nose of Jai, but Jai arched his back behind him to the right arm would just barely miss his nose. Jai grabbed Elyxs arm and twisted it one time before attempting to leg sweep his student. However, that student flipped frontwards over the leg to dodge to attack and loosen his arm. Before Jai could try anything else, Elyx gripped the arm of Jai and spun his around. Instead of the leg sweep, Elyx attempted to spin the arm again and let go so the teacher would end up tumbling forward. The teacher resisted though and stopped the students plan by using his other hand to push the student back and knock a lot of wind out of the student. Elyx leaned forward and clutched his stomach for a second, hoping to recover within that second, but Jai put his student in a full nelson lock and held Elyx there for a few seconds before he let go. The teacher beat the student on this one.

    You have gotten so much better than I have expected you to be. I honestly didn’t expect you to see my leg sweep arm lock, but you not only dodged it and recovered at the same time, but you actually countered it. You need to be aware of all the body parts of your opponent, just because you have  covered one of their body parts doesn’t mean they aren’t able to use the others. The lock I did made sure you were able to do nothing at all, I made sure to cover up all of your body parts so you weren’t able to move. Now, don’t you dare think I am done! We are going to be doing this training for a whole day!

    Elyx prepared himself as he was ready to give this another shot, this second time should be able to work if that was his only flaw. Jai charged at him again, the same buzz saw kick to the face was attempted. This time the student caught the leg mid-air. He was about to throw the leg around and tackle Jai down, but Jai jumped into the air with his other leg and attempted a back heel kick to Elyxs right cheek. Elyx ducked under the attack and Jai landed on the same foot he used to attack with that leg he just used. The teacher jumped again unexpectedly and hit Elyxs left cheek. The student was knocked to the ground, but not down yet, there was still no pin or lock. He spun with his leg out as if break dancing, but that was a recovering leg sweep he just did right there. That leg sweep was able to trip those around the user of this move, but the teacher saw it coming and jumped onto Elyxs leg, stopping him from continuing. The student couldn’t move at this point for a few seconds, and the teacher had this battle once again.

    You need to make sure your opponents movements come with a pattern. For example, being my student, did you seriously think I would expect you not to dodge my first attack? What I did was called a Mule kick, which is designed to just about give leverage to the user with the heavy usage of the element of surprise. The attack is it so quick, so sudden, not many people know what to do when they get struck by its amazing power. As for recovering, don’t keep trying to attack, you leave yourself open to this many openings. With this lock, if you try to move too much you might end up losing a leg. Good thing you didn’t go any further, at least you know when to stop. All right, let’s continue on with this.

    Elyxs leg was then let free and he rolled back up onto his feet. Not trying to attack, he understood what that meant. Use things for what they are designed to do, don’t use recoveries as an attack, don’t use defense as an attack, and vice versa. Instead, he must focus on using them for what they were supposed to do, attacking must attack, defending must defend, and recover must recover. This was sort of like a rock, paper, and scissors game when he thought about it. Now, for recovery, instead of trying to use a recovery leg sweep, maybe he could just roll back up to his feet. He needs to watch out in where he rolls though, it would be stupid to roll right into a trap set up by the enemy.

    Jai ran at Elyx again, the same buzz saw kick technique. This time Elyx leg seeped Jai with the other foot that he was standing on, and he actually struck his teacher. His teacher landed on his hands and flipped back up onto his feet. Elyx quickly took the chance at struck at Jay’s stomach, the teacher stumbling back before the student jumped and attempted to Buzz saw kick his teacher. His attack was ducked under and a punch was headed his way, Elyx only could jump back to avoid that attack. He then leapt at his teacher and aimed a punch towards the teacher, who caught Elyxs fist, but it took a lot of force to do that. Jai then kicked the arm he caught, successful since it was also being held. Elyx pulled on his arm to drag Jai towards him, then buzz saw kicked his teacher at the last moment before anything the teacher could see could be done about. The buzz saw kick was so effective when it worked, and Jai lying down after taking one was the proof of that.

    I win Jai! Elyx exclaimed happily as he pulled up Jai to his feet and smiled innocently. Third times a charm it seemed, and Elyx was glad it was that way instead of many other ways it could have ended. Jai rubbed his head and moaned a little before smiling and looking to his student. Sheesh, Elyx. What do you kick? The heads of dragon? You are most certainly my student, I am proud to consider you as a product of my teachings. I just wish everyone in Shadelle could see you now.

    Elyx tilted his head when he heard that statement if they saw him right now, they would probably try to kill him and make sure they taunt him as he dies. Once one betrays the guild, they have no place in the tribe ever again. You leave and don’t come back, no vacations unless you needed to do that so you could go do a job. It was like prison with more boundaries, but that’s all. Extended boundaries. And their prisons, no one wants to talk about what happens there if Shadelle was a prison already. It is guaranteed death to those who end up in what they call “prison”, which is supposed to be a safeguard to punish criminals, but doesn’t anyone ever find it odd that no one ever comes out of the prison? Elyx could figure out the reason for that, but he would rather not talk about it, or talk about Shadelle for that matter.

    It was day two, Elyx was resting in his tent, refusing to get up so early. The sunlight still shined anyways, so he had to turn himself around so he could try to continue sleeping, but Jai then started to talk to him. Can’t he just sleep in peace for once!? Even with the Gems power he couldn’t get enough sleep, and it knocked him out cold! What he would do to not live in a world full of negative irony. Well, now that he can’t go back to sleep, he might as well talk to his teacher.

    Morning Elyx. This is our resting day, we will just be talking about ourselves and what we have been doing for the past five years when we have been separated. I expect you have a lot to tell me right? How is everything going in Shadelle and what not? But first, what would you like to know about me if there is anything? Anything at all?

    Elyx put his arm over his eyes, giving him darkness so when wouldn’t have to burn them with the sunlight. Then he flipped himself over, he was still barely dressed, wearing an undershirt and a long pair of dark blue pajama pants with light blue strikes crossing him. But, he still didn’t want to give up this chance, ever since he was twelve years old, he wondered where his teacher would be, and there he was right in front of him. The least he could do was open his eyes, yet he refused to. Maybe Elyx was a little bit too spoiled in his life, he didn’t deserve what he had, yet he still had them anyways. The least he could do was be grateful, but it wasn’t like he completely shut them down either. In fact, he as willing to talk, so that was a good thing.

    Hey there Jai. I actually did have a question for you. I wanted to know the origin of Lerale, apparently you are supposed to learn it at the age of 18 and my birthday is literally a month away. As in… thirty days away. I want to know the story of Lerales and why they have their own magic. Who made them? Why do they need instruments to carry out their special type of magic? Is Shadelle the only tribe with them? Basically, I want to know everything there is to know about it. Every single detail.

    Elyx waited for the response, which was still being processed through Jays mind. It would be illegal for a minor to know the story of a Lerale, but they don’t know this due to the fact that neither of them go to the guild anymore, so it’s not like anyone in the guild is actually going to catch them talk about the origin of Lerale magic. It was always a mystery to him, such difficult and powerful magic being invested in even tweens and sometimes children if they have proven themselves to be extremely smart.

    After a few minutes to think, Jai breathed out and decided to tell Elyx the story. All right, if you seriously aren’t in the tribe anymore, I guess it would be safe to tell you, I just don’t want you to go running around and talking about it… All right. The story of Lerale is a story of three men, Japheth, Lian, and Tyr. They all were brothers, Japheth being the most known and loved brother amongst the people, Lian being the smartest and wisest of the three, and Tyr to be the most caring and loving of them all. They were so bright and young, it was a miracle that they ended up killing each other.

    Killing each other… but them all had each other’s traits, they could be an amazing team! They would have been able to sweep nations and possibly wipe out guilds faster than they could even see it happen! But then… what did happen to the three. They were brother, most known, most knowing, and the most loving. They must have more traits then that. Elyx figured out only one, and it wasn’t a guaranteed fact. Maybe Japheth was most known since he was the strongest of the three. Either that or he was a ladies man. No… he would’ve mentioned either of those two if that were the case. Well, maybe not the ladies’ man thing, but that would probably make him hated by most men, and Jai didn’t say anything about that.

    Killed each other… but… why would they do that? They sound like the ultimate team, they could wipe out entire nations if they all become that strong and work together. So why didn’t they?

    Though they were brothers, they always were competitive, no matter what. Eating, playing, and even fighting to the point in which they hurt each other on purpose. Everyone around them thought it was normal sibling things, but it was much worse than that. Nowhere near close to just a few siblings fighting for something or some things. They kept fighting… and fighting… and fighting for so unbelievably long. It was just something they did. Grades at school, running, doing chores, gambling, making bets, truth or dare, they all had their own territories. When they became rank SS mages, they all wanted to be the ace of the tribe. They all had one way of settling the biggest scores. Music. They all used music to fight, having the crowd choose who they liked best. Japhet earned his charisma through those music battles, but it was Tyr who won… he become the Ace of the tribe and a rank H mage.

    And so what then happened after that? I mean, if it was just Tyr becoming the H rank ace mage, what happened to the other two mages? I can expect they didn’t accept this lying down did they, maybe a rematch or something?

    There was a silence from Jai, the next part obviously not going to be pretty. Elyx should best brace himself for whatever was coming next, because this silence told him it wasn’t going to be a pleasant ride from this way down. It was still the truth he seeked, and no matter how bad it was, he will do anything to listen to it. All he ever wanted in his life was to live life with full knowledge on who he is and what he uses. Lerale magic was both of those things, it was a part of him since that is what Elyx felt music was to him, a part of him, guiding him through life and protecting him every step of the way. Music kept him from going insane and lashing out on everyone he saw when Adrelissa ended up in the worst of positions, and that left him in the worst of all cases ever. Then there was Classical Reflections, telling him everything would be ok and that sometimes things just happen, but not everything has to be bad if you choose to make things great. Adrelissa always did that to minimize her problems and it worked out for her, and ever since Elyx did that, his problems have been lowered as well. It was a lot better to be bright, even when things weren’t as bright.

    From there, Lian tried to kill… kill his brothers. Not just Tyr, but both of them. He started swearing and hissing about being the lowest brother, despite him being the smartest and having the most recognizable grades, I kind of envied his teachers for being able to have him as a student. Yet the teachers who did notice him, he never noticed them. The irony is all I would be able to say, what else one can say if they saw or heard things like that. Lian was able to kill one of his brothers, Japhet, by using what was considered illegal magic back then known as Zeax magic. Try ended up fighting for his life against his brother using his instrument since that was what got him to the highest of rankings. To avenge his brother and defend the tribe from the most that his brother became, he used his instrument to cast spells, and he was much strong than Lian and killed his smarter brother. There was no contest in the beginning. This is all that is currently known about the history of Lerale magic, but there is a lot more to it that just has not been uncovered.

    Elyx chose not to continue pressing for information, he felt like the information he was given was more than enough, and in all honesty, he could have continued living life without the extra information. He himself was no scientist, this job wasn’t for him, somebody else can discover what made Lerales… well… Lerales. He instead decided to wake up, but then Jai interrupted him from doing so as he continued.

    It’s time to sleep Elyx. Night time just hit, and you have another long day of training tomorrow. Jai said as he left with soft footsteps as Elyx was left to be confused. When he lifted his arm away from his face, darkness was still there. It was… Night time? How so? That shouldn’t be possible since Elyx just woke up… how did time move itself so fast? And what about hunger or using the bathroom? Is this some sort of aftereffect of the Gem? This is nowhere near normal, but what he could do except go along with it, he was here with his teacher.

    Elyx woke up the next day, and instead of trying to sleep in, he made sure he didn’t even dare wink a bit more sleep in as he rolled up onto his feet. And guess who was standing right there, waiting for him to wake up. Jai was waiting for him how long again? He could have just kicked his student until that student woke up, so at least they didn’t have to waste their own time just letting Elyx sleep. Apparently he didn’t need to eat, drink, and use the bathroom, so why would he even need sleep? It wasn’t even sleep anymore? He could have sworn that at the exact moment he went to sleep, he woke up.

    Come on, we need to train Jai. I get it, just let me at least stand up onto my feet and we will begin to battle.

    Elyx rolled onto his feet, his body not even tired. Days travel by quickly anyways, what is supposed to be 24 hours to them is something Elyx had no idea how do adapt to. And he personally would appreciate it if he could at least eat a chocolate bar. The chocolate, it was distant to him wherever the sky tower was located. And ignite, despite the fact that in real time Elyx has been gone for maybe an hour, he was beginning to miss her. As if he were distant for a long time. Maybe the gem speeds up the emotions of anyone who is taken away by it. Well this feeling hurts, as if it never wanted to be feeling this way in the first place. Wherever Ignite was, he had hoped that she was alright at the sky tower and that she wasn’t lonely.

    The two of them met face to face against each other, ready to start combat off. First, Elyx rolled to the side for no reason, starting things off unexpectedly. Jai saw this though and didn’t even plan to go defensive, instead he kicked Elyx and caused him to roll along the grass as he took a heavy hit to the hip. He rolled along the fields and quickly stood back up onto his feet again. The student ran towards Jai with his full amount of speed and swung a right fist to Jais cheek, but Jai saw the attack quicker than it could come and moved his body to the side. He aimed a left punch to Elyxs face and landed a successful hit, knocking Elyx to the ground. The student rolled back up onto his feet, but the teacher struck the students face again, and Elyx was as good as gone for that battle.

    Elyx, I am sorry. But that was reckless, there were so many mistake with that attempt, I couldn’t even believe it. Try again, you need to do what you did two days ago. If I let you go off fighting like that, I would never ever forgive myself. I am ordering you stand up and fight me again.

    Elyx quickly rolled back up onto his feet and put his fists back up into the air, ready to continue this training. It was intense since normally he would work together with the other kids to take Jai down. But now he was alone, he had to rely on his own strength on this one. No holding back, no relying on the other students that were not there anymore. The student was ready to continue fighting, the first time he tried was sloppy and he wasn’t afraid to admit that he did screw up. But now he was also willing to say that he was ready to kick his teacher’s ass. He jumped forward and aimed a punch to the stomach of his teacher. Jai stepped to the side and tried to kick Elyx, but Elyx rolled in recovery. He felt his teacher ready to strike him from behind, so instead of waiting, he continued to run forward to avoid whatever the next blow was going to be. He then rolled back when the teacher least expected it. When he got up, the teacher was just getting to turn around, and Elyx aimed a high spin kick to the cheek of his teacher, but Jai somehow managed to duck the attack. Now it was the student who had to watch his back. The teacher aimed a blow to the back of his students head, but Elyx ducked and spun his right leg around to carry out a leg sweep. His teacher jumped into the air to avoid the attack, but that was when Elyx sprung at his teacher with a right punch to the stomach, and this time, there was no counter.

    Gotcha! Elyx exclaimed as the two of them hit the ground, both of them still standing, and Elyx continuing the combo. He punched the stomach of his teacher again before he quickly kneed it after that. His teacher held his stomach and his face leaned forward. The student back handed his teachers head so hand to the ground that his teacher’s body bounced off of the ground and bounced up into the air. Elyx jumped into the air and kicked his teacher away from him a huge distance away. It seems Elyx won that battle.

    Day four. It was time for them to talk again. All right, about what this time? It seems that Elyx was the only one with a question so far. His teacher knew why he was able to tell Elyx bout the history of Shadelle, it took a lot of effort to continue on after it happened. The way he remembered it was still a little foggy since it was Nimpha who helped him forget much about it. The most he could remember wasn’t too much. He went to the cemetery out of curiosity of why his mother would hide it from him. He searched the tombstones, nothing out of the ordinary, but that means he didn't look hard enough. Until two tombstones struck him as odd. One said Silico Reiaki, father of Elyx Reiaki, body found before Elyx was even born. This fueled a little bit of anger, but the next tombstone struck his feelings to the point in which he snapped. It read, Tiara Reiaki, died on the day Elyx was born... then who was the faker that claimed to be his mother this whole time. A few tears rolled down his eyes before his face became red with anger. This anger was something he never thought he would feel, but there it was, ready to consume him. One night, he was heard by a Treasure Hunter, who seemed to be passing by. She didn't seem to be attacking him, so he decided to talk to her. She looked only a few years older than him, only about... 23-26 years old. Yet, the way the two of them conversed was like a mother to a son kind of conversation, eventually Elyx spilling out his story of why he was so sad. The next event is blurry, nothing truly confirmed after that until it is showing the treasure hunter giving her name and Elyx specifically "Thank you Nimpha, I owe you forever."

    Well, it seemed that Elyx was ready to talk to his teacher about his history, but he has to ask first, and though it may be one-sided, he had nothing else to rely on anyways. Elyx is willing to tell his teacher what he believed happened, he doesn’t need anything or anyone else to tell his side of the story. Now it wasn’t just that, he had to explain where he went, if he wanted to know where his teacher went.

    His teacher was waiting for him to wake up, and now Elyx wasn’t surprised to see her anymore. He truly was spoiled to have this ability to relearn but never actually get a chance to fight alongside him. Still, he should be grateful to see him again, it’s not like the effect of the gem will last forever, there were still more days with Jai Takaro, sure, but that doesn’t mean they won’t pass by quickly. It was liken his education with Jai in the past, he never thought his classes or studies would end either, but here was 17 year old Elyx with all of them memorized and heavily used. Speaking of which, why don’t they get to use their magic in this world? Elyx has tried a few times to summon his Violin, but it seems he has no way of summoning it to wherever the gem sent him. Also, where did the gem send him? Despite the campfire wood which Elyx would have no idea where Jai got that from, and despite the camp where Elyx also had no idea where that came from, he ended up being in what seemed like the middle of nowhere, except it wasn’t. No matter how hard he denied it, there was something about this place that seemed familiar.

    Hey Elyx… I know it’s my turn to ask questions and all. But… I would actually like to explain to you a few things. There were reasons for why I left the tribe. Our tribe master… Ark… he is a bad man. It took me a while to learn this, but he is up to no good for you at all. He was targeting you for destruction when you were going to turn twelve, a poison would be injected into your body while you were sleeping. It was his order to do this. He wanted the injection to be done with a needle. This poison makes you sleep until the medicine to treat it has been cured. But, it also gave magic energy to whoever the developer of the poison was. It took him a while, but he had to lie to the public about the project, Armada Ark. He was learning a poison just for you Elyx. Ever since you were born, and way before then. He wanted the Reiaki blood, the Reiakis were a very powerful family back in the days.

    What did he want with me Jai… what did he want with my magic so badly that he was willing to drug me and put me into what sounds like an eternal damn sleep! Why did he wanted to do anything like that to a boy! When I was twelve, I was just about to become a teenager! Why couldn’t he understand that!?

    Ark was a greedy man for power, and the blood you have in you is much stronger the blood of any other Lerale user. Tyr, he passed on his strength… to the Reiakis after his met a young lady. The connections between your parent that young lady were too similar, there was no way anyone could call it a coincidence.

    Elyx shed a tear on his right side, he gripped the pillow as hard as he could. Ever since he was a child, he was going to have his magic stolen. Why… why did the world have to be so greedy? They just wanted to use him… for their own benefit. There was no way he could help it! He was as blood and flesh as everyone else in the tribe was, he didn’t ask to have the Reiaki blood! In fact, now he didn’t want it He just wished everything could be normal rather than this garbage happening to him over and over again.

    But you, Elyx. You had my interest, so much about you interested me. The way you behaved was a lot more mature than kids your age. It was funny to me really, and whenever you smiled around that girl Adrelissa, it made me smile. You never were a kid who was alone, I wanted to be more than just your teacher, and I wanted to also be your friend. One who was willing to look out for you and care for you? I couldn’t do that task I was brought up to do, so I ran away with the poison they spent so much time and money to make. While you were sleeping, I injected a heavy amount of medicine into your body so you wouldn’t be drugged by someone else. The fact that you have so much power and that you aren’t asleep for the rest of your life is because of the medicine running through your veins.

    Elyx looked up at Jai again, and none of what he was saying was a cruel joke or a prank or anything sarcastic. He was being completely serious with Elyx all the way, nothing pulling on his strings or anything. Elyxs heart strings were being plucked delicately by his teacher. He was a good man, and he seemed to have regret with not being able to tell the student this before, but he ran away. Elyx ran away as well, the guild was breaking them down and neither of them wanted to go anymore. They had their separate reasons, sure, it was the fact that his “mother” lied to him the whole time and kept him from the truth that really messed Elyx up in the head. He would end up crying himself to sleep every damn night because of her and her lies. That… and Adrelissa.

    Elyx… I saw what happened to Adrelissa… I mean. I know how she ended up in the end… and I am so sorry that you had to go through that. You cared so much for her and she cared so much for you too. I really thought that something would become of you two in the future. It was obvious to everyone… if you know what I mean.


    All questions here por favor

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    The Apprentice with a New Goal (Solo/Job) Empty Re: The Apprentice with a New Goal (Solo/Job)

    Post by King Elyx on 31st March 2015, 3:09 pm

    Jai laughed a little bit, but Elyx couldn’t help himself when it came to that joke. It was really not nice to him and Adrelissa, but he knew that she would laugh too. If they were together, they would start denying it and yelling “You really are stupid you Baka baka baka!” But, Elyx couldn’t help himself but force out a little Snicker of amusement. The joke got funnier as time progressed, and soon the two of them began to laugh. It was nice to be able to laugh so hard again, and with someone he truly cared about. Not more than anyone else in his life of course, that was Adrelissa and Ignite, but he truly took a place in Elyxs life as well.

    Hey, we all know that I wouldn’t be the only one to go for it. Maybe when we would both be legal it would happen. I am not going to end up on some show and yell, “I’m not the father!” at the age of 16. And then some guy would yell, “YOU ARE THE FATHER!”

    The both of them were laughing even harder at that point. It was funny how that worked, they were both looking a lot older, but in reality, they were both acting like young inappropriate teenagers. It was funny for them, but they were spending quality time with each other.

    Hey dude! We are twelve years old and we are about to be thirteen! We are going to have so much fun partying and drinking and getting all the girls in the club. You done with your coloring homework so we can go to the club! Dude, I told you that you would have to pay for it, I only have five cents!

    No! No! I don’t want chocolate milk! Those are for little kids! Wait! Wait! Stop it! Mom! Just let me play for five more! Wait, what you mean no games for a month!? Stop it! No! I won’t do it! I’m going to run way!

    The two of them were no longer in the sad mood they were in before, but they were laughing so hard they could have sworn that tears were going to burst out of their eyes. It was such a beautiful moment for the two of them, the mentor and the apprentice. The night’s sleep after that was nice, and if slowly felt like the sleep was beginning to extend. Reality was slowly drawing in on the both of them again. They need to spend as much time as they could. Tomorrow was going to be another training day.

    Elyx and Jai were dancing with their fists and feet. He was starting to understand the attack patterns of Jai and he was able to match them quickly, a few hits and difference in power was still showing, but that was due to experience. Elyx felt like he was becoming as strong as his own teacher, there was almost no denying it. And he felt like he could just feel the wind flow long with his movement, even without the Magic of Lerales, it was like his magic was just flowing through each of his punches and kicks, enhancing their speed and power tremendously!

    Wow! I can’t believe it! Are you holding back on me! Please say you are, this isn’t actually happening. I’m winning! On my first shot as well?

    Oh shut up! Stop getting cocky, I’ll truly beat you in the end no matter what my student. I am the teacher after all, the stronger teaches the weakest, that’s how it goes. Just give me an opening at any time and I will end this fight quickly!

    Elyx limboed under his teachers arm as it tried to knock him down via the target being the neck, making the whole body fall if it were to hit. However, Elyx say it coming from a mile away, and the Wind Lerale boost ability didn’t even have to help him out with that. He attempted to punch his teacher’s right cheek, but he neatly dodged the attack and gripped Elyxs arm. The student jumped onto the teachers arm and flipped into the air gracefully and his arm was freed. He spun in the air to strike an aerial attack, but his teacher jumped back and the student’s fist hit the rough ground. Jai took the chance to leap at his student, but Elyx suddenly backflip kicked his teachers fist, and the two impacts caused them both to stumble back. The student was the first to recover and leapt at his teacher, aiming a punch to the stomach. The teacher caught his fist mid-air and kicked Elyx back, sending him rolling.

    See…? I... I… I did it. I am not even… Breaking… a Sweat… you are still my… apprentice.

    Too bad for him, Elyx was able to navigate his way behind his enemy rather quickly, and he was too tired to even notice that the student was right behind him and ready to pounce him from behind the teachers back. He wasn’t even tired. Elyx then jumped onto his teacher from behind and knocked him down with the two of them rolling in a match that will have one of them losing. There was no escape now for Jai. The student continued rolling until finally Jai couldn’t resist and Elyx gripped his teacher’s throat gently but firmly to know that Elyx won.

    It seems I win this one Jai. The apprentice has now won, can we call it a day? This is rather boring if I end up fighting my teacher while he is tired. Just say we are done and we don’t have to continue. I think we are done here. What about you? What do you think?

    The next day was feeling a lot more like the world on the outside than in here. It actually felt like he had a few hours of sleep, and his vision tended to blur from time to time. He could have sworn that he feels the presences of Ignite again, but that he felt was his imagination. The real world was calling him over, this was the fifth and probably the final day of the Gems usage. This was the final chance to hang out with his master, and he didn’t know this. All Elyx knew was that he didn’t have much time left, and he wanted to make sure to hang out with his master using the most amount of time he could. This time, Elyx and Jai Takaro were talking in the tent, not exactly able to confirm who woke up first, but that didn’t matter right now.

    Hey Elyx, if you wouldn’t mind, I want to seriously know about that girl you were hanging out with. Did you two actually date? And if you did, can you tell me how she was like as a person? I only was able to figure her out as a student, grades can only tell me so much you know.

    Elyx tilted his head, normally he wouldn’t like to talk so seriously about Adrelissa, but this was his chance to let go of his feelings, and he is going to bond with his mentor by doing this. He took in a deep breath before doing this, clearly this being a hard topic to talk about, then he breathed out calmly and made sure to be careful with his words.

    She was a very very very sweet person. Like, you wouldn’t be able to imagine how sweet she was. Always had a love for chocolate… heh… she would always carry a chocolate bar and that derpy yet cute little smile on her face. She loved to laugh, and she had a passion for using music as entertainment rather than using it as a weapon, which made all the others worry about her. I actually liked her a lot for a long time, and when I was 14, I actually confessed how I felt about her. She and I dated for a year before… well… everything fell apart. I just can’t let her go so easily though. She left a mark on me and I feel it is my responsibility to keep her alive in my heart until one day I see her again.

    What!? Elyx… tell me… for the past few years… have you ever been interested in a girl, you know, one who isn’t here with us? You should have at least one girl you are chasing right?

    Why would I need anyone else? I want Adrelissa, to make her happy. I will do anything for her… even if she isn’t with us at this very moment. I will make sure to make whoever did what they did to her pay for their manslaughter… they will never be able to do something like that ever again,.

    After that, there was a small, yet very painful silence that filled the air for a few moments. In those moments, Elyx was letting the question that Jai asked sink in. What was he trying to get to with those questions? Does he have some sort of point with asking those questions? Is he saying that what Elyx was doing was wrong…? In what way is he wrong, he is fighting for the girl he loves, what sort of problem would that be?

    Jai put his hand on Elyxs shoulder and looked him directly in the eye. There was only all seriousness in the eyes of his mentor, this he needed to brace himself for if it was something bad. It was that sort of stare that could just burn through souls if you aren’t careful after someone looks you in the eyes with it.

    Elyx… you say you want to make her happy right? Even while she was dead? Well… tell me. Do you think she would be happy to feel that she is the reason why your hate for people exists? And do you think she would be happy to know that you are blocking your happiness for hers. I have seen her work on group projects with others, and one thing she was able to do was keep a team happy. She didn’t want to make anyone mad, she loved for everyone and herself to be happy. Imagine what she would be feeling if she found out her lover is angry just for her death.

    What do you mean!? I’m happy doing this for her! Her death can’t go in vain! I will do anything for her, and even if she already said her last dying words, I will make sure her wish is never broken and I will stomp on anyone and anything that gets in my way… Whoa…

    Elyx then began to realize how he was speaking, and none of the words he was saying was anywhere near positive. All he wanted to do was act like Adrelissa, spread love with his happiness and make sure nothing else would happen to those he loved so dearly. Yet there he was spitting out threats and words of revenge and hate to those he can’t even confirm to be her killers. Was he losing his mind over this? Still, Elyx was still in denial, but part of his resistance was broken, Jai needed to go deeper.

    No… what are you talking about!? I am doing the right thing, I love this. This is what
    I live for, Adrelissa and only her… anybody else… If they stop me, I will end them. I can’t let anything happen to her.

    No one can do anything to her Elyx… no one can hurt her, no matter how hard they tried to hurt her, they won’t be able to hurt her. But… her death is hurting you, Elyx, you are turning Yandere for a person who is dead Elyx. And if she were there to talk to you… she would tell you that you are locking your heart for someone who isn’t there anymore. She will always be there for you Elyx… but if you want to be there for her, make sure you’re happy, because I am sure she wants you to be happy.

    Elyx never thought of it that way, it was not actually a nabbed theory, but was it actually true? As much as he would like to keep denying it, he couldn’t find a valid excuse to justify what he has done before to protect the one he loved. It was just possible, what he wants though… does he even know what he is planning to achieve? If so, how can he achieve it? Then Elyx looked up to find his answer right in front of him the whole time, he was ready to train Elyx again, this time, mentally.

    But… but… How!? Elyx exclaimed as he shook nervously, his Iris on both eyes turning smaller, dilating, this craving for revenge was trying to eat at him once again, but the ability to resist was still in him, if he is willing to take the chance of saving himself from what he already became, shouldn’t he at least try to do that? I… I… What am I going to do to help myself from continuing this endless chain of destruction that is only… attacking me?

    The two of them walked along the fields, getting away from the still lit campfire and the tent to the point in which neither of the two were able to see them anymore. It was funny really, this was starting to show Elyx that more time was passing and the ending point of this was starting to come, he needed to make sure to prepare himself for whatever comes ext. This was crucial to him, this addiction and hunger, both were eating at him with no intention to let go.

    The two of them continued walking through the Dewey fields, water was hitting up to his knees and it wasn’t even raining. Now that he thought more about it, the sky seemed more like a round dome, with an ending to it eventually, but at where would it end? The further the two of them walked, the further the end of this dome barrier thing ends.

    Elyx, tell me, have you ever talked to a woman before? Any girl actually? No matter how they talk to you, do you know how to talk to a female? Their status, race, age, none of that matters to this point. I just want to know if you are able to treat a lady correctly. Well… imagine what would happen if someone were to talk to you, and you just blow them off without even caring about how they feel, even though they very much care about how you feel. They could be just friends or more then friends, but that doesn’t matter right now.

    You talk to them nicely, kindly, make sure you don’t throw a fit whenever one of them does it. Speak casually to them, like any normal person should, and don’t ask a woman all of her secrets. Asking a woman for her secrets is never proper.

    Do you know by any chance why it isn’t proper? Jai asked Elyx as the two of them continued to walk forward. There could be rustling heard right behind them, like a paper being crumpled up. But, Elyx couldn’t hear it since he was so focused on this game of 20 questions. All of them being important, and he wanted to answer them as honestly as possible so he would get the best results in the end.

    I honestly, don’t know? I mean, it was from a quote I once heard from this traveler I met. She is quite a storyteller, but she was also very wise. I wouldn’t mind seeing her again. A few questions I ask myself is that why is it proper for the, to be asked questions about the ir secrets. Is it any different?

    Very much so Elyx, though you may not understand it right now, they have a lot to tell and will tell it on their own time, but they won’t tell you when they are forced. One of their favorite secrets is who they like, and it is often the secret that they are willing to say last when they know that someone else reveals that same secret. But what about you? Your secret isn’t about anyone… do you know what this means?

    Unfortunately, Elyx did know what this means. This means that for all this time, he has wasted it on someone who never asked for what he had done, all those people he had to beat out of anger, the people who murdered her… they aren’t going to be found. They probably have been found… sound what does Elyx plan to do with his life and with himself? Does he want to ruin himself by continuing to hold onto this hate, do anything he can to find the probably already found criminals to avenge one person who is asking him no to do that? Was Elyx being stupid the whole time? A hypocrite trying to say he wants to start his life over… when really he was going to make both of his lives worse? And what would happen the people who now care for him? Ignite… Black Rose…. Nimpha… Can he just abandon them now after they have all done something for him? That doesn’t seem fair, and he doesn’t want to be that man everyone hates in the end, he wants to be remembered for being a good man. And besides, he pretended to act like Adrelissa that he actually not only liked it, but now does it naturally and fluently.

    Well… Jai… please tell me. And give me the absolute truth… Am I a bad person for what I have done? I’ve done this for years, everything like that… I have done it all for Adrelissa, who never even wanted it. So am I a bad person?

    Jai walked up to Elyx and smiled. He put his hand on Elyxs head, showing the difference in size between the two of them. It was like Elyx had a father, who was there to look out for him. This was the first time he actually felt like he wasn’t an orphan. The fields rustling were slowly beginning to increase, and Elyx was able to hear it this time, but he couldn’t figure out where it was. The next feeling he had was odd. His vision was beginning to blur, the winds intensifying.

    Elyx…  You were never a bad person. You have been such a great student, a great kid, innocent, smart, kind, do you know how many people would love to have the traits you do? It was funny, I know many kids asking themselves about how your grades are so much higher than any of theirs. Why would everyone want to be with you on group projects, to the point in which you rejected them all and asked Adrelissa to be yourself. You are what many people want to be, and I understand you have done what you have done out of anger and a desire that you never wanted, but look at you Elyx. You are crying about a mistake you have made? No, that isn’t my student at all, the Elyx I know, my ace student, would be able to stand tall and be able to continue knowing that the past is the past.  I know that this is at the Sky Tower, you live with the Legal Guilds I expect, and I know that one day your name will be known though out the lands if you work hard enough. Are you willing to work hard enough is my question?

    The two of them had a moment of silence, it was the wind that kept Elyx from turning his head back to wonder what the rustling was about. He had to admit though, things felt physically warm on his back, and he didn’t know how to explain it. He couldn’t even try to figure it out due to the fact that he was busy taking in the words Jai just told him. He sid that Elyx was a good person, and not only that… but many people would like to be him? Was that realaly true? He couldn’t quite remember since Nimphas spell was still casted upon him. Maybe he could ask her for the reverse medicine for that… then again, he didn’t want to cry himself to sleep due to Adrelissas death. Sure, he didn’t have to avenge her anymore, nor did he ever have to avenge her in the first place. It was funny really, how easily one could just change their minds with a few encouraging words. Elyx wanted to thank Jai for what he had done, and looked up, but only to see that Jai was quite a distance away all of a sudden.

    Wait! Jai! Hold on! Wait for me! Elyx exclaimed with playfulness in his voice. It was a game of chase, a great bonding moment with his mentor. It was nice in all honesty, to be able to see his teacher again and have him resolve Elyxs problems. This was the best, he never wants to forget this moment ever existed. He has been forgive inside, by not just Jai, not just Adrelissa, not just the world, but himself. He let go of the mental shackles he kept on his shoulders for so long, and his reward was freedom, inner peace, the ability to see his life in such a beautiful way.

    The two of them were fast, and it was only a matter of time before one of them gave up and lost the game. So far, Elyx was it, chasing his master with a smile on his face. Being a kid was the greatest for him, nothing else ever felt great. These ae the things that Jai always ever wanted to teach Elyx, and not just Elyx, all of his students. All of these life skills, to enjoy and work at the same time, and while you are at it, why not both? Training mixed both fun and work at the same time, and they improved their skills while they were both able to laugh in the end.

    Elyx finally caught up to Jai and sprung onto his mentors back as they both fell down, neither of them in a sad dark mental place anymore, nothing serious, but they were both laughing now. Elyx laughed as he stood up, his eyes closed when he was standing up onto his feet. When he opened his eyes, they didn’t see what he wanted them to see. A giant fire wall… but frm where!? They would have noticed anything that would have started a fire, like a mage or… the Campfire… did Jai do this on purpose!? Why… Elyx looked to his mentor, who only smiled as he put out his hand.

    Elyx, I want you to set a new goal in your life. Make this life your very best, and don’t let anyone ever bring you down. You are a Wind Lerale Magic mage, and I want that title to be known through the guilds. And Elyx… look for that one...

    Jai Takaro, I will not let you down, your wish is for me to be my best and become one of the best if not the best there is. I know someday I can become that if I work really hard. Thank you so much for believeing in me and believeing I can do something so awesome like that.

    With that, Elyx grabbed the hand of his mentor, and the two hands gripped and locked, showing that the both of them are by each others side. And that Elyx made a promise to his teacher, he would never plan to let his teacher down, he wanted to make sure this goal was complete.  A new perspective of life, that in the end, he will be able to accomplish a goal so high and mighty, not many will be able to complete the task given to Elyx, hence why it is said to be one of the best. But there is always a handful of people who have worked hard enough to defy those odds, and those are the people who deserved what they have in th end. Time is the currency in the world, you spend so much of it to achieve and accomplish certain things. You have a limited amount of time, and what you have done with it doesn’t come with a refund, what you have done with the time you spent or wasted, that will remain in place.

    Elyx felt his vision begin to blur, and the fire was getting closer, it seemed like it ws going to eat the two of them alive. He wanted to have one more look at his mentor, that look will be the one he remembers for the rest of his life, because he knew that he won’t be able to see that man ever again. Jai was smiling as the final moments of the two of them were starting to end. Elyx then closed his eyes peacefully as the fire engulfed the two of them, or so it seemed, but the two of them were way beyond the storm. It occurred for a few minutes before it seemed to just… well… pass by. Once that storm went away, if anyone were to have seen the two of them during their final moments in the field, they would see that neither the student nor the teacher were there anymore. There would also be no human ash trace left either. That was the end of the Sky Tower Gems world… Elyx now had a new goal in his life.

    This time, his sleeping moments before he woke up in the Sky Tower were actually feeling like they belonged to hours, not seconds. His light brown eyes slowly woke themselves up and were filled with fatigue. He felt a pair of small claws on his stomach, and when he woke up, he saw that it was Ignite, waiting for him to wake up. When she saw him look up, Ignite chirped happily and jumped onto his shoulder. Elyx used his right index finger to pet Ignite, it was nice to see her too. It hasn’t been too long in the gem, but in the real world, how much time has it been really?

    Ingite, we have a long new journey to go through. First, we need to get off of this tower. We came to see the jewel… lets just say I know the reason why no one is able to pull the gem out of its place.

    With that, the two of them left the room with the jewel inside, in which Elyx knew what would happen if he touched it. It would remain in place, the quote says once more. Once more meaning that they will be able to see their masters just once more within a short time period. Elyx already have his chance to meet Jai Takaro once again, and their lives seem to be much better after that encounter. Elyx would normally be curious about the stone and how it was able to put anyone through something like that. But not in this case. In this case, he didn’t really want to know anything else about this gem. He felt like he had much adventure with these rumors, it turns out the rumors are true. But not everyone deserved this opportunity, and Elyx knew that if other people found out about something this amazing, they would literally kill each other to try to hoard it for themselves.

    Hey Ignite, I am going to tell the people that I have been here and the rumors are false. Elyx said as he continued to rub the feathers of the Phoenix Bird. She was his family, he could tell her anything important to him and trust her with it. Hopefully she thought of him to be like family as well. I don’t think many people would be able to handle this sort of power. Sure, being able to learn from their old teachers is fine… but we have to think about the greed of humanity as well and what people are willing to do to get their hands on it, we can’t have anything like that happen if we can avoid it right? This will just be out little secret, Elyx and Ignites secret.

    With that, the two of them walked out of the door without having any problems on their way out, they were both still a team, except now one of them has a changed goal in their minds while the others goal is still unknown. Only time will tell when it is time for Ignite to tell him her secret. Jai taught him that ladies have their secrets, and it isn’t proper to not ask them about their secrets, not because it wasn’t just proper, but they are normally kept for the people they care about the most. Ignite will care about someone some day, she was a Phoenix Bird, so that may be rare, but it will happen one day if she just keeps being herself. She was fun, lovable, and just someone that anyone would love to hang around with. She has charisma.

    Elyx looked towards the North of the Sky Tower to see the Royal Palace. He would like to do something like entering that palace, but unfortunately he wasn’t too close to getting anywhere near there. May it would help if he were in a legal guild, but being in a dark guild would just about guarantee no legal access to enter the palace. A neutral guild member will be able to enter just bout anyway in any way, either with permission or illegally.

    Hey Ignite tell me, would you like me to bring you to the palace one day? I think it would be fun field trip one day.

    There was also a Beanstalk that Elyx wouldn’t imagine being any help to him, or being relevant to him in any sort of way. He decided not to take any notice about it since it wasn’t going to prove itself that it was actually useful in some sort of way. Maybe when Ignite grows up, she could use it as a play place or something like that. She would love to play with something like that right? Then again, how old is she right now? By the time she wants to play or Elyx decides to go there, would she be a teenager? Or would she be even older? Phoenixs are known to live forever right? Though, if that were the case, this place would be way more crowded, so what is going to happen now?

    This was the moment that Elyx decided to go home, there was nothing else for him and Ignite to do now, they came what they were looking for. On their way to the guild, though it was night time, people were still on the streets, passing him as they try to work together and fight to their way to the top, but Elyx knew none of them were going to make it there anyway. They would all be too greedy and never make it to the top, were any of them even mages? And if they here, who was their mentor? Did they even take the time to learn what the quote means? Then again, Elyx couldn’t talk like that to them either, he didn’t even take the time to understand what the quote means. But he also didn’t fight people around him to get to the top, and those who attacked him he brushed them off in self-defense. He noticed none of the people he brushed off were here, well, at least they know it’s hopeless if they are going to be facing mages on their way to the top.

    Once Elyx made it to the bottom, Ignite flew right behind him so that they would begin to travel back to their homes. Back at Black Rose, it was their city and they were proud of it. And Elyx was going to have to accept the fact that if he wanted to learn any more magic, he was going to have to know that he will have a new mentor soon. Maybe there was more magic then just simply using Lerale Violin magic. Maybe he could master other elements than wind, if he could master Light or Fire, he would be so proud of himself and have no regrets when he dies. That combination with wind will save him and possibly many other lives around him.

    You will need a new goal in life, one that doesn’t hurt anybody else, and it doesn’t hurt you either. What yu are doing is hurting everyone if you keep chasing for something that isn’t there anymore, I now you mean well Elyx, but you need to find another goal. Elyx thought to himself as he was imagining those words being said in his mentors voice. It was true though, and he had his own response to that. Once that made him smile as he said it. I can’t promise I won’t ever do anything bad concerning Adrelissa again, if anyone talks smack about her, they will end up wherever she is in. But I do know my limit now, and I can most certainly control my wants. In fact, there is a quote I heard from this one traveler named Nimpha. She said to me “No whens, no wants, no worries.” Though I can’t say I have no wants, I will make sure to have no worries. I can’t worry about her anymore.

    With that, Elyx and Ignite finally returned to the guild in one piece, the two of them on quite a journey. People were rather lively for the night, and he hoped it wasn’t for what he thought it was. To his despair, he heard many people whispering amongst each other about that damn jewel. He wasn’t going to enjoy the next few weeks of this, and he personally would rather choke on nails twice in a row than listen to this, so instead of going over to see how his nearby friends are doing, he went directly towards his house so nnone of this could ever be talked about again. He had faucet water and chocolates to depend on, and he can put in some headphones when no one would drop the topic of the jewel. He just didn’t think it mattered anymore once he saw his mentor. Sure he found that moment great, but he felt that the gem had no other value

    Everyone was planning on doing something like putting it in a museum or sell it for a rich proft. Everyone is faking it, well, almost everyone. Elyx knew the truth behind most of the people though, they just want to better themselves in the wrongest of ways, to make themselves wealthy or popular. If they said that they could lift the gem off of where it came from in the Sky tower, Elyx could imagine how popular that person would become. And everyone or almost everyone else wanted to become that person.

    They can be famous or rich, lets see how long they are happy when they get it… No when… no want… no worry, that is a motto I should live by. All of the world can try to get what they want… more… that is what they want.

    Elyx walked inside of the house he lived in and locked the door, turned on the light, and enjoyed the smell of paper and chocolate in his house. The scattered music sheets sung melodies as he stepped on them, over and over. He didn’t even want to go to his bed, so he laid on the couch and turned on the music to listen to. Instead of the usual Dubstep Techno sort of style, he played sweet soft Violin to put him to sleep. It was like giving milk to a cat, letting them enjoy themselves before they go to sleep. He knew that Jai in the Gem was real, and he was waiting for Elyx to have his name become well known. If he rose to that potential, he can give Jai Takaro a home for himself to live in in any guild and any area.

    But, what’s Elyx plan? He needed a plan before he can consider himself a man worthy of being successful right? Well, maybe that would be something he and Ignite could plan for another day. Ignite flew onto Elyxs stomach and chirped softly, showing how tired she was. Elyx closed his eyes sleepily as well, he didn’t remember himself having proper amounts of sleep, or being put to proper sleep in the first place. He petted Ignites feathers and rubbed his fingers through them, then he held her in his palms so that he could be warm. The Phoenix Bird and the Musician both went through a lot, and now it was time for them to sleep. Good Night… Jai… I promise, I will be that man.

    Jai Takaro woke up from his slumber, the dream he had was rather odd, but if felt refreshing at the same time, it was nice to know that Elyx was still alive in his heart, but he only felt that that wasn’t Elyx at all. In fact, he thought it was just a nice dream of being with one of his students. He did like to see Elyx, and he wasn’t joking when he said that Elyx was his ace student. He lso felt like the struggles about Adrelissa were real, even though he couldn’t pick up any reason why he should believe that, it could make him believe this whole dream was real.

    I said it was real… to be that Dream Elyx happy. Yet…. I felt it, I felt his presence, his energy, his fire when it came to fighting… was I actually dreaming all of that?

    This had Jai thinking for a few moments, wondering what the hell was happening, normally people would believe indreams to just be dreams. Even nightmares to be nightmares. Yet this by far is the most realistic dream he ever had, he felt the battle, he felt pumped up. His feelings were really, he was happy when he saw Elyx happy, he felt himself holding back tears when the firestorm was going to hit. And despite the fact that it was only a dream, inside, part of him told him that without that dream, he couldn’t go on.

    Jai has always been thinking about Elyx, and how he ran away from the guild to protect the young 12 year old. Five years later, he grew up to be a bright and youthful man with more energy than even Jai expected. He always knew that with his mind and his grades to prove his mind that Elyx could become what he wanted to be. He senses of observations also improved greatly as well, and his curiousity still fueled shim like wood to a fire. Such potential. If Jai ever heard about Elyx being able to become one of the best and it was all because of him, or at least part of it was because of him, Jai Takaro would be willing to believe that what seemed to be a dream was real.

    Well… imagine what would happen if someone were to talk to you, and you just blow them off without even caring about how they feel, even though they very much care about how you feel. They could be just friends or more then friends, but that doesn’t matter right now. Jai recalled those words in the dream and smiled as he said them out loud again, then imagined Elyx in front of him as a spirit ghost like form. But before he could say it again, that image spoke to him in words he didn’t hear Elyx say before. I promise, I will be that man.


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