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    [Sabertooth] Sabertooth Gauntlet


    Holy Darkness

    Holy Darkness

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    [Sabertooth] Sabertooth Gauntlet  Empty [Sabertooth] Sabertooth Gauntlet

    Post by Yvonne on 31st March 2015, 4:03 am

    Job Title: Sabertooth Gauntlet
    D - SS
    Player Requirements:
    Must be a member of Sabertooth
    Job Requirements:
    Posts and word count depends on the rank of the mages partaking in the job. Meaning that with every mage of an higher rank joining the job, the total post count increases by 10 per rank, starting at 10. Meaning that if there is a D rank on the job and a C rank joins the fray, the total post count increases to 20, B rank increases it to 30 and so on.  Word count per post is at least 300.
    Job Location: Village Desert
    Job Description:
    Lately the Desert Village is having some trouble with what appears to be an increasing number of monster in their near vincinity. However since their small town is walled in behind a large stone wall, they never really paid attention to it. Thinking that they were safe.
    However, because of total neglect to the increasing number of creatures. The villagers never imagined that the monster horde reached a number that it could trample down their walls destroy everything they have worked for their entire lives.

    Not to mention the fact that because of that neglect, the creatures could cultivate their own. Breeding new and stronger offspring.
    Now facing this new peril, the townsfolk saw no other option then to reach out to the nearest guild and ask for their full force to assist them against the imminent horde. Knowing if left alone, they wouldn’t survive the ordeal.
    Weak/Normal/Strong: The monsters encountered by those partaking in this job are dependent on the rank of the mage. Mages cannot take on monsters in the strength bracket above or below their own rank, and thus they cannot have them appear within the job if they intend to fight them. (If a H-rank and a D-rank do the job together and a roll gives them a monster then they will each deal with 1 monster of their respective strength bracket).
    The number of creatures that appear are equal to the number of mages in the job.
    D-C Bracket: Small Monsters - small creatures (or at least smaller than the more powerful monsters) that vary depending on the rank or ranks of the members involved in the job. Each of these creatures deal damage of a rank below that of the mage they are fighting per post. These monsters are usually small lizards and sand voles, creatures who act purely on instinct rather than through malicious intent. These require just 2 spells of the mage’s rank to defeat.
    B-A Bracket: Grand Lions and Basilisks are the opposition here, and both are incredibly dangerous creatures to face. Grand Lions are the out and out attackers of the two, standing at 30 feet tall and using their teeth and claws to inflict A-rank damage to their targets at least once per post.
    Basilisks on the other hand are far more patient, afflicting their victims with venom when they bite. Their bites deal B-rank damage, but the venom deal a further C-rank damage every post for 4 posts afterwards, totalling 1.5x A-rank damage overall. Basilisks require 4 spells of the mages rank to defeat while grand lions require 5.
    S-H Bracket: Are you ready? Because you’re facing the meanest beasts the desert has to offer. Alpha Grand Lions, Hunter Lioness’ and Lesser Behemoths are rushing at you now and there is nowhere to hide. All of these beasts attack with their claws and teeth, with the Lions and Lioness’ dealing S-rank damage and the behemoths dealing A-rank damage. The behemoths however afflict poison on their victims when they claw or bite them, dealing a further A-rank damage for the following two posts.
    Boss (S-rank+ only): The King Behemoth - The lord of the beasts himself, The King Behemoth doesn’t miss a trick and is considerably more sentient than many think. He stands at 50 feet tall and weighs far too much to actually weigh him, although it’s estimated he weighs around half a ton or more. His claws are like giant razors that can tear through even the hardest of elements with relative ease. He attacks with these claws and deals S-rank damage per hit, as well as leaving a gash on the targets body that causes them to bleed profusely, dealing a further A-rank damage the following post. Then there are his teeth, with jaws powerful enough to crush boulders and venomous saliva. Every 5 posts he will attempt to chomp down on a target, with saliva splashing out for a meter in front of him when he does so. Falling victim to the fangs will deal H-rank damage, while the saliva inflicts A-rank damage per post for 3 posts if caught in the splash zone. This powerful and highly intelligent beast requires 6 S-rank spells to defeat, but only if he’s struck on his underside - needless to say that this means getting in close, an incredibly risky move. Otherwise it requires double that, 12 S-rank spells. (each spell that hits his underside deals double damage).
    Experience based on the mages ranks.
    Increasing jewel reward with each rank and member partaking in the job.
    -        D rank     5000
    -        C rank   10000
    -        B rank   20000
    -        A rank   40000
    -        S rank   80000
    -        H rank 120000
    Total Jewel count will be evenly divided among all the mages.


    [Sabertooth] Sabertooth Gauntlet  QoRmBvD

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