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    Tea Time With Granny![Job/Solo]


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    Tea Time With Granny![Job/Solo] Empty Tea Time With Granny![Job/Solo]

    Post by Alleria 25th March 2015, 12:41 am


    Job: Tea Time With Granny!
    Rank: D
    Player Requirements:
    Single, can be done in 10 posts with 150 words each or just one post with a word content of 1500
    Job Requirements: Must be D rank and is not guildless, must tell the client
    Client Name: Current Guild Master
    Job Description:
    Your guild master asked you to babysit his/her dear old grandma. She is quite fond of telling stories so be ready for story time. If your guild master's grandma likes you, she might get in the word with your master to get you off floor duty for a week.
    Enemies: None
    Reward: 500 jewels

    It was an early Saturday morning, the other members were still enjoying the comfort of their bed. Alleria was just doing the same when cold clammy hands yanked her out dreamland. It was a dark acolyte, one of the many servants of the dark guild. She was pretty sure they are zombies or people who had their will taken from them. She fought off the urge to murder him for waking her up from her steamy personal dream,all the acolytes are accounted for and if one goes missing she knew Harrigan will notice.Hesitantly she turned towards the man and in a hoarse voice she said "You better have a good reason in waking me up." In a creepy monotonous tone the man said "The master summons you to his quarters." and with that the ghoulish looking guy turned his back on her and wandered off. "The master?" Alleria processed the thought then said in a not so happy tone "Oh....him." She was sure her face and hair was in a mess but she didnt give a damn. If he wanted her awake this early in the morning fine with her, but he will have to suffer by having to see her unaltered morning face.

    The door slammed after her as she went out. She knew Harrigan was evil but not this evil."Granny Duty?!" She scowled at the thought. Who knew that he's grand mama was still alive and kicking. Well technically the old lady was not blood related to him, but she was older then he was and she had been family to the Savage Skull guild for who knows how long. She really shouldn't be complaining, how hard would it be looking after an old woman right? With that mindset she proceeded to do her duties and baby sit dear old granny.

    "Tap, tap tap." came the sound from the door. "Granny Jenkins? You there? I'm coming in, hope your not naked or doing anything weird." she yelled over by the door. But as she was about to push the door open, it moved on it's own and opened up a little bit, and slowly a pair green eyes peered through the slit of the door opening. "Yes? How may I help you?" said the owner the the peeking eyes. "Hello, I am Alleria. I was sent there to take care of Granny Jenkins?" She had barely finished her sentence when the door swung open. "Ohhhh, you mean the person sent by Harri-chan to keep me company?" said the woman in an excited tone. "Granny Jenkins?" the dark mage asked in disbelief? The woman just nodded her head as a reply. Alleria couldn't believe it, if this was a joke, it was done in poor taste. She was expecting a old lady with white hair, heavy duty spectacles and wrinkled skin but instead what greeted her was the exact opposite. A woman who was about the same age as her stood by the doorway. Her hair was long and not white at all, it was crimson red, her skin was smooth and fair, and from her constant movement she can tell that this is a very hyper active person. Alleria had not realize she had been staring till dear old granny snapped her fingers. "No its not a trick or a prank. I really am Granny Jenkins and I am as old as the guild head quarters itself." If this was true then this woman was older than a hundred maybe two hundred. "Its a long story...unless you wanna hear about it? I mean we do have a lot of time...Plus Harri-chan rarely visits me and when he does he hates hearing the story." she said in a disappointed tone. "Well it does help in passing the time, plus I might get some dirt on Harrigan..." She gave the old lady a thumbs up and said "Sure, I would love too." and with that she got yanked inside and the doors shut tight.

    The inside of the room was quite comfy, in fact it was even better than her living quarters. The old lady flicked her fingers and pillows began to levitate from the bed unto the sofa. "Come here, have a seat." The old woman invited her to have a sit and oblige she did. It was soft, and the covers were made from silk. For an old lady, she sure know her stuff. "So where do I begin."she paused as if trying to recall something. "Oh but before that..." she flicked her fingers again and the kitchen utensils began moving on their own. Hot water poured unto a clay pot  while three smaller containers waltzed their way towards it pouring some of their contents inside it a dash of tea, a few cubes of sugar and some honey. Meanwhile a silver platter floated in midair as another smaller platter filled with cookies landed on it along with two porcelain cups, and finally last, the pot containing the tea. The platter along with its contents came drifting towards them.

    Once they were settled in the sofa Granny Jenkins wasted no time in telling her lots and lots of stories. It appears dear ole granny craves a little bit of human interaction being all cooped up in her big room and what not. She still has no idea what her connection is with Harrigan or the guild itself. And what the heck is her beauty secret that keeps her young and beautiful. "Uh granny that's nice and all but what I really want to know is how you keep your skin soft and wrinkle free." The old lady frowned at Alleria's rudeness. "Well if you must know, a lady never tells her secret." Then she looked at her again and her features softened a bit. "But since your the first person who I have talked in about half a century and didnt dash right away, I'll tell you my secret." Granny Jenkins said in a giddy voice. "Once upon a time there was a smart little girl named Maria..." Alleria interrupted "But I thought you were going to tell me about your beauty secret?" Granny just rolled her eyes at her and said "I was going to tell you but you keep on interrupting me...Do you wanna hear it or not?" Alleria shrugged her shoulders and then nodded.
    Granny smiled then asked "Where were we again?" Alleria quipped "Maria!"

    "Oh right. Maria was a poor orphan girl and naturally she lived at an orphanage. The nuns said she was left at the church's in the middle of a stormy night. Being in an orphanage, resource was scare, and by that I mean food. The bigger kids always got the bigger slice of bread, the meat on the bone and soup with pea on it. In short what she got was the left overs. And as if that wasnt bad enough, she was also bullied. Because she was skinny and small, the bigger kids bullied her and passed their chores to her. Making her wipe the windows, do the dishes, sweep the floor and even cleaning the farm house. This continued on until she was well into her mid teens but by this time she was already a beautiful lady, a bit skinny but still pretty. And this was when another form of abuse came to her, soon the boys on the orphanage took notice of how pretty she had turned and started harassing her, by harass I know you know what I mean." Granny Jenkins paused. "You okay old wench? Do you need water or something?" The old lady shook her head. "I just needed a little breather, and I am not that old." she added with a scowl on her face. Finally when she got her composure back she continued on with her story.

    "Anyway back to the story. Poor maria Maria tried to tell the Nuns but their hands were full and because of the great depression happening during that time caused by the civil war no one want to adopt any kids. So maria was forced to fend for herself. Using her wits, she managed to avert their advances day after day after day. But we all know her luck had to run out at some point. On a dark and stormy night, soldiers quelling the the rebellion happened to stop by. They asked for shelter and some food. Maria was assigned to them, the soldiers were enchanted by her beauty and a dark plot began to form. It was midnight when it happened. She was awakened by screams and blood curdling noises.She decided to investigate, since she slept at the attic the only way to go up or down was to lower a ladder trough a concealed ceiling opening. She took a little peek so see what happening below her and she was shocked by what she saw. The soldiers were defiling the orphans, some of them have blank stares in their eyes. It was then that she realized that they were dead. Afraid for her life she quickly closed the tiny opening, in doing so she had sealed her fate. The hatch created a loud noise attracting the attention of the soldiers. The soldiers forcefully opened the secret hatch, and dragged her down. It turned out that these weren't really soldiers, but marauders. They ambushed the infantry sent to help in maintaining the peace and took their clothes, then posing as soldiers stopped from house to house to sack and loot their victims. "

    "Maria suffered at their hands. She tried to resist and resist so they beat her up badly. Until finally the man got fed up and stabbed her in the chest. As light began to fade from her eyes, some kind of power seemed to well up inside her until it burst out as a form of radiant energy. After her vision cleared, she was decapitated bodies all around. She also noticed that the blood from the severed bodies moved towards her, seeping into her wound and restoring it. From that day on she knew what she had to do." Alleria didn't see that coming. "Are you by any chance named Maria?" The old lady nodded with a wicked smile on her face. "So are you gonna kill me now and take all my blood?" The old lady laughed a hearty laugh "Don't be silly, I like you. And besides I only need to do that once a year. And after the last war I have enough to last me half a century." Alleria breath out a sigh of relief. "I guess that means I cant apply that beauty trick on me. Im sure there are other ways." And like on cue, the clock on the wall struck 9. "Oh look at the time, its bedtime for me already. I had fun dearie, I hope you come back her often." Alleria wasnt sure how to answered to that, but she just gave her a smile and excused herself. As she walked out to report to Harrigan, she thought "Well that didnt turn out so bad." and marched off to their guild masters quarters.


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