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    Digipoke dimension warp[digi poke dimension/open]


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    Digipoke dimension warp[digi poke dimension/open]

    Post by Kaito on 19th March 2015, 7:35 am

    you have to be a rookie or first evolution digimon or pokemon
    next you have to have come from the same place
    last have fun

    Kitteh had been transformed into a small creature in a different dimension last thing he could remember he was a human in magnolia and then he fell through the floor. He felt a new name come to him and he slowly forgot his past life this new name was garumon and his job was to digivolve.He would have to be the very best there ever was and be a digi champion now no going back he was in the pokigimon dimension now.


    voiced by whoever plays goku

    what Kaito sounds like

    Kaito for real:

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    Re: Digipoke dimension warp[digi poke dimension/open]

    Post by Alleria on 19th March 2015, 7:58 am

    Alleria stirs as she awakens from her sleep. Somehow something seems off. She tried to brush off the sleep from her eyes but as she did she was greeted by black leathery wings moving towards her eyes. She tried to shield herself from it and as she did the approaching mysterious wing ceased to move. In fact, as she thought of pushing it away, the black wing did as she bid. "What the hell is going on?" That was when she realized that she was high up on a tree and started falling of balance and plummeted down.

    "This is a really slow fall." she thought to herself. But she was wrong she wasnt falling...she was flying.

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    Re: Digipoke dimension warp[digi poke dimension/open]

    Post by Leapflight on 20th March 2015, 7:01 pm

    "Ehh?" Ebony's eyes slowly openend as she tried to figure out where she was.
    A forest? Lush green leaves, grass, trees and animals filled the area in which Ebony was lying. Yet, something didn't really seem right... The trees looked bigger, the ground closer to her feet. She tried to stand, but instantly fell over. Ugh, wait what? She looked down, to see she didn't really have feet, but in fact claws? Orange paws. She slowly looed behind her to see a flaming orange tail, swaying back and forth. She shivered for a moment, trying to remember who she was and why she was here. Nothing. All she knew was that her name was Ebony. That was it. She looked around the forest to see a small yellow looking mouse hopping towards her. "Are you lost or something?" It asked her. She just stared, before fainting.


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