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    A change of Heart [Plot/Solo]

    Griffon Knighthunter

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    A change of Heart [Plot/Solo]

    Post by Griffon Knighthunter on 17th March 2015, 10:38 pm

    Lex sat in his throne inside of the forgotten realm, orbs floating around the room showed the problems that were going on in the world. He smiled as he watched the pain and the suffering. One of his handmaids walked up to him and bowed “Sir your dad… The last king… he is here to see you…” she bowed her head and muttered. Lex rose an eyebrow and waved it off "Send him in. Let us talk." He placed his hand back on the arm of his throne and sighed as he saw the man approaching. This man was not his real father but he was the one who had saved him from dying permanently and he was the one who gave him this realm. The man stopped in front of the throne and bowed. Lex let out a second sigh "What do you want?" He stared down at the cloaked, shadowy figure and was kneeling before him. "The time has come..." The man said as he arose from his knee. Lex blinked for a second "For what?" He sat forward in his chair and looked at the man with curiosity. An orb spun around the room and stopped in front of Lex with a picture of a peaceful town. He knew this town well. It was the town he grew up in and was killed in. "I guess its time to destroy a town then?" He asked with a smik as the cloaked figure nodded "Yes my king." He said with a chuckle as he opened up a portal to the desert town and stepped through it, soon followed by Lex who would close the portal behind him. They were standing on the outskirts of the town, on top on a sand dune that looked down upon the poor village. “Starting tomorrow you have five days to prepare the attack Lex… Five days then I will be back to help you with the destruction…” he said as Lex nodded. And with a maniacal laugh the figure was gone.

    Lex sighed as he slid down off of the hill and landed on the ground “Whelp since I can’t go back now I guess I will have a look around…” he muttered under his breath as he put on his hood and walked into the peaceful town. As he walked closer to his destination memories started to fill his head of people calling him demon boy or throwing rocks at him. He winced at the headache he was getting but kept moving forward, getting weird looks from people as he did. “Griffon and Lance ALWAYS got the most attention around the house. It was always “Hey Griffon lets go practice your summoning!” or “Hey Lance lets go and play!”” he muttered under his breath as he felt warm droplets of tears on his face. “Sir are you alright?” a voice called from behind him. He turned around with his eyes wide “Y-Yeah!” the voice had come from a teenage girl wearing a white dress and had caramel hair. She gave him a small cloth “Your crying…” she said as she got onto her tippy toes and wiped it off only to be called by what seemed to be her mom “Oops! Looks like I gotta go mister!” she said as she waved and ran off. Lex sighed and shook his head as he would turn around only to be faced with his destination.

    In front of him sit his house or at least what was left of it. The ashes that had been produced from the house when his uncle burned it down were still visible in the sand. He walked into the area of the house and knelt down and closed his eyes “This is what you get! YOU DESERVED THIS!” he yelled as he clenched his fists. He saw a small brown leathery object jutting out of the sand and dug it out only to find a small book with a flower on it. He remembered this book clearly. “Moms diary…” he muttered as he flipped through the pages “I guess not everything wasn’t burned in the…” he was cut off by a loose paper falling out of the diary. He picked it up and turned it over to find a letter. No it wasn't JUST a letter. It was a letter addressed to him from his mom. He read it over with tears streaming down his face as he fell to his knees again and just sat there for the next few minutes crying “I am sorry for doing this…” he muttered as he stood up and slipped the letter into his pocket before walking out of town and heading to make a camp on the outskirts.

    Night 1
    Dear Lex,
    I remember the day to were born. You were such a small, skinny baby and the doctor said you wouldn’t make it without suffering minor injuries to the head. Your father and I, we were heart broken at the fact that our first born may not live past a month but thankfully you were able to pull through the age of 10.

    Lex lay in his cot looking up at the stars “What does all of this mean…” he said as he shook his head “I can’t get weak… not when I have a battle coming up in five days…” he muttered as he heard footsteps in the sand approaching him “Sir?” the approaching voice asked. Lex sighed, this girl was starting to become annoying “What do you want?” he said, sitting up and staring at the caramel head girl. She was holding some sort of bag “I made you some dinner.” she said holding it out to him with a sweet smile. She then looked around and saw that there was no one else at the camp “M-Mind if I sit with you and talk for a while?” she asked with a blush. Lex shrugged “Whatever…”. The girl sat down as Lex opened up the bag and started to eat the small peanut butter and jelly sandwich. To be honest he thought it was kind of cute that this girl would go out of her way to prepare something so simple for a person like him. He looked at her with a smile that was illuminated by the fire “So… whats your name?” he said as he took another bite. The girl thought for a second and shrugged “I don't have one…” she trailed off as Lex stared at her and sighed “Don’t be going like that… I know this guy who has this daughter who had no name at first but he named her anyway.” He said as he thought of the boy that he used to love to make fun of and take over to kill people. The girl smiled “Well… how about you name me then!” she said with a laugh. Lex took a bite of the sandwich and chuckled “You're weird… Alright how about… Crystal…” he said with a smile as the girl smiled back “That's a great name…”.

    Lex and the girl talked regular small talk for the rest of the night until Lex yawned “I think you should head home… Your mom and dad must be worried…” he said as he made his cot and was about to lay down when the girl sniffed “They… I don’t have any parents....” she muttered as Lex glanced back “But the person calling you earlier.” he said as he sat down on his cot and faced the girl “That was my boss.” she whispered quietly. Lex got up and patted the girl on the head “Truth is… I like you Crystal.” he said as he patted his cot “Its not big enough for two so it will be a really tight squeeze but… you can stay with me if you want to…” he muttered with a slight blush to him. Crystal laughed and nodded “I don't mind… I like you to.” she said as she climbed in the cot with Lex. It was a really tight fit as their bodies pressed together. Crystal hesitantly wrapped her arms around Lex and once she saw that he hadn’t objected she smiled and went to sleep.

    Night 2
    Ever since you were little the head injuries have been taking an effect on you. You made dolls out of human hair and you summoned demons. Everyone called you “Demon boy” because you were never a normal child. We were scared to death that one day you might attack someone so we locked you in a room in hopes that that would change you. But it only made things worse for everyone.

    Lex and Crystal sat by the campfire laughing and making jokes as they held some beer that they had gotten in town. they each took sips and interchanged jokes. “Hey *Hic* Crystal?” he said drunkenly as Crystal kept an eye on Lex. “Have I ever told you how hot you are?” he slurred as he took another sip. She hiccuped as she got up and stumbled over to him only to fall on top of him when she tripped. They were in a really awkward position now as Crystal was straddling Lex’s chest close up to him face and laughed “Got you.” she said with a laugh as Lance grabbed her sides and rolled over so that he was on all fours over her body. They both laughed normally as they sat up. “I thought you were drunk.” Lex said as he placed the bottle down next to him. She shook her head “Nope I was just messing with you… I thought you were drunk…” She muttered with a blush as Lex shook his head. It was quiet for a while until Lex looked up “So… What do you think of me?” he asked as he looked at the ground nervously. She laughed and slowly crawled over to him so that she was close to his face “Maybe this will answer your question…” she whispered to him as she gave him a quick kiss. Lex blushed for a second and nodded “Well if we both feel the same way about each other… There is a inn in town… we could spend the night there…” he said trying to avoid eye contact. Crystal blushed “I mean… Sure.” she said as she stood up and took Lex’s hand “You lead the way.” *Fade to black*

    Night 3
    I am sorry that we were never there to take care of you. We really do love you and we always will. You may be an evil person but that doesn't make you any different from anyone else.

    Lex lay on the ground with a sigh. He had spent so much time with Crystal that he had forgotten to plan anything. "Hey Lex." Crystal said as she opened up her sandwich. Lex glanced at her and gently nodded his head in acknowledgement. Crystal looked towards the ground and sighed "I... You know almost everything about me but..." She took a deep breath "I nearly know anything about you." Lex looked at her "You would be scared..." He said as he sat up "I don't want to lose you." He muttered as she nodded "I get it..."

    He didn't understand why someone as beautiful as this girl would ever want to know more about him. They had just met and already they were in love. "What the hell has happened to me..." He thought as he looked at her "You will find out sooner or later." He said as he moved some hair out of her face and gave her a slight kiss "Don't worry." He said as he turned over and went to sleep.

    The cloaked figure watched them from afar "This girl is making him soft... Weak..." He muttered as his red eyes shone from under the cloak "I need to do something about her..." He muttered as he silently turned and disappeared.

    Night 4
    We dont know how much longer we will be able to handle you but just know-

    Lex yawned by the fire as he looked around. He had not seen crystal that day at all. He had looked all around town but there was no sign of her. He sighed as he heard a voice behind him “You miss the girl?” the voice asked as Lance turned around and saw the cloaked man. He stood up and clenched his fist “I know you did something to her…” he muttered as he slowly walked forward and curled his hand into a fist “Give her back NOW!” he growled as the figure slowly backed away “You want her back? Then come get her~” he said the he stuck his tongue out and turned his back only to glance slightly backwards “Get to work and stop messing around boy…” he muttered as he opened up a portal and walked through it.

    Lex returned to the fire with a glare in his eye “You want me to plan? Alright fine.” he said as the fire glimmered in his eyes “Tomorrow is the big day. I hope your ready.” he said as he turned over and went to sleep.

    Night 5
    That no matter what happens, You are our son and we will always love you.

    Lex smelled the familiar scent of smoke in the air as his eyes shot open to find to Desert village that he had grown up in burning down in flames. He shot upwards to his feet and looked at the town in horror. Peoples screams and death could be heard from the hill as he slid down it quickly and burst into town. He saw dead bodies lying everywhere, People impaled and being eaten. He wasn’t to disturbed at the sight seeing as he had done this to people himself but it was just the fact that this was happening without his consent. He clenched his fist as he continued onwards, walking past demons and monsters as he looked for his main goal. He heard screams of people coming from inside burning buildings that he walked past as he made his way towards the giant portal in the sky. The air near it was blowing against him so he pushed himself beyond his limits and he got blown away a few times, debris scratching his face up as he neared it. He closed his eyes as the sound of demons and the screaming swirled all around him, filling his ears with torture as he took a deep breath and let out a large scream as the whole world turned white then black.

    “We still love you” the voice of his mom echoed in his head as his eyes slowly flickered open to a bright white room. The white haired prince took a look around and saw that this room was infact a research facility as glass cases with people in them, Tubes with weird chemicals, and lab coats hung on the wall. “Boss how many times have I told you, I am too busy working on the cube to do anymore work!” A voice was heard coming around the corner. Lex ducked under an unused sheet that was usually used to put bodies or test subjects under. The smell of blood filled his nostrils as the sheet was stained with it. Foot steps could be heard entering the room as the voice from before set something on the table next to him “Ugh FINE I WILL DO THE JOB!” the voice yelled into the phone as he heard a beep and footsteps walking out. After a few moments of silence Lex slowly slipped out of the bag to see a bright and shiny blue cube sitting on the table beside him. He was lured to it by voices in his head “Touch the cube…”they whispered as his eyes became mesmerized and his body moved on its own until finally, as soon as one finger touched the cube a bright spark of electricity burst the the room and Lex was knocked out. He woke up with a sore back and a hurting head as he stood up. His head hurt so much that he had to balance himself on the table as he made sure the staff that hangs on his back was alright. He slowly made his way towards the door but got cut off by a meowing sound behind him “Prince Lex?!” the small little black kitten said with his eyes widened “What are you doing in the Forgotten Realms research facility?!” the small two tailed cat asked. Lex looked down in confusion “What the hell are you?” he said with one eyebrow raised the cat slowly climbed onto his shoulder “I don't exactly know… But I am stuck and I can't get out.” He said as he sat down on his Lex’s head “My names Kuro!”. The prince sighed “Alright come on Kuro lets get you out of here…” he slowly exit the room and out into the hallway.

    The hallway looked bland and like some place they would keep a crazy person. He heard laughing coming from the next room and recognized it “That man… he is in there and so is Crystal…” he muttered as he slowly walked in the open doorway. “Well well…” the man said without turning around “I knew you would come.” he said as he slowly turned around to reveal a dead girl. “Which is why I prepared a little gift for you.” he laughed as blood dripped from Crystals body and his own hands. Lex felt the blood rush to his face as rage ran through his body. Kuro jumped off of his head and onto the floor “Before you try any summons… You can't.” he said as he knocked the staff out of Lex’s hand “That cube you touched replaced your magic with electricity. I know you haven't had time to think of a spell but you are WAY stronger now than you were before so just think of something.” the cat said as he pranced into a corner and watched the events that were about to unfold.

    Lex closed his eyes “Mom, Crystal, Griffon, Dad… THIS IS FOR YOU!” he yelled as he rose his hands in the air “HERE GOES NOTHING!” he yelled as electricity started to swarm around the sky. The man backed up “A- Are you sure you want to do that?! Everything in here will blow up! You will not be able to go back here my prince! All of your work and demons will all but fade away!” he said as he backed into the wall. Lex’s eyes glared with anger “YOU THINK I GIVE A SHIT?!” he yelled as he brought down his hands “ELECTRIC STORM!” lighting bolts started to crash down inside of the room destroying everything. The man was nowhere to be found after all the smoke was gone. He picked up Kuro “Come on… lets go…”


    Lex and Kuro had returned to town and spent the week helping out with the rebuilding of it. They even rebuilt his old house that he lived in before, Furniture and all. He stared at himself in the mirror, his black savage skull guild mark shone on his chest as he flicked a lighter “I wont be needed this anymore... “ he muttered as he painfully burned his skin were the guild crest was. The white haired boy walked out of the house and smiled when he was greeted by Kuro “You ready to head out buddy?” he said as Kuro jumped onto his shoulder. The small black cat blinked for a second “Where will we go… you past guild will look for you…” Kuro muttered as Lex looked off into the horizon “I.. I don't know.” he said as he took a deep breath “We will probably think of something though… Yeah I know we will.” he took a final deep breath as they embarked out of town and onto a new journey without hesitation “I heard rumors that the Magic Council is looking for people… I may start looking into science to see just what happened to me back there…”

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