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    Rokai's very first time at Fairy Tail ((RE POST))

    Rokai Fadoson
    Rokai Fadoson

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    Rokai's very first time at Fairy Tail ((RE POST)) Empty Rokai's very first time at Fairy Tail ((RE POST))

    Post by Rokai Fadoson on 16th March 2015, 2:07 pm

    A little figure came hesitantly walking up to the Fairy Tail guild hall. He had been traveling for miles and was quite tired, he kept thinking about his favorite food ramen, hoping he could have some soon. As he got to the main gate he looked up and smiled, finally he was here... the famous guild Fairy Tail. He had heard great tales of their heroism and great deeds, and wanted to join them for a lot of reasons. He walked up to the door and opened it suspecting to find a lively guild, and looked in to see if anyone was there.

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