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    Im leaving

    Riley Wolfe
    Riley Wolfe

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    Important Im leaving

    Post by Riley Wolfe on 12th March 2015, 12:14 pm

    Yes, you read that right, i am leaving this site. Just because I have moved on from it, and my life has gotten more busy. I feel I will not be able to constantly update like i had in the past. I am not good with goodbyes, especially after I had pulled away from this site. I just want it to be official. I am leaving.

    I leave my title as team leader of Team Wolfe to Tatsu, he can do what he wants with the team. I also leave all my jewels to my guild, Cor Draco. I leave my weapon, Midori, to my guild, Cor Draco, so the new guild master, Daemon Spade, can supply a new female member with it should they need it. I also leave my pet snake to my guild, Cor Draco, as a sort of mascot. The new guild master, Daemon Spade, now has the authority to do with Ryuu as he wishes, either to keep Ryuu as the guild mascot or to give to a new member.

    Goodbye to you all.


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